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Specication forming part of Letters Patent No. 138,812, dated May 13, 1873; application filed April 9, 1873.
To all whom 'it may concern:
Be it known that I, CHARLES MAYER, of Baltimore, in the county of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented an Improved Self-Extinguishing Lamp, of which the following is a specification:
Figure 1 is a vertical section of my improved self` extinguishing lamp, and Fig. 2 a top view thereof.
Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both figuresv The object of this invention is to produce a `lamp for burning hydrocarbon liquids that will be instantaneously extinguished as soon as it is tipped or tilted, or by any means inclined from avertical or upright position. By providing a simple attachment for this purpose which may be applicable to all kinds of burners greater safety of *life and property will certainly be insured. f
My invention consists in fitting around the wick-tube oi' an ordinary burner of a kerosene or other hydrocarbon-consumin g lamp a sleeve or thimble, which is at one side connected with a spring-flap or cover, and also at its lower side with a pendent weight that extends into the globe or oil-reservoir. When the lamp is upright the weight will keep the sleeve or thimble down, so that the lower edge thereof will be below the top of the wicktube, and the spring-nap will, consequently, be crowded aside to bear against the side of the wick-tube, and will not be able to close over the same. At the moment the lamp is the least inclined, the weight being carried thereby against the concave inner side of the reservoir, will cause the instantaneous elevation of the thimble toward the top of the wick-tube, and the equally instantaneous closing of the spring-flap, which, extending then over the top of the wick-tube and wick, will absolutely and invariably extinguish the flame.
In the accompanying drawing, the letter A represents a lamp-burner of suitable construction. B is the wick-tube. C is a sleeve or thimble loosely embracing the wick-tube, and from which a rod, a, carrying a weight, D, at its lower end, extends into the oil-reservoir E, the weight reaching nearly, but not quite, to the bottom of such reservoir. By means of a spring-shank, b, the thimble'C is connected with a small plate, d, that bears when the thimble is down, as represented by full lines inFig. 1, against the sides of the wick-tube, near the edge of the same. Whenever the lamp is inclined in a position shown by dotted lines in Fig. l, the weight D, striking the concave inner side of the lamp-globe, will cause the sleeve of the thimble C to be moved upward, and the spring-plate l thereby to be moved above the end of the wick-tube and Wick, whereupon said spring-plate or flap will immediately spring overy the top of the wick in the manner indicated by dotted lines, and extinguish the iiame that may have been on such wick. This action will be absolute in whatever direction the lamp may be inclined, and therefore, if a table is overturned or the lamp carelessly or from other cause held in an inclined position, the light will be extinguished and all possibility of an accident from, contact of its contents with the ame avoided.
I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The slide C, carrying the spring-extinguisher b d, and connected by a jointed rod, a, with the weight D, which is suspended Within the oil-reservoir E, to operate the extinguisher by contact with the inner side of the reservoir, substantially as specified.
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