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Patented N0v.30,192u.

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Specification 0i' Letters Potent Patented Nov. 80, 1920.

Application filed February 28, 1920. S'i'ial No. 361,972.

lie it known that l Hires lMwsoN, :1 sul ject of (lem-gre of iront Britain. residing at New Haven. in the e-olmtv oi" New lleven, State of Conincticul.v hun,A invented certain new and nscl'nl [nirn'oveinents in Sanitary Garbage-Can .\ttni.lnnents; and l do hereby declare the following to be a full, olear, and exact description of the inventionsuch as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains'to make and use the saine.

This invention relates to ronvoyer chutes. and more especially to those intended for garbage and having pivoted gates; and the` object of the seme is to produce an attachment which may be applied to the cover of a receptacle such as a can and by means o which garbage can be introduced thereinto with the least escape of odors.

A further object is to provide for the in troduction of garbage incharges, as for instance in paper containers to be dropped bodily into the can.

A further object is to provide for the ad mission of fresh air to the attachment so as' to ventilato 'the same.

It is to be understood that, while the invention is shown in the form of a com paratively short hopper applied directly to f and supported by the top of an ordinary One application oi the idea is set forthI in the following specification and shown in the drawings nherein:

Figure lA a. vertical section through the can and its top and the lower portion of tlm fittaclnw-nt, showing the gate in full lines :is closed and in dotted lines as open.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view showing the gate as open and 'illustrating the passage of a container through if.

ln the present 'case the receptacle is shown as a garbage can (l having a. top T, andthe rontniner C may be a box made' of paper or the like in which the user accumulates gar blagenntil it is full, and then drops the conand its charge bodilyy into the hopper 4 e, whence it falls into the can G. In tite ordnerjl use of the garbage can, the

refuse from the house is carried in a porta ble receptacle to the can, -the top is lifted oli'. the garbage is scraped out oi' the receptaclo into the can. and then the. top is put buck. Thus there has been u consider able interval when the odors from the gm'-, bage in the can, some oi' which may have` been there for a considerable time, are permitted to escape. places where long chutes lead to a receptacle, the odorsl escape from the upper ends of the chutes when they are opened to pnt in the refuse. and the latter on its Way down ionls the walls of thi.` chutes so that they in turn give. off odors until they are cleaned. It is proposed by the present invention to handle the charge of garbage in n. container so that the Walls of the chute. or hopper may be kept clean, and also it is proposed that a gat-e shall stand constalitdy closed across the chute or hopper just above the receptacle so as toprevent the escape of odors, this gate being latched closed by the raising of the cover, released when the cover is closed, and itself opened by the weight of the container with its charge. Theref re. the chute or hopper is doubly closed to tire escape of gases and odors. and its walls are protected from contamination.

ln apartments and other 35 Referring now to the embodiment ol the invention set forth herewith, the top 'l of the receptacle is cut to form a hole preferably rectangular and to it around said hole is secured o frame 1 having an upstandng flange 2 which preferably flares slightly as shown. Into this flange is seated the lower end of a hopper 3. secured by screws, pine or other fastening devices 4. (lei-tain or all of the walls may flare externally but be upright internally so that they grow thicker toward their edges as seen in Fig. 2, and into such wall from its outer side is bored or formed a 'cavity 5, from which a' line vent opening 6 leads upward. The upper edge of the hopper is rabbeted as seen at 7 so -as to produce a flange or rib 8 around `periphery and outside of all the vents 6. A` cover 9 is provided for the hopper, hinged or otherwise fastened thereto as at 9end adapted when closed to rest on the peripheral rib so that the vents are not closed even thoughthe cover may be. The result is that fresh air is permitted to nter the cavities and flow 'upward to Ventile e the hopper.

door or gate 10 is mounted Within and s A 1,soo,7a2

adapted to close upward into the frame, this gate being pivoted at 1l and having an arm 12 projecting rearward beyond its pivot und carrying' n counterweight 13 sufficiently 5 large to hohl the gate normally closed. `Une end of the pivot rod Curries n catch i4, and pivoted et l5 to one side of the hopper is a latch if) whose heavier front erm is adapted to fell normally` into engagement with Suid catch when the gate is closed, and hold it in that position. Above the rear arm of the hitch in guides 17 is mounted un upright pin 18 of sufficient length to he depressed by tho cover I) when the lutter is l5 closed, and by this means the closingr of the cover automatically trips the latch. (lf course it would he possible to provide some other form of counter balance, as for inystance a spring which would hold the gate l() 30 normally closed, but the attachment es hereinshown-mul described is purposely designed so that it con he merle mostly of metal and wood at little expense, and easily assembled and kept clean; in fact, it would not require. the services of a. skilled mechanic to apply this attachment to the top of the ordinary garbage canot commerce, although probably cen-tops so equipped will be manufactured and sold to the consumer. In use, it is preferred as 'uggested that the garbage, he accumulated iii the container C, or ntlcast'put into the can in e charge held in bulk by some kind of a Wrapper, and if the wrapper or container be of peper it will soon be dissolved. The user raises the cover 9, and the partsstund as seenin full. lines in Fig. l, Whether the hopper is short us there shown or is of considerable height und pvrhops extended to such length that it becomes 40 in effect e chute. The weight of the hitch causes it to drop so that it en rages the catch and the gate is locked closed. The charge of garbage in .its container C is now put into und dropped through the hopper. und it hills 5 on and is supported by the gate. The user next closes the cover, thereby depressin the pin and raising the latch 16. the weig it of the charge overbnlnnces the counter Wei ht and tips the gate, und the charge sli es downward as seen in Fig. 2. As soon es it has passed, the eounterbalence 13 closes the gate and' holds it so, although the closed cover now holds the latch 16 raised. Thus odors from the receptacle could not esca` e when the cover was first raised because tlie gate was then closed, could not escupe when the gate was open because the coter was then closed, and cannot now 'escape because both are closed; and even the interior` of the hop- 50 r is ventilated at all times. The widest iinettude as to details is renewed, and the word hopperf as employed in the following claims should not be restricted unduly.

What is claimed as new is f 35 1. In n conveyor of the type described, the

combination with u hopper leading to a receptacle; of a cover at its upper end normally closed by gravity, e plvoted gate at its lower end closln upward, menus holding the gute normally c osed but :ulupted to yield under the Weigt of a charge, means for latchin the gate ositively closed, and menus im tripping the latch by the closure of the cover.

2. In e conveyer of the type described. the 7 5 combination with n hopper leading to u receptacle; of n cover et its upper end nornnxlly closed by gruvity, n pivote-.d gate at its lower end closing upward. menus holding the gatevnormelly closed but adapted to yield under the weight of n charge, a cutch on seid gatet e. hitch on the hopper adopted to automatically engage said catch, and menne for holding seid ietf-h tripped while the cover is close 85 Stain a conveyor of the type described. the combination with n hopper lending to n receptucle; of e cover et its upper end normally closed by gravity, e plvoted gute et its lower end closing upward, means holdingr the gate normally closed but adapted to yield under the weight of u. charge, a catch on said gute, e latch pivoted to the hopper und having its heavier end normally stand'- ing in the path of seid catch, und an upright push rod mounted in uides on the hopper above the lighter en of the latch nud adopted to be depressed by the closing of the cover.

Ll. The combination with n receptacle 10G whose top has an opening, av frame around 'Huid opening, ay ho iper mounted in the freine. und c hinge cover for cldsing the' top of the hopper; of n gate pirated in the freine und closing upward against the los bottom of the hopper, overbnluncing moans for holding the gate normally closed, a catch fast on the pivot of the gute, n. latch movubly mounted on the hopper and win-molly engaging said catch, and trip mechanism on 11o the hopper for raising the latch by the closing of its cover.

5. The combination with e receptacle Whose top has an opening, a frame around said opening, u h pper mounted in the frame` and a, hinge cover for closing the 'top of the hopper; f :l gute pivotcd in the frame and closing upward against the bottom of the hoppelgen u rm projecting to the rear from its pivot. u weight thereon adopted to hold the gute normali closed but to ield for the passage of a c arge, e catch 4est on the pivot of the gate, und latching mechanism on the hopper normally v lin position to en age the catch and hold the 126 ete closed but t rown out of such position y the closing of the hopper-cover. y

6. The combination with ar gerbe e can` whose top has an opening, and a opper mounted on the top around said opening,F 130 its Walls having cavities in their outer sides and` vents leading thence upward and opening through their upper ed es, andthe latter having ar rib incloslng al the vents; of a cover hinged to the top of the hopper and adapted to close onto said rib without closing the vents.

7. The eombinationwith a garbage recep-l tacle, a hop'per opening into its top, and a manually operable cover at the top of the hopper; of a gate pivoted within the hopper, yielding means closing it normally upward,

ture, in the presence means locking it closed by theclosure of the cover but released `when the cover is opened, and containers for garbage of a size to be dropped through the hopper and with their contents havin come' said yielding means, as described.

In testimony whereof, I aiix my signaof two witnesses.

MILES DAWSON. Witnesses: Y


Weight suicient to over-

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