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Patented Oct. 26, 1920.
)Mr wroe: a a @Mfi ATTORNEY.
Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Oct. 26, 1920,
Application filed January 6, 1919. Serial No. 269,794.
To all whom it may concern I Be it known that I, GARFIELD PETTIGREW, a citizen of the United States, residing at Elwood, in the county of Madison and Stateof Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Speed-Reducing Devices for Aeroplanes, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to safety appliances for aeroplanes or the like and has reference more particularly to theequipment of an aeroplane with devices that are designed to operate as parachutes to check.
the speed *of the aeroplane when it is being landed.
, An object of the invention is to rovide an aeroplane with means for enabling the operator to land gently in order to obviate or lessen the liability to damage the aeroplane or injure the occupant thereof.
Another object is to provide an improved safety appliance for aeroplanes which shall be so constructed as to operate tolower the velocity of the aeroplane when descending, in order to reduce the danger of descending movements to the minimum.
A further object is to provide improved safety appliances of the above-mentioned character which shall be so constructed as to be of light weight and be efficient, durable and economical in use.
With the above-mentioned and other objects in view, the invention consists in providing an aeroplane or flying machine with foldable safety appliances to be put in operation at will and to act to resist the movement of the aeroplane in flight, more particularly when descending toward the ground; and, the intention consists further in the parts and combinations and arrangements of parts as hereinafter particularly described and further pointed out in the accompanying claims. n
Referring to the drawings comprising .parts of this specification, Figure 1 is a front elevation of an aeroplane provided with the improved safety appliances; Fig. 2 is a front view of one of the safety appliances in its casing, the appliance being shown by broken lines in operative position; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary side view of the aeroplane and one of the appliances arranged thereon; Fig. 4 is a top or plan view of one of the safety appliances spread out in operative position; and, Fig. 5 is a fragmentary top plan of the aeroplane and one .13 and acover part 14.
of the safety appliances thereon in folded arrangement, the top part'of the casing of the appliance being omitted.
Similar reference characters in the different figures of the drawings indicate corresponding elements or features of construction herein referred to. r
In the drawings only so much of the aero plane is shown as will characterize the machine and lead to a full understanding of the invention, the aeroplane having a body 1, planes or wings 2 and 3 and a propeller 4. The side of the body 1 are suitably provided with the parachute devices which 3 may be variously constructed and mounted so as to be permitted to expand or spread out against the atmospheric air to retard the downward movement of the aeroplane.
Constructed as illustrated two straight rods 6, 6 are provided which are arranged forward arms preferably being diagonally arranged on the rods. A fabric web 9 is se- I cured at its middle portion to each rod so as to be adjacent to the rear end thereof, the
web being similar in design to the cover of.
an umbrella and it has cords 10 connected to the edge thereof that are secured tothe rod adjacent to the forward arm 7 thereof, so that the web may be gathered and folded about the rod, as illustrated in Fig. 5. Two similar casings are provided. for the two parachute devices, comprisinga bottom part ach casing is designed so as to have a pointed forward end, and the two parts thereof are suitably supported so that they may besimultaneously withdrawn from the folded web and its cords. Preferably the lower part of each casing has a supporting arm 15 rigid thereon and the cover part a similar arm 16, and the two arms are connected together be tween their ends by means of a pivot 17, the ends of the arms being provided with pivots 18 and 19 respectively with which links 20 and 21 are respectively connected, the links being pivotally connected to a bracket 22 secured to the side of the aeroplane body 1. A hook-link 23 is connected anchored to the aeroplane body 1 and con' as to be brought into engagement with thehook-link 23 to push the latter from connection with the pivot 19, and a pull rod or link 28 is connected to the trip finger to operate it, the pull rod or link extending to the operators position in the body of the aeroplane.
The parachute devices are carried in folded arrangement and inclosed by their casings, so as to be ready-for use-in emergency.
- In practical use when it is desired to retard the aeroplane during descent the operator operates the pull rods or cords 28 so as toactuate the trip fingers 26 and cause the hook-links 23 to be disconnected from the pivots 19, thus permitting the springs 24 and 25 to swing the links 20 and 21 up to the side of the aeroplane body, which action causes the arms 15 and Him be operated so as to carry the parts of the casing apart and toward the aeroplane body, leaving the webs 9 exposed to theatmospheric air, so that the webs are forced open as the aeroplane moves downward, the webs being held in proper position by their cords so as to present concave sides to the air which produces retarding of movements of the aeroplane and insures more gradual landing movements.
Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is 1. An aeroplane provided on its sides with foldable safety devices to be opened to the atmosphere to retard the flight of the aeroplane, and casings'for the devices having contractible supporting arms mounted on the aeroplane.
2. An aeroplane safety appliance including two rods horizontally arranged on opposite sides of the aeroplane body and having arms secured to the body, two webs secured to the rods respectively and foldable thereon, restraining cords connected to the rods and the edges of the webs respectively, and web inclosing means for holding the webs in folded arrangement.
3. An aeroplane safety appliance including an extensible or contractible supporting arm having ends adapted to be moved relatively apart, two parachute inclosing casing parts secured to the ends respectively of the arm, means for controlling the arms, and a parachute device having supporting arms tosupport it in position to be inclosed by the casing parts.
4. n a safety appliance for aeroplanes,
vthe combination with a folded and supported flight-retarding device, of a supported bracket, two links pivoted to the bracket and provided each with a pivot, two arms pivotally connected together in crossed relation and connected to the pivots of the links respectively, two cover parts secured to said arms respectively to inclose the flight-retarding device, a hook link connected to one of said pivots and engageable with the other of the pivots, a trip finger mounted on one of said links to disengage the hook link from said pivot, an operating device connected to the trip finger, and supported springs connected with the pivots respectively. 1
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Elwood, Indiana, this 28th day of December, A. D. one thousand nine hundred and ei hteen.
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