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    • A45D8/00Hair-holding devices; Accessories therefor
    • A45D8/02Hair pins
    • A45D8/06Hair pins two-limbed, e.g. U-shaped





Patented @am 9, 1919.


rr 't application tiled september 22, i917.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it lrnown that ll, Grenen U Gaarne, d r.,

a citizen of the United dtates, residing at N. Wyoming St., lllazleton, in the county of Luzerne and State of lPennsylvania, have invented new and useful lm:

provenients in llairpins, of which the fol- 4from a single piece of leent wire or similar material, the same being folded or doubled in the usual manner to provide a looped upper extremity and downwardly extending; legs or tines, an offset locking portion being formed in the pin to connect the looped eirtreinity with the legs or tines, said offset portion being located at rightangles to the aforesaid parts of the hairpin, in order to provide a shoulder,which is adapted to be embedded in and caught by the hair in such a manner as to prevent undue movement of the pin, yet to permit of its convenient removal when manipulated in a required manu ner.

For a further disclosure of the invention, reference is to be had to the followingn description and to the accompanying drawing, forming a part of the specification, and in vvhich- Figure l. is a perspective view of the preferred form of the hairpin leomprisinp; the present invention, and

Fig. 2 is an end elevation thereof, illu@- trating the pin in a locked position in the hair, and disclosing" by dotted lines the movement 'required to effect its removal,

Similar -characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several views of the drawing',

rlhe hairpin l, comprising' the preferred form of the invention is formed from a single piece of leent wire, or any other suit able material, and is adapted to be doubled in its length to provide the usual looped et Specification of Letters Patent.

lltatented inept, tl, lilith Serial tto. lemma tremity 2 at its upper end, and spaced vertiealiy extending1 legs or tines 'l`he lower ends of the latter are separated, as usual, to permit the pin to be readily inserted into engagement with the hair. its is well known, considerable diliiculty has been encountered in retaining the common form of hairpin in a fixed and adjusted position within the hair, and it is to overcome this objection, and others, that has lead to the development of the pin l.

rlo this end, the upper extremities of the tines 3 are sharplj,T bent .at right :nipples to their general plane so as to' provide spaced locking shouldered, wherebvan accentuated and Well-defined offset will 'be formed in the body of the pin, as will be seen upon referH ence to lifig. 2 of the drawing. 'lhe shoul ders ft inwardlpr terminate in the upwardly bent, looped, manipulating ettremit,T 2 which is also disposed at right angles to the shoulders Ll, `but is situated on a vertical plane offset from that of the tines il. lin operation, when the pin l is inserted into the hair, the shoulders t will be securely embedded in the latter, so that strands of hair 5 will overlap the same, therefore preventing' undne `movement of the pin, when the saine is thus situatedm lit will be apparent that the loclrii'ip,n means provided. will effectively prevent the pin from becoming; accidentally disarranged or lost. "llhe fact that the shoulders t are arranged at right# angeles to the extremity and to the tines El, permits of this advantage, for if the shoul- -ders d 'were 'bent at other than right- (itl Sti

angles, the hairpin would have a tendency i to work loose., When it is desired to remore the pin from an operative position, the er tremity 2 .is grasped, in the manner shown in llipf. il, and is slightly rocked so that the strands of hair 5 will be freed from en` gagement with the shoulders, thus permit tinp; the pin to be conveniently withdrawn a simple movement, and without incurrinp discomfort to the wearer.

l am aware that structures have been previously developed wherein the tines of a hairpin are offset from the looped manipu latine extremities thereof, therefore, l do not claim this principle broadly, but what is claimed as new and patentable is:

it hairpin constructed from. a single length of wire, and including; a looped enn tremitv and parallel limbsY equidistantl)T spaced throughout their length, each of saiid distantly spaced7 und said looped extremit s limbs :it :i` point adjacent the closed en d of through the instrumentality of said locking,r

the pin, beingV formed to provide :L locking shoulders being disposed to lie in :i plane in shoulder, said locking shoulders extending spaced parallel relation to the limbs ot the 5 in e. connnon direction and disposed :it it pin.

right angle with respect to the limbs of the In testimony whereofl l nflix my signature.

pin, saidlocking shoulders also being equi- GEORGE C. GASPER, Jn.

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