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    • B60P1/00Vehicles predominantly for transporting loads and modified to facilitate loading, consolidating the load, or unloading
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APPLxcAHoN man am. 23. 917.
Patented June 3, 1919.
" or the position shown in dotted lines.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented June 3, 1919.
Application filed March 23, 1917. Serial-No. 157,043.
To all whom it may concern.'
Be it known that I, HARVEY M. Russ, of the city of Woodstock, in the county of Oxford, Province of Ontario, Canada, a subject of the King of Great Britain, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dump-Wagons, of which the following is a specification.
VMy objects in the construction of the improved wagon herein described are, compared with the ordinary type of wagon, to decrease the cost of construction, to obtain a more equal distribution of the load on the two axles, toshorten the wheel base, and to increase the size of the front wheels.
I .attain my object lby means of the constructions hereinafter described and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which- V Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved dump wagon; and
Fig. 2 a front elevation of the same.
In the drawings like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures.
In constructing my wagon I provide a suitable frame including two longitudinal side members 1. This frame work 1s carried in any ordinary manner on the front and rear wheels. Supported on the side members 1 are two transverse shafts 2, one adjacent each axle. These shafts are preferably set slightly to the rear of the axle, as shown in Fig. 1, to facilitate the dumping of the buckets 3.
On these shafts the buckets are suitably supported so that they may occupy either the position shown in full lines in Figi` h1,
e buckets are of a suitable height and the rearward end of each bucket is inclined so as to facilitate the discharge of the load when the buckets are dumped. The inclination of the rearward end of the forward bucket must also be sufficient to enab-le the end to clear the fifth wheel mechanism of the forward wheels.
The forward end of the forward bucket may be substantially vertical, but as it is desirable that the rearward edge of the top of the front bucket and the forward edge of the top of the rear bucket be in close proximity when the buckets are in normal position, it is necessary to slope the forward edge of the rear bucket rearwardly from its upper edge as shown so that the buckets will clear one another when dumping.
The buckets are so proportionedV and the shafts 2 so positioned that the buckets have a slight tendency to tip toward the dumping position. They are restrained from tipping by the fo-llowing mechanism: A chain or cable 4t is connected to the rearward bucket at 5 and at 6 with the forward bucket. Preferably one of these cables is employed at each side. From this arrangement it follows that the rearward bucket cannot tip without the forward bucket following suit, and that if the forward bucket be returned to normal position the rearward bucket will also be drawn to normal position. To draw the buckets to normal position after dumping I provide a pair of grooved pulleys 7, one at each side of the wagon. VThese 'pulleys are secured to a transverse shaft 8 journaled in suitable bearings on the front of the frame. YA ratchet wheel 9 is secured to the shaft at oneside and is engageable by a dog 10 pivoted on the lever handle 11 pivoted on the shaft. A retaining dog 12 pivoted on the frame is employed to hold the ratchet wheel as moved by the lever handle.
On each pulley is wrapped a cable or chain 13 secured to the `forward bucket. Preferably the cables or chains 13 are formed as part of the cables or chains 4'. The pulleys 7 are preferably eccentric as shown so that the greatest leverage is eX- erted on the cables 13 when the buckets are in their lowest position, and the least leverage when the buckets are in their normal position, which distribution of the leverage materially reduces the force required to be applied at any moment to return the buckets to normal position. Dumping is readily effected by kicking out the dog l2, and the the upper end of each arch to the upwardly extended end 16 of each side member.
In addition to the advantages set out in the preamble to this specification, I secure with my construction the advantage of absolutely tight receptacles for carrying the load, thereby overcoming the objection raised to the ordinary dump wagon of spilling sand or liquid through the bottom. A further advantage is that when the load is dumped it is not lodged between two deep doors which often require the full strength of the team to release them from the dumped material. The buckets on this wagon, being free to rock, will lift .over the dumped load with practically no strain on the team.
Vhat I claim as my invention is:
1. In a four wheeled dump wagon, in which the forward wheels oscillate, in combination, a frame, and a pair of tiltable buckets supported one behind the other in said frame, the upper and adjacent edges of said bucket being close together and the rear and forward sides of the forward and rear buckets, respectively diverging downwardly to provide substantial wheel clearance therebetween.
2. In a four wheeled dump wagon, in which the forward wheels oscillate, in combination, a frame provided with longitudi- Copies of this patent may be obtained for five' cents each, by addressing the nal side members, upwardly arched intermediate of their lengths, and a pair of buckets, tiltably supported on said frame at opposite sides of the arched portions of the side members thereof, the upper adjacent edges of said buckets being close together and the rear and forward sides of the forward and rear buckets, respectively, diverging downwardly, to provide substantial wheel clearance therebetween in proximity to the said arched portions of the side mem bers of the frame. v
3. In a four wheeled dump wagon, in which the forward wheels oscillate, a pair of portable buckets arranged one behind the other, the lower parts of the said buckets being substantially spaced, one from the other, to provide wheel clearance therebetween, and the upper parts of the buckets extending over the space between the lower parts of the said buckets, whereby the upper adjacent edges of the said buckets are close together.
Signed at VVOodstock, Ontario, day of March, 1917.
HARVEY M. Russ'.
Commissioner of Patents,
Washington, D. C.
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