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    • D04C3/00Braiding or lacing machines


APPLICATION FILED MAR. 28. l9|8 s, @Mm m w m my m mmm:
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented011129, 1913.
Application filed March 221` 1918. Sera1No-225329.
To'u/l whom 'it may ron/ern Betit known that l` -Roni-arr Cain. kann, citizen of the llnited States, residing at vWvomissing. near Reading'. in the eounty of 5 Berks and State of lennsvlvania. have invent-ed certain new andy useful Improvements in Braiding-Carrier Dive l\l'eehanis.n, of which the following' isa specification.'
i My invention relates to braiding c'arrier 1.0 drivemeehanism comprising elutehyenlaged driving and driven members. as illustrated in my 'Patent No. 1,256,038 issned Feb. 12,.
1918; and it consists in the improved eonstruetion hereinafter folly deseribed In con- .neeti'on with the accompanying drawings and vthe? novel features of whieh are defined in the Suybjoined claims.
rllrel'general purpose of the present invention is to provide a self-eontained earrier 2,0drive mechanism applieable to the usual lbraiding maehine without speeial provision therefor; and the main novel featuresronf sist first iii-providing upon tlie fixed carrier postY a stop devlee adapted to retain the driven member against rotation when it is disengaged from the drivin;y member. and seeondin providing' axial eluteh operating` means in eonneetion with said post, as fully set forth in the following deseription of the embodiment illustrated.
Figure l is a sectional elevation of a lmechanism embodying' in v eomplele inven- E'Ation. shown in eonneetion with the lop and bottom plates of an ordinar)Y braider: one
of the duplieated eluteh pins being removed.
and a portion of the stop follar being' broker away to more elearljvv show the eoustruetion.
Fie'. 2 isa plan view of the same. with the carrier drive disk removed but indieaied in 40 dotted lines together with an :aljaeem portion of the tt p plate of the maelune.
Figs. 3 and -l a re detail views of detaehed parts..A
The drawingl iudieates the top plate 5 of a braiding niaehine formed as usual with inearl-ier terseetingg,` raee-eireles in whieh drive-disks 9 are rotated to operate engaging bobbin earriers; these. drive disks being intermittently rotated as in laee making braiders, by providing 'for Clutch-rontrolled engagementof im'lependently rotatable drivingr and driven members 1G and 11 respectively on each raeofeirole post 15 rising from the bottom plate of the machine.
ln the illustrated embodiment of my cornplete invention the raee-eircle post 15 earries` the entire eluteh-emitrolled carrier drive*mechanism. so as to enable its use in place of the ordinaryY braidingr drive mechanism without special provision .in the maehine for its attaehment.
The post as shown, is formed hollow. and Contains a central eluteh-operating device 16, to which pattern-eontrolled vertical movement is imparted; sueh movement beingrel'teeted through a-bel'l-e 'ank lever 17 pivotally attached to it belooft-he plate-secured base of the post andarranged to fulerum against a bracket lixecl beneath the plate as indicated` in eonneet-ion with an interior spring 1s.' The top of the post is provided with a stop eollar 1t). fixed thereto b vione or more screw kevpins 20 as shown, and provided with a Hotell-engaging rim recess il hereafter referred to. The top of-the eentral eluteh-fmerating member 1G is pro` vided with a eluteleengagriney tiange 22, by means of whieh the elnteh pin or pins earried by the driven earrier-disk member l1 are moved longitmlinally to engage or disengage the tooth projeetions 2G on the eonslantl)Iv rotated driving member 10.v
'l`he driven member 11, whieh comprises as shown a dependingl hub portion fixed to the rarrier drive disli S) by screws at Q'alldbearing' npon the driving member 10, carries the eluteh pins 25 in vertiealrgnide ways() as indieated: eaeh of said elnteh pins havingA a radial side slot 2551 in which the .oireular ttanyge 22 of the central clutch-.operatin;` deviee it is eonstanlv engaged so esto eause vertieal movement of the clutch pins with said operating' device while permitting remiv movement of the driven member HMH with its emitained clutch pins 25 on the non-rotatable ope 'ating device 15. As shown the latter is held against rotation by engagement therewith of the 'extended key pins 20 which tix the, stop collar .1h to the post.
`When the slidable clutch pin' or pins 25 are lowered to engage the driving member 1o, it if; be free to rotate with said member 1.0 upon the fixed postl and its central cinte-hpp eratinrY device to; but when said clutch pin is in t'lisengaged raised position as indicated in Fie. 1 said driven member should be reolnired that the driven member 11.
I ibeing iirovided Jin the cliitcli pin 254511' .comprising aholiovv li to engage and disengage said stop collar,
..3 i meeneepositively retained against rotation. 'liiie` `n'ieinbei'e and a-eiidable cliiitcli member rostop collar '19 o the lined poet ie provided tative with one of said rotary menibereyYand'` to serve this purpose7 and tlie cliiteli ein stop, device lfixed to Said post and adapted i to be engaged `and disengaged by reverseY of the driven member is arranged to colv operate therewith; said stop collar being 'nt'oveinentis4 of Said slidable eliitcli memberr provided 'ziiisliown with tlie riin receee 2l in ,Li Af braiding; carrier 'drive mechanism which a projection 35 of tlie cliitcli pin ie comprising a liollow race-eirele post carry* normally engaged by he spring-pressed inig lindepeiicleiitly rotatable drivingl and 'iipivard movement of the clutch-ope 'ating driven members and a elidiible clutch inemdevice 16,'while each downward movement bei" rotative with one of'eaid rotary meniof the. latter reieaeee such engageinentyand 'lie'rs,f and a cliitcii'fop'erating device axially leavestlie`-n1einber ll with .its contained slida'ble in said hollow-post.
eliitciid'pin'free to rotate. a clearance Slot "raee-cirelepoet carry,m the poet` Stop collar 19 So as to permit of it.l ing` independeniulyf'iiotatabiel driving and While my complete invention is adapted' driven members and'aslidablecliitch meine to provide a self-contained apparatus apu ber rotative with fone osaid :rotary meinplicable to an ordinary braider without bers, a Gliitehoperating device .fiXedly/at Special provision fo' attaching any part of taclied to, said post and adapted to'be en-V A:it..aS previously stated, certain novel ieatnres gagged and disengaged by reverse movements ythereof may be otherwise lapplied witliin of said slidable clutch member.
.the invention as defined in the claims5 aS iS 3. ,di braiding' carrier drive mechanism indicated for instance in the post-secured eomprisiiiedii hollow race-circle post., inde .stoy device conetriiction set forth in my tip-i pendenily rotatable driving' and driven plication SerialV No. 226,333 o t even date members thereon, a stop device fixed thereto,
herewith. a clutcli operatine,` device axially islidable Alil/liet l claim is: therein; and a clii'tcli device carried by said l, A self-contained cliitcli-controlled eardriven member and engaged by said operai rier drivenieeliaiiisiii for braiding machines, ing` device, Said `Slidable clutch device beinrA coiiiprisiiig a hollow race-circle poet having); adapted to engage and disengage said fixed a'etop collar and a Slidableclutch-operating Stop device when in inoperative and operan device; a driving` nien'ibei and a driven czirtive positionisI respectively.`
rien( nel: ineiiiber independently rotatable on i device in Said driven nieinber operatively a stop flange, driving,i and driven ii'ienil'iere engaged by Said Slidablc device and adapted independently rotatable on Said post, a slidable cluteli pin carried by one ot' said ine iiand ineens 'for operating said elidable debere, and a cliiteli-operating device roi vice. tatabl elidable in Said' hollow poet.; v:said A. .braidrtio' carrier drive mechanism slidabie elutclrpin being` adapted to engage comprising a race-circle lpoet carrying indeand dieengage the iXed Stop 'flange i l pendently rotatable drivingand dri ven ROBHT @ARL iiil'll'i'i,
A braidiiw 'carrier drive mechanism (5. A braiding carrier drive ineciianiain" said post/. a longitudinally movable clutch comprising a hollow 'ace-circle post havingy afi
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