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13%5%8@& Patented May 7,1918;
NE"V 193.15, 13?.
TALKlililG-llltAGI-IEEEL Specification of Letters Hate-at.
Application filed July 2 1915. Serial No. tlfidfi.
To all whom it may concern;
Be it known that I, WHLIAM G. BEARD, a cltizen of the United States, residin at New York city, in the county of New orlr and State of New York, have invented cerpertains to make and use the same,
My present'invention relates to certain impro'vements in means for reproducing sound, and more particularly in such as employ a rotating disk record.
The object of the invention is to provide an improved mounting for the tone arm whereby the necessary movements thereof are facilitated, and assembling of the vari-- ous parts; is simplified.
The invention is illustrated in a preferred form in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure l is a plan view or the top of a machine employing my invention, Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-4: in 1, Fig. 3 shows a detail in elevation, and Pi 4; 1s a bottom plan view of the tone arm gimbal removed.
In the drawings the top oi a phonograph box is shown at 710, and at 11 is shown a disk record driven by suitable means within the box. In the form shown the usual bent tone arm 12 leads to an opening in one corner of the to where it is supported. by an improve mounting for permitting easy assembling while providing for a suitable do 'gree of universal movement to accommodate the irregularities of the record and permit due movement of the sound box toward and across the record.
For these purposes the wide end of the tone arm is surrounded by a fiat gimbal ring 13, to which it is pivoted by oppositely placed screws let, 15. An inverted cup 16, with an internal screw thr ad, is inserted through the opening in the top 10, and is preferably provided with an annular flange 17 overlying said top.
The bottom of the cup 16 has a notch or opening 18, just large enough to permit passage of the lug 19 on the side oi the tone arm.
In putting the tone arm in place, its wide end is thrust downward through the top of the cup (the projection 19 passing through the opening 18) until. such end projects far" enough beyond the cup to permit the gimbal ring 13 to be applied in the manner shown .Fig. 4. The whole is then drawn up into :0 position shown in Fig. 2, where the ..;inbal ring 13 is secured (preferably be the flanged tubular securing member 26 which screws up into the cup 16.. This to.- bular securing member serves to afiord a connection with such further passages (it any) as may be intended to receive and con.- vey the sounds produced in the sound box.
The opening in the bottom of the cup 16 through which the end of the tone arm. passes is large enough to permit said arm to be tilted on its pivotal screws 14:, 15. At
the some time the ring 13 is permitted to slip around in its own plane, thereby providing, in combination with the pivotal attachment, a universal movement. The tilt iug movement of the tone arm has sufficient scope to permit the lug 19 to ride up the sloping side of the "ting ridge 21, when the arm is turned into the dotted line position of Fig. 1. in this position the lug 19 occupies the notch 22 in the ridge 21, whereby it is securely hold. When in playing position, as for instance shown in bi a little distance above tl permit the vertical play i regularities in the record.
Various changes may be made in my improved construction withou. departing from the scope of my invention, and I do not limit myself to the details-herein shown and described.
What I Claim iS- In apparatus for reproducing sounds, and in combination with the usual record sup porting casing having an opening in its top for the tone arm, an inverted cup in said opening having a notched bottom can rying a lifting ridge, :1 tone arm havinga lug adapted to pass through said notclr in the bottom and to rest on said ridge, a gunbal ring in said cup connected. by pivots with said tone arm, and a securing ring for said gimbul ring screwing into said cup, substantially described.
range 17, so as to ured by any 1r- In testimony whereof, l have atlixcd my signature.
l VlLLIltll i G. BEARD.
Patented May Fhdfiltth "ween felt washers as shown) by means of- .he lug 19 moves Hill
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