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Patented Aug. 29,191
' lMT/VESSESZ plants, whereby they 2 ma 0. nucKr/Ims'rnn, or
To all whom it ma concern:
Be it known tiiiat I, IRA CLYDE Buck- MINSTER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Beverly, in the county of Essex and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain Improvements in Pens, of which the following description, in connection w1th the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like reference characters on the drawings indicating like parts in the several figures. v
This invention relates to pens and particularly to pens for special uses.
Pens as usually constructed comprise a pair of nibs, an ink chamber or reservoir communicating with the slit between the nibs and a transversely curved shank and body portion, these parts being usually in alinement. For the ordinary uses to which pens are put and for the. ordinary manner of use, such a construction and arrangement is very satisfactory. attempted to use a of the elements of apen When, however, it is pen of ordinary construction for writing upon a sharply inclined surface, or upon a surface which approaches the vertical, dificulty is experienced owing to the failure of the ink to feed to the writing point and to its tendency to run back down the pen. 1
An object of the invention is to provide an improved pen which, without any sacrifice of its general utility, will be particularly useful when writing under unusual conditions and upon surfaces inclined at unusual angles. 1
A particular object of the invention is to provide a pen which is especially adapted for use by mechanical draftsmen in working at the sharply inclined drafting boards ordinarily employed in the. drafting rooms of machine shops and other manufacturing may conveniently letter their detail work or other drawings without removing the work from the draft-v ing board, or may do such other work upon the drafting board as may conveniently be done with a writing pen.
Other objects and important features of the invention will appear from the following description and claims when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings in which:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a pen having incorporated embodiment of Specification 0 Letters Patent.
v of the slit between 'larly in the shank of body portion therein an illustrative the present invention, the
Serial no. 325,212.
Patented dug. 29,.191115.
pen being shown as mounted in an'ordinary penholder; Fig. 2
the nibs of the pen; and elevation showing the manthe pen upon an inclined Fig. 3 is a side ner of use of drafting board.
Referring particularly to Fig. 2 of the drawings, it will be noted that the illustrated pen comprises a shank portion 2 curved to fit the pen receiving opening in an ordinary penholder, the shank portion of the pen shown herein extending parallel to the axis of the penholder when in use. A writing point a, which isshown particu- Fig. 1, is made up of two bent-up portions 6 and 8 of the nibs of the pen, the point of the pen also extending parallel to the axis of the penholder but being ofiset with respect to the shank 2. Between the shank 2 and the point 4 is an intermediate is a section in the plane or body portion 10 which contains the ink shown in Fig. 3, the pen is" being used to -write upon a steeply inclined surface.- 7 v The inclination of the intermediate or 10 of the pen to the shank 2 or to the point 4 is such that the slit-18 will incline downwardly toward the horizontal from the reservoir 12 in whatever position of use the pen may be placed, even for example, when writing upon a drafting board such as shown in Fig. 3 which is inclined to more than 45' degrees. llt will thus be seen that the point I located with respect "tothe horizontal at an angle of a of the pen is so the axis of the penholder that the operator can use the pen by holding it in the hand in the ordinary manner and that no matter how much the surface the horizontal there running back upon failing to write feed down from the reservoir. 1
In the drawings the pen is shown as constructed for use upon drafting boards inclined not much more is no danger of the ink his hands or of the pen because the ink will not than 60 degrees to the maybe inclined to horizontal but it will be understood that the l invention is not limited to pens constructed j for use within It will also be understood that the inventhis range of inclinations.
tion is not limited to the specific details of construction of the pen herein shown by Way modifications thereof may v to the axis of the of illustration, since it is appreciated that be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention and within thescope of the appended claims.
Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is 1. A pen having a holder, and a pen point for use in the holder, said pen point comprising a shank portion extending parallel holder, a writing point andan intermediate portion, said writing portion and said point comprising portions of the nibs of the pen point extending parallel to the shank intermediate portion havmg formed therein an ink reservoir and comprising the remaining portions of the nibs so inclined to the axis .of the holder and upwardly with respect tothe contact face of the writing point that the slit between said nibs Will conduct the ink from said reservoir when the pen is held in the ordinary manner and is upon a steeply inclined surface.
2. A pen grasped by the fingers of the user, and a pen point for use in the holder, said pen point comprising a writing point extending parallel to the axis of the said finger portion of the holder, a shank adapted to be received in the holder and an interhaving a holder comprising a mediate body portion, said writing point comprising portions of the nibs of the pen point and said body portion comprising the remaining portions of the nibs and an ink reservoir, said body p rtion of being so inclined to the axis of the finger and a pen point adapted to se- IRA C. BUCKMINSTER. Witnesses:
s connecting with the pen point
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