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Improvement in flower-stands

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 116,459, dated June 27, 1871.

To all whom it may concern:

- Be it known that I, CHARLEs T. LEE, of Taunton, in the county of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in the Manufacture of Stands for Flower-Pots, 8mo.; and that the following is a full and exact description of the saine, reference being had to the accompanying drawing:

My invention consists: First, of a cone-frame to the stand, constructed of a series of vertical ribs or bars, hook-shaped at one en d, for being hun to staples of a suitable plate or frame, which staples are arranged at equal distances apart in a circle, and so located as to have the several ribs, when swung on them to produce a cone, extend outward in planes radial with the common center to the several staples. Second, ofa cone-frameto the stand, constructed of a series of vertical ribs or bars that, at one end, is constructed to be interlocked with a frame or plate to hold it in its proper position.

Third, of brackets or arms for supporting the shelves, in combination with shelves, when relatively constructed for securing the shelves to the brackets without the use of screws, rivets, or other fastening devices.

In the accompanying drawing my improve ments in the construction of stands for iiowerpots, 8vo., are illustrated, Figurel being, in part, avertical elevation and a cent-ral vert-ical section; Fig. 2, a face view of the plate, having staples for the hanging of the vertical ribs; Fig. 3a transverse horizontal section in plane of line a' a, Fig. l, but with the lower ot' the shelves only partially shown.

i A in the drawing represents a pedestal having feet B and a post or stanchion, C, that is suitably secured in a vertical position extending upward from the pedestal. This post C, near the pedestal, has a shoulder, D, made by a collar, E, and at its upper end has a vertical projecting pintle or pivot F, the stand or frame proper. This frame FV is of a cone shape, and is constructed of a series of vertical ribs or bars, G, each having three brackets, H II2 H3, at correspon ding points, and, at intervals, shelves I, J, and K -two, I and J, annular, and the other, K, disk-shapedland a frame, L, constructed of a series of radial arms, M, from a common center-ring, N. The several ribs G, at one end, O, are made of ahookshape, and at the oth er end, P, provided with a groove, b, on two opposite sides. By the hook end O they are hung to and upon staples Q of the plate-shelf K, and, by their grooved end P, they are interlocked with the bifurcated outer end d ofthe radial arm M to ring N. he staples Q are arranged in a circle upon the shelf-plate K, and at equal and regular distances apart, in such position that the ribs will swing thereon in planes radial with the common center ofthe staples. The radial arms M of ring N correspond in number to the staples, and are at equal and regular distances apart. The staple-circle is very sniall, and the extreme outer circle ofthe radial arm-ring N is considerably larger, so as to produce, when the ribs are hung to the staples and interlocked with the radial arm-ring N, as described, a cone shape to the frame thus construct ed, the base of which is at or near the said ring N, and the apex at or near the plate-shelf K. With the several ribs G secured as above described, the brackets II, H2, and H3 project outward in radial lilies; and on the two lower series H2 H3 the annular or ring shelves I and J are placed, forming rests ,to receive the iiower-pots, etc., the upper set of brackets being under the staple or shelf-plate K. The shelves I and J are of different diameters, and are bot-h formed with a bevelin g outer edge or periphery, j', and with a series of notches, g, around their inner edge or periphery, at equal distances apart, and of same width and number as ribs G. The brackets H2113, for supporting shelves I J, project at h to receive the bevel-edgef' of shelves, and are formed with a bevel ati corresponding thereto, so that the edge of shelves can set into the projection h. The

width ofthe shelves is equal to, orla little more than, the extreme width between the ribs and said bracket projection. The notches g of the shelves I J allow the shelves to be placed by their bevel-edge under the projections h of brackets. When springing the ribs out and forcing the shelves around on the brackets they are nrinly bound and tightened in and between the projections L of the brackets and the ribs or bars G. (See Fig. 3 for position of notches to shelves and ribs after fastening of shelves on the brackets, a-s above stated.) The cone-fraine, constructed as above described, is hun g upon the post or spindle G, rest-ing, by its ring-frame N, on the shoulder B l thereof, and, by :its shelf and apex-plate Kthrough socket m, on the pintlev or pivot a of post C at its upper end, it thus being, as is obvious, free to be turned or revolved at pleasurean important advantage for convenience in the use ofthe stand fO l(lilly purpose.

` out Wear, thus enabling it to be conveniently stored or packed for transportation.

The stand herein described can be made of any material, but it is deemed preferable to use metal, and it may be ornamented in many Ways, constructed of more or less ribs G, and ot more or less shelves, and With or Without the shelf-plate K, simply using, then, a trame or holder for the staples, and with or Without the brackets under said sheltplate K; but with them the plate is better supported and braced. The shelves may be in sections, secured together in any proper manner, as shown in the drawing. They are cast or made of a continuous piece or plate, and in lieu of securing the shelves to the brackets, as described, they may be screwed or riveted thereon, or otherwise secured With fastening' devices. By the interlocking ot the arms M ot' ring with the ribs Gr they are held from a lateral play or In lieu of forking the arms M the movement.

ribs may be fork-shaped and the arms notched to receive them 5 or the ribs and said arms M may be secured together by pivots, rivets, Ste.

Having thus described my i mprovements in the maimt'acture of stands for ilower-pots, Sac., what I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. The ribs or bars G, having hook ends a, in combination with the staples Q, on the plate or frame K, substantially as described, for the purpose specified.

2. The ribs or bars G, in combination with the frame or ring N, relatively constructed for being interlocked, substantially as described, for the purpose set forth. y

3. Brackets or arms H H2 H3, in combination with a shelf relatively constructed for locking the shelf thereon, substantially as described.

4. A frame, composed ot ribs or bars G, having brackets or projections H, frame K having staples, Aand frame N, when relatively constructed for being secured together without the use of separate fastening devices, substantially as described.

The above specitication of my improvements in the manufacture ot' sta-nds for oWer-pots, Ste., signed by me this 10th day ot'October, A. l). 1870.



A. T.- STORY, H. Il. CoDnlNor.

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