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    • D04C3/00Braiding or lacing machines


Patented June 1, 1915.
Application filed June 9, 1914. Serial No. 843,972.
Toqliwhomit may concern, g
Be it known that I, EMIL KRENZLER, a
I subject of the German Emperor, residing at Barmen, Prussia, Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Braiding-Machines, of which the following is a specification.
The object of the invention is a lace braiding machine, which, after the manner of the known so-called single thread braiding machines, 71. e. braiding machines having one bobbin per plate is composed of a series of circular plates which are severally provided with an arrangement, actuated by r the pattern gear, for arresting the bobbins. While in the known maohines'of this kind each plate is constructed with two driving notchesand provided with only two arresting positions arranged generally at the intersecting points of the track, according to the present invention some or all of the plates are provided with four driving notches and have four arresting positions and are so connected with the pattern gear that they can be actuated at every quarter revolution of the driver. It is thus attained that one can intertwistnot only two braiding threads as hitherto, but two,- threeor four exactly as desired and thus quite new patterns can be produced.
' This'improvement may be used on all single-thread .braiding machines. It is however specially suitable for 7 those machines in which the drivers, for the purpose of arresting and rengaging the bobbins, are temporarily disconnected from or connected with the driving wheels, which revolve continuously, by means of a clutch actuated from the pattern gear.
One form of the invention, in which the plates act at the same time as drivers and switches are dispensed with, is represented by way of example in the drawing, Where- 1n:
Figure 1 shows the arrangement of the plates in plan, Fig. 2 is a section on the line AA of Fig. l in connection with the pattern cords, which are shown diagrammatically, Fig. 3 is a diagrammatic representation of a piece of lace manufactured by the new machine.
Referring to the drawing, a is the upper track-plate of the machine and b are the braiding plates which are in known manner constructed at the same time as drivers by V Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented June 1, i915.
cutting the slots 0 out of them. The drivers are revolubly mounted and each possesses a longitudinally adjustable clutch (Z, which is ordinarily held inthe high position, 2'. 6. out of gear, by the spring it by means of the fork g fixed to a guide bolt f, and when required is lowered by the pull of the anglelever t', which is actuated by the pattern gear and can thus be brought into gear with the continuously revolving driving-hub is. The several plates are each provided with four slots 0 for the reception of a bobbin and at the upper edge of the clutch-sleeve 03 there are four slots m Which engage with a stop n fixed to the machine and on disengaging the clutch arrest the driver in exactly the right position. The draw-rod 2' is connected with the four lifters 79 by means of the four independent angle-levers 0, which can be connected separately or in groups or come intoaction one after another once during each revolution, and correspond each to a quarter revolution of the driver. It thus becomes possible to let the individual plates make one or more quarter revolutions as desired, and thus to pass over two, three or four bobbins as desired on to one plate in order to effect a twisting of their threads. Thus, for example, in the lace-pattern manufactured in this way and diagrammatically illustrated in Fig. 3 there are along the all together with the four knives g which length I four threads intertwisted twice,
threads can be intertwisted as desired, and
therefore, in contradistinction to the former braiding machines with the intertwisting of two threads only is possible, quite new patterns can be produced.
What I- claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In a lace braiding machine, a rotary plate having four equidistant slots in its peripheral part, in combination with a stop for said plate, a movable clutch member arranged below said plate and similarly provided with four slots which are individually adapted and arranged to receive said stop when presented thereto, a yielding device adapted automatically to move said member into such locking position, a driving gear for said plate provided with a clutch member, and means actuated by a pattern forishiftingithe formenclutchlmemr of rotary vplates each adapted to act r as "a her into operative engagement with the latter clutch member. 2. In a lace braiding machine,'a rotary plate having four equidistant slots in itsq-pei- J ripheral part, in combination with a stop for said plate,a movable clutch member similarlyi clutch memben enact-engagement witlr'said stop and into engagement with the-latterclutch mem-ber'. Y
8. Iri =a lace braiding machine,- a series of rotary plateS3-=- eacl1 haNing -1.oi1requidistant slots in its peripheral part, in combination 1 with [a corresponding seriesolf similarly slottedclutch members; a correspondingse- I rie s' of stops for sa-i'd rotaryplates adapted to engage them individually, a correspo'nding ffseries of a clutch 1 members for drivin'gsaid plates and automatic: means *foi' shiftii ing each of the former: clutch members, 1 as predetermined, out 1' of engagement Withits stop I and into, engagement with l the comesponding clutch member of the other series:
4x111 lace-braiding machines,= a number driven .linian'y "one of four positions, -in com+= bination with a a corresponding; series of c clutch members adaptedto engage stops in the same p0sitions,:a series of stops arranged for suchxengargemenuta series ofclu'tch meln' 1 bers for driving :sai'd plates and means r'or shiftingany one of the first seriesofi clutch;
members; out 1 Joli engagement: With its stop' flopieis'sobthis :paterrt may'\ be obtained. 40:
and into, engagement witlrithe. corresponding clutch member of the plate driving series. a g I 5. In'la'ce-braidin'g" machines, a rotary plate: operative'at four equidistant points of its periphery, in combination with a'rotating couplingi member adapted for-engagement at a corresponding number of points," a stoparrangd torengage saidfmember at such points, means for driving said plate, a
coupling member governing said means, d evices-fonsh'ifting thefo'rmercoupling member automatically out "of engagement with 5 5 I saidatojp and into; engagement withth -sec- 0nd 1 coupling member-, four knives-"adapted to move successively at the quarten revolutions of the first mentioned clutch member and-means engaged bysaid' 'lmives fo'r couplia i g and -ifincoupling this clutchmember to'z 1 I, V v 'I s 6.'-I1i lace braidingemachines, =a .-rotary" plate? havingdour fequidistant slots 5in its: periphry,"-' arota ti1tgclutch: mem berg; and
four knives adapted to move successively at; I f 7' the quarter revol u tlonsj of= said member, n
combination with automatic means; compris ingilifters, each 0f which' is; arranged to gag'eione orrmore oii the a said lmlvesgat wil l- T andto be -'-d1sengage'd therefrom gfor con-L 51F. fronr'the-said clntch member andmeansior pling and uncoupling thesaid p l atelto-=and of its atour positions. r
In -testimony whereof, Ighave signed i r15 namete -this specification in th'e" presence pf twosubs' cr ibi ng witnesses. v
yieldingly holding the sai'd-plate in any one i
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