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Patented Aug. 11, 1914.

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1,107,002, Patented Aug. -11, 191 1 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2.

PATENT orrron.



SILO-ROOF 7 '0 allwhdnt it may concern: v Ile'.it;.,ki i own that L-Enurn 'E. \VisLLs, .a. citizen .of.,;th United States, residing at Goltry,;;in tl :o oounty of Alfalfa, faucl State l l sefilll .Im1') ro\'enu nts inSiloJi'oofs; and 1. (To li'e teliy.declare the following to be. a full, clcar nml'oxact ('lescription .of the. inventhin-, the1art;to-whieh it "appertains to make and psothesarne. V"

"llfs' invention relates ,to silos, and more particularlrtoselfsupportinp; siloroofs.

. One oi the prinqipalobjects of my invcm tioriis to provide a .silo roof having hinged sgctions-so;constructed and; arranged as to be self-supporting"when th c setttions are in closed position.

Another ob ec t ofytlieinvention is to pi-o 2o ti on', hinged at thei central portions so that onl -pg n tio n of the oot large enough to allow-of-tlicontragnco of ,onsi lago may ho' opened. 1

of the roof sh owninopenposition. Fig". 3,

represents a, 'pcrspobtive. ,view of a portion of tlisilo 'Wallshowirig one Oftllt hinge 46 cleatssccurod, thoroon. Fig. 4, represents vertical; longitudinal sectional view of the. lower portion ofion of the. roof sections showing the rnnnn'or. of hinging it to the silo wall. lfig. 5, represents a perspective \'i(. 50 of oneo ttlio roof seotions'. Fig. 6, repre.;

sents .a perspectire view of a silo roof in open imsitiomtlic. roof sections being hingotl at their izelritra'l portions. Fig. '7, represents n. detail porspectivofi'icwof the. portions of 56' two :ulj noont roof sections showing the mani c r in \ttll l tlliilltf y a re sccurcil whon in closed Specification of Letters Patent.

of ok'nlmma, ha re invented-certain new and such as will enahlo:othors skilled-in.

Vidg tl siloroof ha ing-self supporting sec-1;

'A fl'irtll i objfoctulf the. invention is to -.shown 'inFig. 3 said cleats t'filllin Patented Aug. 1i, 1914.

. Application s pase temberz, 1913. Serial No. 787,729.

position. Fig. 8, representsja' vertical seq-" tional view takentransverselyv ofwFigu -7. Fig. 9,,represents i vertical;"longitudinal, sectional .view throughone of the; ti ent'rally; hinged roof sections a portion. of the'lower member being broken away and the hingedsection being illustrated in'closed position,- and, Fig. 10 represents aview similar to Fig. 9 the section being in :open position. The sections 5-, of theroof illustrated inl1 ig. 1 comprise. segments of a circle; I are hinged so thahwhen in. closed posit-ion the, ro.of..w'ill bein the form of a cone and each section is proi idedbhits outer edges 0 with outwardly extending stripsof angle." iron 6, the. opposing faces of -the angle ironsecured to adjacent roof-section's adapted't'o lio against each other-when the. sections ar closed so thatwlfenrili -ClOSL-(l'pOSitiQl'l-the sections willftoact;forsupporting eat-"h other? The. extreme outenendt-of-tlin sections-lia e thcir'oppositc: etlgic slightly' coiiverged"s that when,thofseotionsa rrein. pelu-xpos't' the edges-of tlltifdll-ttlilflitl other, since tho'scctionsare'ipirote at line connecting the. meeting points upper convorging 'a'nd cilges of the sec (ms;

The root sections m prornen .wit holts 7, securethto th ciionsliv inea washers 8, anilinutsfl and curcd near the-opposileetlg trach sectioni and thoarljacentieye' holts fl" adjacent;root sections arc' adapted :to impair-.1 mgiml cxtoniling pins 10;. securedtii "cleo'tsl. as.


outer portion 12, atlaptct-l to-rest 4 outer face of the silo-albino 'q'ierfhorif zontal portion l3,. u lap'to l to re) againstthe upper odge of the silo Wall nnd in inner. ppr tion14,adahtedto.refit igainnit "fat-.0" of the silo wall, said portions'lmlilwin-g 6 connected bybolt l5 whit-{tr riaisses'thr-nu'glr tho wall, and the lower end of ,.-po.rti'on .153 being also secured to the. Wall by 'meauspt the. bolt 16. The cleats are positinned jn spaced relation on tne wall-1 .of -th n.

clmt ()Cftllr-lihgllefit'ath .t-he ineeting edges o f? adjacent roof sections, the outer end =01? tho '1' sections extending beyoud'thc cleats and he yond the outer-faces of the silo wait-as i i-ism trateil in Fig. 4. At spaceii intcrrals 'filong'lz" thooutwartllyextending anglorirons pairs." of openings 7, are provid d, snhl'opcnin being arra-ngwlso that whenthc sm'rh'ms {H1}: in -losonlipositiqn the openings in one nnfzie I iron will register with the openings in the upper o nings of the pairs are adapted to receive oops li) when the sections are in g esnr io ga ho n. i F g- 2, said 'qp ing forme of wire, or,other material, passedthrough the openings and having their, ends secured in anyfdesirable manner and'said hoops poem; in spaced relation and hold the sections in open position.

; I-V Vhen itis desired to close the roof section Shoops 19 are removed and two of said secare folded downwardly and bolted together throu h the openings 17 and by reason of the 51 0 being circular thesewill be heldin said downward position. The other of said sections ma then be swung vinto ition and t ends thereof will eng e t e ends of the section already closed an H the side flangesfi of the-sections being in 1 ement with each other bolts may be p through the'opening 17 so as to sethe sect ons in the closed position, thus roofing the S110.

-.--The silo illustrated is provided with a feed chute 20, of a width which is equal to the width of the greatest width of a roof section21, and is capped by the movable member 27 as shown and is hinged to the top of the wall as are the other sections and is also hinged as at 22', to one of the adjacent roof sections, said hinges 22 being secured to the adjacent section by means of bolts, or rivets, and being secured to section 21 by means of removable screws and placed so that when the sections are to be opened, the hinges may be unfastened from section 21 so that said section and its adjacent section'to which hinges 2L are secured may be swung outwardly on their'pivots. Section 21 is provided with the hinges so that if it is so desired it may be opened whilethe remaining sections are closed, the bolts connecting said section with the section opposite to the -section to which the hinges 22 are secured, having been previously removed and the bolts 9 by which it is secured to its eye bolts 7 having been removedif fithat it may be swung with the hinges 22 as pivots.

- The form of section illustrated in Figs. 6,9, 10 comprises an upper member 23 and a. lower member 24 the latter being secured in any desirable mannento the silo wall or Gfiging hinged thereto in a manner similar to the roof sections 5- and the upper member 23 is hinged to member 24 by means of cleats 25 having oppositely extending p'ins similar to cleats 11, and eye bolts 26, said upper and lower portions provided with angle iron 6, as are the sections 5. The members 23ers adapted to be swung outwardly when thef'. silo is o ened, the opening in the roof thus formed eing adequate to receive the ensilage and said members aresupported in open position in the same manner as are the sections 5. The form of roof just. described is intended to be used with silos of a larger diameter than usual, the form shown Figs. 1 and 2 being desirable for use with silos of medium size. The upper members 23 are rovided with openings 17 said openings a apted to receive bolts and hoops in the manner disclosed, in the (description of the form of roof shown in Figs- 1 and 2.

The cleats 25am adapted to be secured to the up or edgesof lower portions 24 of the hing troof secticna'saidportions forming in oombinationlwith theupper members segments of a circle,'it being noted however that the extreme lower ends of upper members 23 are slightly converged to allow the members to swing outwardly.

Although I have described the preferred embodiment. of my invention .1 may desire to make such changes in the construction,

combination, and arran ement of parts as do notdepart from the spirit of the invention and the scope of the appended claims.

Havin t us fully described my invention what I c aim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1 A self-suppo'rtin conicaljroof for silos, comprising segments sections hinged at their larger end to the side wall of said silo angle irons secured adjacent the edges of said sections and being provided with erforations, bolts passed through the per orations of two of said sections for bolting the,

same together when; closing the roof, and said two sections forfling a support for the remainder of said sec ions until said remaining sections are bolted together throegh said perforations.

2. A self-supporting conical roof for silos adapted to open from the apex thereof comprising triangular sections having their arger ends secured to the side wall of the silo, angle irons secured to the longitudinal edges of said sectionsand being provided with spaced perforations therein, means holdin said section in open position, means for he ding said section in closed position, hinge members carried by one of said sectlons and adapted to be s cured to the longitudinal edge of an adajacent section when said sections are in closed position whereby said adjacent section may be opened upon said first mentioned sections.

4. A conical roof for silos comprising sections forming a frnstro-cone, sections pivoted to the upper edge of said first mentioned sections and adapted to extend in parallelism from said first mentioned sections to form the ap x of said cone, and said last mentioned sections being adapted to be 16 extended upwardly to provide an openi for the silo and means for retainin so id last mentioned sections in an upws position to revent the loss of ensilage when the silo is lied. 20

In testimony whereof I have signed myname to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses B. F. Fem, M. L. Hnmsu.

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