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Letters Patent No. 110,689, dated January 3, 1871.


'The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and mak-Lug parl: olf the same.

I, SAMUEL SMITH, of the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in the Patterns for Molding Stove- Lids, of which the following is a'speciiication.

Nature and Objects of the Intention..

My improvements relate to the mode of indenting the green-sand core in a pattern for producing the necessary projection or lip of the usuallifter-cavityv required in the cast-metal lid; and

My invention consists substantially of a stove-lid pattern, having the higher or deeper eudof thecoref4 cavity in the said pattern open and in communication with a largesqnare -hole made through the pattern, and providing the said openings with temporary stopperto remain applied while the lid is being molded in the ask, and then to be removed and a core-indenting slide applied in the square hole, which slide, on being pushed forward, makes the required indentation in the greenTsand core in the cavity of the pattern, and being afterward slipped backward and lifted out of the hole, and thelid-pattern. then withdrawn, the ask may be closed for the castingoperation, as heretoforev x l The obj ect of my invention being to afford simple and Areliable devices for the purpose of indeuting the greensand core that will not be liable to become choked or lobstructed by the sand in using.A

l Description of the Accompanying Drawing.

'Figurel is a plan view of the under side of the pattern, having the temporary stopper applied asre- A'quired in molding; and

'I Figure 2, a like viewof the temporary stopper, de-


said pattern, as required to make the indentation in the green-sand core therein and Figure 5 is a like view of the said indenting-slide, detached.

Figure G is a vertical central section of Iig; 4 above the dotted line :cfg of that figure.

General Description.

The pattern A has a fiat plane constituting its upper or face side, with a cavity, a', the sides a of which and the bottom a!" form a core-box which is open-at its deeper end, and thus communicates with a square through hole/1 in the pattern A, (see figs. 1 3 6 and the dotted lines z z in fig. 4.)

' The temporary stopper B is a plate of'the same thickness as the pattern-plate A, and has two elevated portions b b, one of which, Z2', fits against and closes the open end of thecorebox a a. while the dat part of. the stopper B fits into andcloses the square hole 4in the pattern-plate A, and at the same time tting flush with both the upper and under sides4 p of-said pattern-plate, (see figs. l` and 3,) the elevated portion b" serving as ahandle for inserting and withf drawing the said stopper. Y

The indenting-slide O has, onv its under side, atl-ati' portion, c', which corresponds in width with that o f the square hole 4" in the pattern-plate A, but yis as much shorter as the length of' the projecting indenting-tongue c requires, to allow of said slide (I being readily applieddownward into the square hole in A.

When so applied, it rests on flanges 3 3 3, so that it can be easily slidforward and backward on the pattern-plate A withits flat under side c' and the under side -of its tongue c" flush with the face side of the saidv pattern-plate A. I

Ihe tongue c corresponds nearly, in its width, with the width of the cavity a', so that, when Athe implement is-sld forward, the said tongue c" will enter the sand-core in the cavity a', andthus 'produce the indentation vnecessary for'forming the projection in the lifter-cavity vof the lid to bc cast.

The upper side of this indenting-slide O is provided with two upward projections 5 and 6, one of which, 5, abuts against and closes the open end of the cavity c'.\vhen the `implement vhas been pushed forward to make the indentation in the said core, (see figs; tand 6;) and they other projection, 6, serves as a handle for insertingfoperating, and removing the' implement from the pattern A.


The pattern is molded with the stopperB inserted in the square hole .4 thereof, as represented in figs. 1

and 3. The ask is then packed, the stopper B lifted l out, and the indenting-slide O put in its place and pushed forward, so as to cause its tongue c to make the required indentation in the green-sand core in the cavity a', then slipped back to its rst position and lifted ont, and, finally, the 'pattern A withdrawn, i

and the ask closed for the well-known casting .operation. "7' It will be seen that as the stopper B andthe indenting-slide C are separate from eachother, and,

The devices herein lset forth nre also more lsimple structed tooperate, respectively, in combination ivith and inexpensive of construction than Vany other dethe open 4cavity q. and the communicating-hole 4 in tachabie device or implement in uscxwliiie they are the pattern-plate A, substantially as and forthe purcqua'liy effective for the purpose. pose hercinbefore set fol-tirand described. n r SAMUEL SMITH.

Vlam A Witnesses I claim as my invention BENJ. MORISON,

The stopper B and vthe indenting-slde C, con` y F. RNIGHOLSON.

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