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1,1 06,527. Patented Aug. 11, 1914,

me/Mons Paul Delaroo, Jaim Delarue,


ai ,ser

Explication llei November 10, 1913. erlal ite. 800,655

, To all Iwhom 'it may concern vBe it known that we, PAUL VELArDo and JOHN VELARoo, citizens of the United States of America, residing at Somerville and Boston,` respectively, in the counties or Middle-` sex and Suli'ollr, respectively, and Statevoit Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful ImprovementsV in Hat-Protectors, of which the following is a specilication.

lThis invention relates, to hat protectors and has for its object the provision of an improved device of this character constructed in such manner that it' may be very quickly and easily applied to the, hat it is desired to protect and one that may be very economically manufactured.

lt' is afurther object of the invention to provide in a commercial article'of this nature,-such a structure that the hat protector l tector removedfrero the range of `sizes so will readily adaptitselt to hats of a wide that the necessity for providing' a large number of sizes of the hat protectors will be avoided.

Further objects and advantages oi the invention will be set forth in' the detailed description which now follows:

In the accompanying drawing,

invention' applied thereto, and Figal @is a sidle View .of the proat. Like numerals.' designate corresponding# parts in both of the figures of the drawing. Referring to the drawing, 5 designates the crown and 6 the brim of astraw hat of ordinary construction. thin rubber of the' lldarnl rubber and when in use, completely covers the outer sides of the crown and brim as shown in Fig. l. The Weather-proof covering thus formed comprises a top member 7, side Walls 8, 'and a brim embracing portion 9. At the terminal edge of the brim embracing portion, a pocket 10 '1s formed by folding the material upon itself and in this ocket a longitudinally elastic cord 12 is located. This cord may be endless though preferably its ends are tied together to render it longitudinally adjustable for the purposes hereinafter set forth. A separate strip of material indicated4 juncture of side walls portion 9, and forms a 8 and brim embracing pocket in which a lon- Figure lis a sectional viewf of a hat lhaving a pro-v tector embodying the The protector isrmade of kind commonly lrnoivn as at 13 is secured at the gitudinally elastic' cord i4 has a seating. This cord like cord l2 may be endlesstliough preerablf.J its ends are tied tooether to ten-- der it longitudinally adjustaba.

A., hat protector constructed as herein shown .and described will snugly and neatlf lithats oic varying sizes. y

We are aware ot' the fact that it has here torore been proposed to providehat pro tectors of elastic material having' longitndi nally elastic, enlarged portions at their edges and at the juncture et the brim and crown et the hat. 'We are also'aware ofthe fact .that it has heretofore been proposed to prov1de .a non-elastic draw cord in a, pocket formed in the brim engaging edge et the protector. @ur invention goes materially farther than this, however, in providing` sep arate, longitudinally 'elastic cords at bothof these points by virtue or' which structnre,.

special machinery is not necessary .in the manufacture and the devices 4maybe more cheaply and more readily made.- lin-addition to this, a wide range of adjustment to lit hats of varyinf sizes and 'dilierent widths of brim is provided.

From the foregoing description, itwill be seen that simple and edicient means are herein provided for accomplishing the objects of the invention, but WhileV the elements shown and described are well adapted 'to servethe purposes for which they are intended, it is to be understood that their vention is not limited to the-precise construction set forth, but includes lWithin its' pur- View such changes as may be made Within the .scope of the appended claims.`

Having described our invention,Y whatwe claim is:

`l. lli hat protector formed a thin,



highly elastic vmaterial of such amplitude as l vto embrace both the crown and the brim of a hat, a longitudinally extending, continuons pocket formed at the juncture of the crown embracing portion with portion, a continuous longitudinally extending pocket formed at the edge of the brim embracing portion, and longitudinally elas tic cords seated in said pockets.

2. A hat protector formed of a thin, highly elastic material of such amplitude as to embrace both the crown and the brim of -a hat, a longitudinally extending, continu-- the brim embracing will ous pocket formed at the juncture of the crown embracing pori-ion with the brim embracing portion, a, continuous longitudinally .extending pocket formed ai the edge of the 5 brim embmcin portion, longitudinally elastic cords sente in said pockets, and means for ajusting the length of said lnngtuflimadly elaste cor.

In testimony whereof We aix our signatures m presence of two wxtnesses.




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