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    • B24D11/00Constructional features of flexible abrasive materials; Special features in the manufacture of such materials






Specification of letters Patent.

Patented Apr. '77, 1914i.

Application filed January 5, 1914. Serial No. 810,525.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, ALBERT MoNKIAwmz, a citizen of Russia, residing at New Britain, in the county of Hartford and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Grinding-Wheels, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in grinding wheels, and the object of my improvement is to produce a wheel that is built up of units of fabric and abrasiwe material and which has certain qualities which make it adapted in a superior manner for certain kinds of work.

In the accompanying drawing :--Figure 1- is a side elevation of my improved grinding wheel. Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is a side elevationbn a reduced scale of one of my grinding wheels in a pressureframe. Fig. 4 isra side elevation on the same scale as Fig. l of one of the units used in building up my' grinding wheel. Fig. 5 is an end elevation in outline of the same. Fig. 6 is a fragmentary view, part in side elevation and part in section, on an'enlarged scale, on the line aa aof Fig. 1.

My grinding wheel is built up of a plurality of units 10 as shown in Figs. 4 and 5 in a special manner to be described by means of glue and emery. The units 10 are themselves built up of a plurality. of layers of fabric 11, as shown in Fig. 6, held together by concentric rows of stitching 12 and have a central hole 13 for the shaft and are precisely the same as are used in making up what is known as a cloth butting wheel.

.to the lower surface of the second unit 10,

after which the said second unit 10 is laid on the first unit 10. In a similar manner others of the units 10 are superimposed upon those already in the frame until the desired thickness for the finished grinding wheel is'obtamed. Finally pressure is applied by means of the clamping nut 15. After being under pressure for an hour or so the wheel is removed from the frame and set away for a period to permit of drying thoroughly.

The description given above applies to building up the bod of the wheel. The finishing of the perip cry 16 follows, and is effected in the following manner: The wheel body is mounted on a shaft-and rotated and a tool of suitable character is applied to the surface to true the same, after which a layer" of glue is applied and on this a layer of emery. Then a second layer of glue and emery may be applied. The result is that the periphery 16 of the finished grinding wheel consists of a layer of abrasive material.

1 The character 17 designates the layer between the adjacent units 10, and which also has abrasive material. And I prefer to use the same grade of abrasive material in the said layer 17 as in the periphery 16. This may onsi'st of what is known as 120 grade of emery or 150 grade or some other grade suitable for the work to be done on the grinding wheel. 1

My grinding wheel as described is especially designed for high grade work. For use for such work the use of the emery in the layer 17 between the units 10 is of especial importance. The omission of the emery here, and the use of gluealone, effects an inferior result.

The periphery as shown is finished oif cylindrical. In special cases this may be changed and. the shape may be made to conform to the shape of the work. The end walls of the complete wheel may also be finished, and for doing this I prefer to use a layer of glue on which a layer of emery hasv been sprinkled, as in the case of the layers between adjacent units 10, and I prefer to use the same grade of emery here as is used in the other parts of the wheel as described. I claim as my invention A grinding wheel built up of a plurality of layers of fabric and provided on the periphery with a layer of abrasive material,

the said fabric being subdivided into a pluabrasive material being comlningled with rality of units, each of the said units being the said glue and thereby interposed between composed of a plurality of layers of fabric the opposed faces of the said units.

and which are secured together by concentric ALBERT MONKIAWICZ. 5 rows of stitching, the said units being s'e- Witnesses:

cured one to the other successively by means R. W. EDWARDS,

of glue, and an appreciable quantity of H. A. GANGLOFF.

US1092588A 1914-01-05 1914-01-05 Grinding-wheel. Expired - Lifetime US1092588A (en)

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US1092588A Expired - Lifetime US1092588A (en) 1914-01-05 1914-01-05 Grinding-wheel.

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