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1,075,399, Patented 0011.14, 1913.
Attorneys Specification of Letters Patent.
A lication filed April '23, 1912. semi No. 692,639.
Ta all whom, it may concern:
Be it known that I, RnonnN O. CARTER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Sanderson,-in the county of Baker and State of Florida, have invented a new and useful Barrel-Head, of which the following is a specification.-
This invention relates to barrel heads, and has for its primary object to provide novel means for attaching a barrel head in position on a barrel.
The present invention also aims to provide a rim attachable to the chine of a barrel, in combination with a head seatable in the rim and means for locking the head to the rim.
This invention also contemplates a device of this character wherein the rim is readliy engageable with the chine of a barrel and wherein the hea'dis-readily attachable for securely closing the barrel and permitting the head to be readily removed.
- Another ob'ect of the present invention is to provide a arrel closure of the character referred to which shall be simple, substantial and inexpensive in construction-,las well as convenient and efiicient in use.-
In carrying out the invention, the same is embodied in the novel construction and coinbination of parts hereinafter set forth and particularly pointed out in the appended claim, reference being had to the accompanying drawings wherein the preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated, and wherein I Figure 1 is a plan view of the present invention, parts being broken away. Fig. 2 is a central section through the said device as applied to the chine of a barrel. Fig. 3 is a fragmental perspective of the rim employed in connection with the present inventlon.
Referring specifically to the drawings, wherein similar reference characters have been employed to denote corresponding parts, a barrel has been designated by the letter B comprising a plurality of staves S, and which has the chine C including an annular groove or seat G. Ordinarily, the head of the barrel is attached directly to the chine C of the barrel in the V-shaped croze groove or seat G, which renders the head impractical for ready removal, and it is ordinarily necessary to break or destroy the head in order to open thebarrel. The
barrel is beveled from the outer edge of the croze groove G to the ends of the staves so as to provide an annular ridge, as clearly seen in Fig. 2. I
The present invention in its essential embodies the rim {l and the head 12 attachable to the rim. The rim 4 is solid and is constructed from metal or any other suitable material, the rim being provided with a V Shaped peripheral groove 5 adapted to fit over the aforesaid ridge of the barrel. The rim is beveled from the inner edge of the groove 5 to its inner face so as to provide a rib 6 adapted to fit in the croze groove Patented Oct. 14, 1913.
of the barrel. Thus, the rim fits over and within the edge of the barrel or ends of the staves, and the corner of the rim above the ends of the staves is rounded from the ends of the staves to the outer face of the rim. The rim is adapted to reinforce or" is swung or rolled on edge. When the barrel is swung or rolled on edge, it will be noted that the rounded portion of the rim will con tact with the floor or surface, so that the ends of the staves will not be brought into contact with the floor or surface. This rim 4 is rabbeted in order to provide an annulardiametrically opposite lips 9 for the purpose which will hereinafter appear.
The head 12 is constructed of sheet metal or any other suitable material and is provided with a plurality of peripheral notches or recesses 13 forming a plurality of flat peripheral lips 14 shorter than the lips 9. This head 12 is seatable on the gasket 11 of the rim, the lips 1 10f the head being arranged to pass between the lips 9 of the rim to seat within the rabbet 7 of the rim. Then by swinging the head 12, the lips 14 thereof may be passed tightly and completely under or engaged with the lips 9 of the rim in order to lock the head to the rim, the inclined or beveled portions 10 of the lips 9 serving to readily direct the lips 14 thereunder. The stops 16, of which there may be any number although only two are shown, are designed for limiting the movement of the head when the head is swung to engage the lips 14 under the lips 9, so that the lips 1 L are prevented from being swung excessively to pass out of engagement with the lips 9. This cover 12 is provided with a diametrical brace on the upper side of the face thereof comprising an angle iron member 15 riveted or otherwise secured thereon,
but it is understood that the cover may be braced in a'nyother suitable manner, such as by crimping the cover on a diametrical line or lines. 7
The lips of the -rim and the lips of the head are each arranged relatively close together, and it is to be noted that the stops are secured in the primary rabbet of the rim adjoining the'unbeveled ends of certain lips of the rim. Thus, the lips of the head are the rim.
This device may be employed in connection with various barrels, casks, or the like for containing turpentine, or other liquid, semi-liquid, or other matter. This device may also be constructed in various sizes for attachment to various barrels, casks, and the like, and any number of lips 9 and 14 for the substantial, and in its use is both convenient and efiicientfor the purposes for which it is designed.
It is understood thatthis device is susceptible of alterations or deviations in its details within the scope of the appended claim without departing from the spirit of the invention.
,Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is A barrel closure embodyin a rim seatable in the chine of a barrel an having a .primary and a secondary rabbet and a series of lips over-hanging and parallel with the primary rabbet and arranged relatively close together, one of the ends of each of the lips being beveled, a gasket fitting in the secondary rabbet flush with the primary rabbet, a flat head having series of fiat peripheral lips arranged relatively close together, the latter lips being designed to pass between the former lips, to seat in the primary rabbet, and being designed to swing tightly under the former lips, the periphery of the head resting on the gasket, and stops secured in the primary rabbet adjoining the unbeveled ends of certain of the former lips.
In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.
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