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Patented Sept. 9, 1913.

GOOD FOR il'il wifi E 3 zazszzm 4 1 d TOWARD FARE. 525 2222? P i 9 I 1 3* 1 6 a 3 i e i a X3 1 9 a 4 i 1 9 l L T a 3 1 ii 4 i 1 9 i ds i 1* e Fig! a 51 6 d 5 F a 2:331? LINE --i Una 1 msm ssz. 5 F a $62 331 775 1 a5 F 5 a5 5 i F Witness: In "Mar f/M ZMQKM Q B, a I

4 Attorney UNITED sTArEs LOUIS 1. mars, or CLEVELAND, OHIO, A'ssrela'olt T0 HmsnLr, AS reverse, or our;-

HALF son nmsnnr, own-room non wmm L. wns'rcor'a} AND ona roum'n Fort GEORGE o. WING, ALL or CLEVELAND, OHIO.

moans son smear-cans AND enemas USE-S.


Specification bf Lettersiatent.

Patented septa-191a,

Application filed January 25, 1918 serial No. 744,1 59.

be a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the drawings that ac company and make a partj'ozfi the specification, wherein't-he same parts are designated by the same letters throughout the figures.

The idea in question essentially involves the production and use, as a unitary article,

of a series of tickets, detachably connected together, to each member of which series is similarly joined a subordinate ticket or conpen that may be used for the procurement of some further privilege, or service, of the same or kindred nature as that to which the main ticket relates, and, at a denominational value that is proportional to and divisible into that of the principal ticket. While adaptable equally to many other conditions of passenger traflic gen erally, where a difference in accommodation is to be reconciled by a difference in fare, as where first and second-class cars are used in the same train, different grades of com partments or seats in the same car, or extra privileges or a. varied quality of service is altered in any situation in, exchange for the coupons referred to, its widest application will be to the system of transfer, tromone line of street-cars to another, that .prevails in most cities. In these systems, the privi lege of changing over to and finishing their ride on a connecting line, is given to passengers who'have paid one fare, upon the payment of a small extra charge of one cent or more, the conductor who has received the main ticket or fare handing the rider, as the evidence of his right to transfer to another car, a transfer-slip upon which he punches or stamps the hour and date of the transaction. This transfer, however, must be used within a certain time limit or itbecomes invalid, and when given up to and received by the conductor on the car to which trans fer is made, it is turned in and accounted for with all the formalities of regular or principal tickets. As thus practiced, the

system, in the operations of. a,.single come, pany', -ma.y.involve the colleeting and haltfiling hy ;conductors of may 11 11110115 f minor. coin-pieces annually, and, necessitate every department of the seryice, which, besides the cost involved, area frequent source of annoyance to the-traveling public and of running of cars and thefoperations conne t d therew1th. V n

paper and ofdimensions that"make it inirregular package which must. be hurriedl straightened out by the conductor uponits receipt, with the result of distracting his attention from more important duties durmutilating the slipitself. Sotoo the universal use of such strips i-n'volves'aj not inconsiderable expense and original loss to the operating company, by reason of the fact that the marginal dates and numbers there: on require, at least, three several and special punchings for and preliminary to each 'days issue. The strips must be fitted thus for each dayof the year in estimated quantities, that, out of precaution, are naturally well above any low and conservative estimate. Inasmuch as any unused issue for one day cannotbe repunched and issued for another,

and daily waste of unused slips on this account, that is soon measured by noticeable figures.

It is'sought to avoid undesirable features of the prevailing system of transfers by the present invention, not. only by the substitu tion of the coupon system for the transferslips as now used, but by arranging purchaspons, carrying the right to transfer, in such units that the face value of the coupons will always be aliquot parts of the main fare and herefore utilizable for both fares and trims ers.

of two units of tickets and coupons where the denominational values are respectively three and one. Figs. 2 and 3 are single units of the sort where the denominational values areseverally 4 and 5 to 1, and Fig. 4

a corresponding amount of: pettydetails in convenient for the 'passengerto earry with-" out fold ng, a d, :in ,consequenca jt is often surrendered in the shape of a crumpled, or

it follows that there is a" constant overissue able sheets of tickets, with detachable cou-' In the drawings Figure 1 represents a set delays and interferences W ithlthesc 'eduleds l The slip used, in -mosticases,;

ing the process, andsometimes oftearing or I represents one of the coupons as .it may be of the subordinate stamped so as to take the place of and answer as the transfer-slip in present use.

As will be observed the several units portrayed are rectangular sheets of thin cards board, divided into ticket spaces by transverse scores or perforations indicated by the dotted lines. The spaces are themselves cut by a similar score or weakened line that extends at right angles to the same at a uniform distance from the side of the sheet. The latter is thus divided up into the desired number of detachable tickets d, (Z (Z to serve as the initial or main fare, and the smaller tickets, or coupons 6, at the ends of the said tickets, to serve in place of the cent or other coin that is now handed in as the price of a transfer.

lVhen the denominational or face value ticket or coupon, is an aliquot part or factor of the value of the main ticket, by having as many tickets (and corresponding coupons) in a sheet as the number of times the face value of a coupon is contained in that of the main ticket, or a multiple thereof, the coupons may always be broken up and used, ifdesired, as the tickets themselves, without leaving odd coupons with an aggregate valuethat' is less than the main fare. Also, in case there is an odd number of coupons at any time, whether stamped or not for a definite transfer trip, these will always be available to be handed in, with other coupons, in discharge of a main fare. By the possibilities of an arrangement of this kind, ticket-sheets, with transfer coupons attached as described, may be the only form in which tickets are issued, and they may be sold to passengers indiffcrently without regard to whether they are to be used in connection with transfers, or only for uninterrupted rides. If the denomination of the principal ticket is three cents, for instance, and of the transfer one cent, the card or sheet of tickets should contain either three main tickets, and corresponding coupons. or six, nine, etc. If such -values are respectively four and two'cents, the set should be made up of two, four, six,

eight, etc. tickets, and so on, in similar cases. The adoption of this plan will accordingly reduce the transactions connected with the privilege of street-car transfers to a minimum, since it will merge the same, for the most part, in the purchase of the principal tickets to which such right is incident, do away with the need of supplying transfer each day of the year,

coins each day to conductors, and, the expensive and sometimes wasteful process of preparing a special supply of transfers for which cannot be readapted and used for any other day.

An appreciable advantage and gain, from such adoption, will be realized by the carriders themselves, in the fact that, unlike the transfer slips now issued, the coupon will be good toward a main fare, even though it has been punched for a transfer, but, for any reason, has not been offered and used for such purpose: Now, if the time limit punched on the tranfer slip has expired, or it is not used for the transfer ride intended, it has no value at all and the amount paid for the same is a total loss.

Obviously the coupons 6, may be given suitable dimensions to be punched or stamped as is indicated in Fig. 4.

It should be plain from the context, as well as the language of the claims herewith, that the invention is not supposed to coinprise any manufacture except in original sheets of as many as twopairs of the tickets and coupons described.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and wish to secure by Letters Patents is 1. As an article of manufacture, a series of detachably connected tickets and coupons bearing indicia representing denominational values thereon, the values on the tickets being severally divisible by the values on the coupons in of members of said series being equal to the number of times the indicative value on a coupon is contained in the indicative value on the ticket to which such coupon is attached, or in a multiple of said last named value, substantially as shown and described.

2. A sheet of detachably connected tickets and coupons bearing indicia thereon, representing denominational values, which are evenly divisible one by the other, the number of said tickets corresponding with the number of times the indicative value on the one is contained in the indicative value of the other or in a multiple of the latter value, substantially as shown and described.


In presence of- ARTHUR C. PINE, R. F. BELL.

and coupons in a sheet,

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