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No. 105,297. PATBNTED JULY 12, 1870.

s. s. BENT. FIREPLACE GEAT dtnited'%tat2a ag fihlilrr SAMUEL s. BENT, or roar CHEST-ER. NEW YORK.

Letters Patent No. 105,297, dated July 12, 1870.


The Schedule referred to iii-these Letters Patent and making of the lame.

.To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL S. Bnur, oi- Port Ohester,1n the county of'Westchester and State of New York, have invented and made an Improvement in Grates, and the following is declared to be a full,

clear, and exact description of the said invention. I

Grates have heretofore been set upon the level of the hearth over a-pit in the chimney, into which the ashes pass .when the fire is stirred, and the air to the giatehas been admitted by a pipe below the floor, with'a damper operated by a button in 'a socket let 'into the floor outside the hearth.

This form of grate is objectionable because the button and socket are unsightly in the floor; the carpet has to be out, and ditficulty arises in getting the damper to operateproperly.

Furthermore, these grates are stationary, and the coal and elinkers have to be taken off the same in a shovel or by hand. I In my invention I fit the damper inor below the frame that carries the grate, and operate the same by an arm 01' a rod running under the fender apron, and

I provide in the said frame a button and finger for supporting the grate, so that the contents of'tbe grate can be dumped into the pit by turning aside said finger and tipping the grate, thereby facilitating the emptying of the grate, and rendering it nnneoessary'to.

gather up the ci-nders or clinkers, thus preventing dust or dirt in the room.

In the drawing-- Figure 1 is a vertical section of the said grate "at z x; and

.Figure 2 is a sectional fender-apron removed. The grate-fiame a is let in flush with the hearth b, and supports the grate c, said grate having projecting studs or trunnions upon which it swings, and resting at the back upon a finger, d, and at the front aturning finger, e, is provided, the same being operated by a button, i, that is in a recess in the frame a.

This fmme'a is also made suliiciently wide to replan of. the same, with. the

e eive the button or arm 0 of the damper p,.and this The hearth and framed being flush, or nearly so, any ashes can be swept oh the hearth into the pit below the grate, andany dustupon the fender can be disposed of int-he same manner, thuspreventing the dust and dirt usual idaroom where the grate is emptied for buildings. fire. I This improvement is .available upon the first or basement floor,"'wh ere, the pit can he built below the grate in thecellar. v

In upper rooms this-improvement cannntbe employed unless a special pit is' provided, running down to the cellar. g j The rod tie a convenient meansfor operating the damper p, but the said (lampermay be moved by an 'arm of any desired kind, and the apron of the fender may-be lifted to give'aocesa' to the arm or damper.

I claim'as my invention- 7 1. The grate-frame a, made to sit flush, or nearly so, with the hearth, and support the swinging grate, in combination with the supporting finger e and pitk,

as and forthe purposes set forth.

2. The damper 1), beneath the grate-frame a, and

operated by an arm or rod above said frame and beueath the fender, combined with theair inlet pipe t, and pit It, as and for the purposes set forth.

Dated this 16th day of May, A.'D. 1870.

SAMUEL S. BENT, Witnesses:

LEMUEL W. Susanna, Gno. T. Pmeuunr.

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