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iiinitedtutw emu dtjljlint.

Letters Patent No. 101,145, dated Mamh 22, 1870.


The-Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

ma, in the county of Dallas and State of Alabama,

have invented. a new and useful Compound, which I denominate a Colic-Cure; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the manner ofcompoumlin g and using the same.

The ingredients of this compound for a given quantity consist of Autimon ctpotas, tart, five grains.

Chloroformi, one ounce.

Liq. sodae chloriduni, one ounce.

Tincture lobelia, one ounce.

Aqua, suificient'quant-ity to make twelve ounces.

'lhese ingredients are mixed together in the order in which they are specified. (Jolie is always accompanied with fermentation in the intestinal canal, which, producing gas, causes distension and consequent pain in the stomach, to relieve which each of the ingredients fulfils its particular oilice, the cl iloroforni being an anodync and anaesthetic, relieves the pain until the liq. sodae chloridum comes to its relief to neutralize the acid or acetous fermentation taking place in the intestinal canal, which causes pain, as before stated; the potass tartrate and antimon, and the tincture of lohelia act to relax the system and open the bowels, so that the foreign substance causing the colic may be eliminated through the anus,

while the potass tartrate and an'timon, with the tincture of lobelia and the soda combine and act as the purgative and anti-spasmodic.

This compound, while it relieves the pain readily, also arrests the cause of fermentation, and at once commences to eliminate the foreign matter from the bowels, by which the patientis relieved without prostration.

.A dose of this compound for an adult is a teaspoonful every half-hour in wine, whisky, or water, until relieved.

For horses, mules, cattle, &c., half of a bottle 0 twelve ounces must be given in a pint of water, and if relief is not had in fifteen minutes give the rest of the bottle in the same manner.

The bottle should always be well shaken before giving the medicine. v

Instead of water, linseed oil may be used as the meustruum for the compound, which, at the same time, acts as a purgative.

Having described my invention,

I claim-- The compound herein described and used as a colic cure.




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