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M. H. COLLI NS J Lamp Burner. 7 No. 100,260. Patented March 1; 1870.
f a g I [4.4
Letters Patent No. 100,260, dated March 1, 1870.
The chedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part ofth e same.
To all persons to whom. these presents may come:
Be it known that 1, MICHAEL HENRY COLLINS, of Chelsea, of the county of Suffolk, and State of Massachusctts, have made a new and useful invention having reference to Lampdturners designed for the combustion of a hydrocarbon fluid, in order for the production of light and heat therefrom; and-I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specification and represented in theaccompanying drawings, of which- Figure 1 is a top tiew;
Figure 2, a front elevation; and
Figures 3 and 4, vertical sections of a lamp-burner provided with my invention. The lamp reservoir is also represented in fig. 4 of such drawings.
In such drawings- A represents the cone or air-deflector, having a series of springs extended from its periphery, and separated from one another by radial slits act a. This cone or air-deflector, arranged with respect to the wicktube B, in manner as shown in the drawings, is supported above the dome-shaped foraminous air-distributer and glass chimney-rest G, by means of a series of curved arms, 71 b b b, fastened at their upper ends to the deflector, and at their lower extremities to an annulus, c, which encompasses and his upon a cylin-' drical neck, d, projecting upward fromthe said rest 0.
Figure 5 is a top view of the said rest G, and exhibits the neck as closed at top,"except in having a circular orifice, e, made through it and opening into two semicircular notches, ff, arranged in the said top, in manner as shown.
The notches are intended to receive the-opposite edges of the flat wick-tube B, and act as guides to direct it into the notched ends of two springs, g g, which are extended up from opposite parts of the annulus c, and by hearing against the wick-tube serve'to hold the rest 0 in place down upon the perforated disk or supporter D, extended from and concentrically with the chambered wick-tube supporter E.
The wick-tube at its lower parts extends through and is fastened to the bottom of the supporter E, having on its outer surface a connection-screw, h, and a shoulder, i, at'the upper part thereof.
The shaft k, carrying the spur-wheel or wheels I l for elevating or depressing .the wick in the tube B, extends through the supporter E, and with the spurwheels projected into the wick-tube, which, opposite to them, has an opening, m, made in it to receive a wick-presser. This presser, shown at F, consists of an S-shaped spring, 0, projected from aclasp, p, which encompasses and grasps the wick-tube.
Figure 6 is a perspective view of the said prcsserl Its purpose is to press the wick into Contact with the teeth of the spur-wheels.
A bell-shaped cover or cap, G, is applied to the chamber of the supporter E, and there is formed about the base of such cover, and in the supporter, a circular groove or channel, q, having one or more ducts or openings leading from it into the chamber of the supporter.-
A small. hole, 3, is also made through the button of the said chamber. to intercept the oil or liquid which, while the burner may be in operation, may escape from the wick and flow down upon the outer surface of. the bell-shaped cover. Such oil, after having been so intercepted, will flow under the base of the cover or through the duct or ducts 'r, and thence into the chamber and through the hole in its botton, and finally into the oil-reservoir of the lamp. Such means of intercepting the waste oil and restoring it to the reservoir prevent itfrom flowing down upon and soiling the upper surfaceof the lamp.
The bell-shaped cap G extends up through the ,circular opening, 0.
There should be a narrow space, t, between the pc riphery of the opening and the adjacentsurt'ace of the cap, in order to allow air to flow up through such space, as it has been discovered that with such space the combustion of the oil is improved, and the light from the flame is rendered greater.
I claim in the above-described burner the following,
The spring presser F, as composed of the. spring 0 and the clasp p, or means of applying such .spring to and enabling it to be removed from the wick-tube or burner.
Also, the arrangement as well as the combination of the guide notches ff and circular openings (2 in the rest 0 with the notched springs g y, combined and arranged with the annulus c of the deflector supporter, substantially as explained. A I
R. H. EDDY, 8-1V. PIPER;
The purpose of the channel q is
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