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APPLICATION rILnn rmnn, 1911.
1,002,300, Patented Sept. 5, 1911.
V GOAL OIL BURNER. I APPLIOLTION FILED FBBJI, 1911. 1,002,300, Patented Sept. 5,1911.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known thatI, HERMAN F. NESLAGE, citizen of the United States, residing at St. Louis, State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Coal-Oil Burners, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof.
My invention has relation to improve ments in coal-oil or kerosene burners; and it consists in the novel details of construction more fully set forth in the specification and pointed out in the claims.
In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a cook stove showing my invention applied thereto; Fig. 2 is top plan of one-half of the lid, showing my burner attached thereto; Fig. 3 is a side view of the burner, parts being in section; Fig. 4 is an end view thereof showing part of the lid; and Fig. 5 is a vertical cross section through the burner on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3.
The object of my invention is to construct a coal-oil burner which may be readily inserted into the fire-box of any conventional cooking (or heating) stove under one of the lids thereof, the supply pipe for the burner establishing communication with the latter through said lid.
A further object is to provide such a burner with burner tips forming jets or flames which traverse substantially the full bottom surface of the stove-top; a burner which provides a special generator for vaporizing the oil; one which may be cheaply constructed and readily applied to a stove; and one possessing further and other advantages better apparent from a detailed description of the invention which is as follows.
Referring to the drawings, S, represents a conventional form of kitchen range or stove, having a fire pot C as usual, and lids L collectively (with their supports) forming the stove-top. At any convenient point above the stove-top is mounted a supply tank 1 for the coal-oil, said tank having leading therefrom a feed-pipe 2 provided with a controlling valve 3, the lower end of the pipe being connected to an elbow 4 secured to a lid of the stove. No claim is made for the features thus far described. The elbow l is connected to a pipe section 5 projecting through the lid, the lower end Specification of Letters Patent.
Applieationfiled February 11, 1911.
Patented Sept. 5, 1911. Serial No. 608,084.
of the pipe being screwed into the upper end of the outer passageway a formed in the .adjacent vertical member or leg 6 of the sage a communicates with the adjacent end of the passage-way b of the member 9, the ends of the passage 7) in turn communicating with the independent passage 0 formed adjacent to the passage or in the leg 6, and with the passage (Z in the leg 7 the passages c and d discharging into the passage c of the upper horizontal member 8. For convenience, the member 8 will be designated as the burner-member, and the member 9 as the generator tube or member. The ends of the passageways Z2 and c are closed by screw plugs 10.
Depending from the opposite ends of the generator-tube are lugs 11 which terminate in dove-tail heads 12 which serve as tongues for the corresponding grooves formed between the lips 13, 13, cast on the bottom of the dish or pan 14 into which a quantity of coal-oil is initially poured and ignited to heat the walls of the tube 9 to the proper temperature for vaporizing the first quantity of oil flowing through the passage-way b of said tube. The burner frame is provided with bosses 15, 15, on which the lid L rests, being secured to the burner by means of screws 8 driven into the bosses.
On the side of the member 8 are disposed a series of burner-tips 16 which are provided withperforations capable of projecting the jets of flame issuing therefrom in a plane substantially paralled to the stove-top, the aggregation of jets licking the under surface of said top and thus heating the top. The combustion products are carried through the flue m (Fig. l) and out through the exit flue n as usual. Disposed on the legs 6 and 7 substantially in a vertical plane passing through the axis of the tube 9, and communicating with the passage-ways c and d of said legs are perforated tips 17, 17, the passageways of which are inclined at an angle to the axis of the tube 9 whereby there are projected jets of flame from said tips onto the outer wall of the tube 9, the heat of said jets vaporizing the liquid flowing through the passage 1) and generating a gas or vapor which subsequently flows into the passage-Ways d and into the passage 6 of the burner member 8', whence the 'burning gas is discharged through the tips 16 as already described. A proper complement of air to support combustion is drawn into. the fire-pot C through the marginal scalloped openings or grooves 18 formed on I manipulated to admit the oil from the tank for burning coal-oil or kerosene.
1, said oil flowing through the pipe 5 into the passage a of the legG, thence into the heated tube 9, the oil being vaporized, the gases flowing into the passages 0 d and e and out through the tips 16. Thereupon this gas is ignited and the operation thus started. The gas also is projected through the tips 17, and this being ignited, the flame-jets therefrom serve to permanently heat the walls of the tube 9 and the oil is vaporized as fast as it enters said tube. To extinguish the fire, the valve 3 is turned so as to cutoff the supply of oil. As constructed, the burner is specially applicable By removing the plugs 10 the partsmay be readily cleaned. The burner is portable and may be attached to almost any make of stove.
Having described my invention what I claim is:
l. A burner comprising a frame composed of hollow top and bottom burner and generator members, terminal legs having passage-ways in communication with the passages of the members, a series of burner tips disposed along the wall of the burner member, and burner tips on the terminal legs adapted to project a flame-jet against the generator member.
2. A burner comprising a frame composed of top and bottom tubular burner and generator members, terminal tubular members, one of the latter being provided with a feed passage discharging into one end of the generator member, a second independent passage being formed in the feed member, and a passage in the opposite terminal member to receive the gas discharged from the generator member, the discharge ends of the independent passage aforesaid and of the passage in the opposite terminal member leading into the passage of the burnermember, a series of burner-tips disposed along the wall of the burner member, and tips formed on, the terminal members for projecting jets of flame against the walls of the generator member.
3. The combination with a stove-lid provided with air intake openings, of a burner provided with bosses secured to the under surface of the lid, a burner member spaced from the lid and provided with burner-tips adapted to project jets of flame under the lid, a generator-tube below the burner member, means for supplying liquid fuel to the generator-tube through the lid, means for conducting the gas discharged from the generator-tube to the burner member, and means in the path of the gas so discharged for supplying jets of flame to impinge against the generator tube.
In testimony whereof I aflix my signature, in presence of two witnesses.
\Vitnesses EMIL STAREK, J 0s. A. BIIOI'IEL.
Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.
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