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Letters Patent No. 100,020, dated February 22, 1870.


The Shedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all whom yit may concern.-

Be it known that I, THOMAS ELKINS, of the city and county of Albany, State of New York, have invented a new and useful article for domestic use, in which is combined a Dining-Table, Ironing-Table, and a Quilting-Fratrie; and I do hereby declare thatthe following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in whichv v Figure 1 represents a perspective4 view of the invention, with one leaf of table removed.

Figure 2 is alongitudnal vertical view of thesame.

Figure 3 is a vertical Viewfrom above, with the top removed, and shown by outlines.

lhe nature of my invention consists of a table furnished with detachable pieces, three or more in number, to form the top, which pieces or leaves when placed in position constitute a dining-table, but when the outer pieces or leaves are removed, and the central piece is permitted to remain, an ironing-table is formed, and when all the pieces comprising the top are removed, and rollers provided, inserted in their places, the article becomes a quilting-fame.

When formed into a dining-table or an ironingtable, the pieces forming their top or tops are supported by a pair of standards and swinging brackets, which brackets are so hinged that they may be turnedat pleasure under the `outer leaves or pieces of the ,dining-table, to support .the same, or may be turned under the central piece, forming the top of the ironing-table, to support and stiften the Same; and when formed into a quilting-dame, the top pieces beingrv removed, the said brackets form supports or bearings for the rollers to be used.

.Lwo ot' the swinging bracketsrare provided with pawis, which work in ratchet-wheels, attached to one end oteach of the rollers used, to tit the same. Suitable dovetails or catches are also'provided. on the brackets, to work in corresponding dovetails or catches attached to the lower sides ot' the pieces comprising the table-top or tops, which dovetails or catches hold firmly the said pieces of the top to the other parts of theY table.

To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe it with reference to the accompanying drawings and the letters of reference marked thereon, the same letters indicating like parts.

In the drawing- A A represents two stands, provided with proper bases, B B, and connected together by a bar, C, which bar G may be permanently iixed, or may be made detachable, either by pins c or dovetails, or any other suitable device. 4

D D D D are swinging brackets, properly hinged, either directly with the standards A A or to bars a a attached to the said standards.

When the invention is used for a dining'tab1e, the ltop ofthe said table will be comprised of three pieces other.

or boards E E and F, figs. 1 and' 3, E E being the outer or side pieces, and F the central piece.

The central piece F rests on the top of `the standards A A, figs. l and 2, while the two side pieces E E are supported by the swinging brackets D, whichare turned out, as shown by position of D bracket on the left-hand side, in tig. 1 and in iig. 3.

When the invention is to be used as an ironingtable, the two side pieces of the top, E E, are removed, aud the central piece F is permitted to remain.

The' said central piece F, Awhich I5 term the skirtboard, is attached to one of the standards at itswidest end by-a T- head pin S, working in aplfate attached to the lower side ot'the said skirt-board F, while the other end is secured bya simple pin or dowel S'.

A The said board F is removed by turning the said board to one side, so as to'bring the T-head of the bolt or pin S over its elongated hole in the plate, when it can be lifted ott'. A reverse action .will cause its attaclnnent.

The said skirt-boardi's also further strengthened and supported by turning the swinging brackets under the same, as shown in tig. 1, right-hand side,and also in tig. 2, and by dotted lines in iig. 3.'

Catches or dovetails ft a,fig. 1', and a a, fig. 2

are .attached to both the under sides of the pieces comprising the top or tops and on the brackets, and lock together, so one part will hold firmly on'the When this invention'is to bcaised for quilting,- the top pieces E E and F are removed, and the. brackets D are turned in position, as shown in lig. 3. Two rollers, GG, are then placed between each opposite pair, their spindles, on each vend of the rollers, entering the holes g g, intended to receive them, in the brackets D, lig. 2.

The said rollers Gare also provided with ratchet- Awheels K, which are attached to one end, while pawls m, attached to thebracketsD, work therewith, and set or iix th rollers G, as desired.

The advantages ot' coxnbinilnf in one article thesethree necessary articles are at once apparent, and t family can have all the advantages and conveniences ofthe several articles with but little trouble and expense. The dining-table for daily use, the ironingtable for weekly use, and the quilting-trame ortabl'e for occasional use. i

Having described myinvention,

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

'lhe construction and arrangement of the standards A, swinging brackets D, top pieces E E and F, rolt-

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