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M412755 英管⑴對應端删的絕軸魏(81),以及—設於 =1)之自由端、亚與外部鉬導桿⑺電性連接的插片_斤組 不合i 1(1)巾’做為熱源使㈣碳素纖維發熱體(2), 不會^财產生,能大幅減少令人擔心的電磁波。 铲市3用3熱源使用的是碳素纖維發熱體(2),所以和- =Γ t石央燈管的傳統紅外線熱敷機比較起來,光M412755 British tube (1) corresponding end of the extremal Wei (81), and - set at =1) free end, sub-and external molybdenum guide (7) electrically connected to the insert _ kg group does not fit i 1 (1) towel ' As a heat source, (4) carbon fiber heating element (2), which does not generate money, can greatly reduce the electromagnetic waves that are worried. Shovel City 3 uses 3 heat sources to use carbon fiber heating element (2), so compared with the traditional infrared heat machine of -=Γ 石 灯 灯 灯,

線不刺眼、亚此產生遠紅外線。 壓是二二所’其額^功率是為36瓦特、額定電 反5為22伖知·、額定電流是為1.63安培。 f ϋ’透過碳素纖維㈣體(2)的應用,配合上@電_、 後/、要以較低瓦數、電壓、和電流的消耗功率,和一般市隹 石雜管的傳統紅外線錄機_起來,就能達到 相同或更4的熱源效果’而且還更保暖,更省電。 上述令,所述碳素纖維發熱體⑺,其長度範圍,是為8〜The line is not glaring, and the far infrared rays are generated here. The pressure is two or two. The power is 36 watts, the rated power is 5, and the rated current is 1.63 amps. f ϋ 'Through the application of carbon fiber (4) body (2), with @电_, after /, with lower wattage, voltage, and current consumption power, and the traditional city of the rock stone tube traditional infrared recording Machine _ up, you can achieve the same or 4 heat source effect 'and still warmer, more power-saving. In the above, the carbon fiber heating element (7) has a length range of 8~

°又上述中’所述燈管⑽,其總長度範圍,是為 θ A 77之間。再上述中,所述保護套管(9),其長度範圍, 疋為12〜15公分之間。 w其Γ透過此種設置方式,經實驗後,能達到最佳的應用 二率,此便於廠商生產,因為過長的碳素纖維發熱體(2)、燈 官(10)、及保護套管(9),不但無法提昇整體的效率,更會形成 浪費。 其次,該碳素纖維發熱體(2),其長度以9公分,為較佳的 應用值;該燈管⑽,其總長度⑽公分為較佳的應用值;該 保護套管(9),其長度以13.5公分為健的應職。 人 上述令,所述封裝氣體(Α),其氣體壓力值為5.0Χ104帕斯 卡。 ’ 9 M412755 其中’透過此種設置’讓碳素纖維發熱體(2)能正常 作,同時提昇其運作效益,並域長其使用壽命。 如圖9、圖1〇所示為本新型的立體實施示意圖。圖中揭示 出,當本新型啟動後’燈管組⑽)與加座器(400)開使運作, 除了能產生紅外線[以遠紅外線為主]之外,配合上加座器( 的作用二不但能加澄空氣之外’更能將空氣中的氧氣⑼,轉 化為負氧離子(0-)’讓消費者能於熱敷的同時,免除環境過於 乾燥^題,更能有如置於森林巾或瀑布旁,—樣的清新自在。 紅合上所述,本新型藉由透過此種以燈管組(200)、反射 板(300)、和加溼盗(400)配合的紅外線熱敷機,以來自碳素纖 維發熱體(2)特有的遠紅外線熱源,讓人由體内暖和起來',感 覺更舒適暖和,能提高紅外線熱敷效率,更能產生負氧,讓本 新型更具有應用、實用、功效與產業之利用性。 以上依據圖式所示的實施例詳細說明瞭本新型的構造、特 徵及作用效果,由於符合卿及進步性要件,遂銳法提出新 型專利中請卜_上所述僅為本新型之較佳實施例,但本新裂 不以圖面所示限定實施範圍’因此舉凡與本新型意旨相符的修 飾性變化,只要在均等範圍内都應涵屬於本新型專利範圍内。 M412755 【圖式簡單說明】 圖1 :本新型的立體示意圖。 圖2:本新型的立體分解示意圖。 圖3 :本新型燈管組與反射板的立體示意圖。 圖4:本新型燈管組與反射板的側視示意圖。 圖5:本新型反射板的立體示意圖。 圖6:本新型燈管的前視示意圖。 圖7:為圖5的放大部分剖面示意圖。 圖8:本新型燈管的側視示意圖。 圖9、圖10 *本新型的立體貫施不意圖。 【主要元件符號說明】 1 石英管 11 排氣管 2 碳素纖維發熱體 3 鎳電極. 4 鉬導桿 5 白金片 6 鉬箔 7 外部鉬導桿 8 插頭 81 絕緣陶瓷頭 82 插片 9 保護套管 10 燈管 20 反射部板 201 波浪部 30 固定部板 40 給水裝置 11 M412755 50 喷頭 60 輸送管 100 熱敷機體 200 燈管組 300 反射板 400 加溼器 A 封裝氣體 Ο 氧氣 Ο- 負氧離子° Further, in the above-mentioned lamp tube (10), the total length range is between θ A 77. In the above, the protective sleeve (9) has a length range of between 12 and 15 cm. w, through this setting method, after the experiment, can achieve the best application rate, which is convenient for manufacturers to produce, because the carbon fiber heating element (2), lamp officer (10), and protective casing are too long. (9), not only can not improve the overall efficiency, but also waste. Secondly, the carbon fiber heating element (2) has a length of 9 cm, which is a preferred application value; the lamp tube (10) has a total length (10) of a preferred application value; the protective sleeve (9), Its length is 13.5 cm. According to the above, the package gas (Α) has a gas pressure value of 5.0 Χ 104 Pascal. ’ 9 M412755 where 'through this setting' allows the carbon fiber heating element (2) to function properly, while improving its operational efficiency and longevity. FIG. 9 and FIG. 1B are schematic views of a three-dimensional implementation of the present invention. The figure shows that when the new type is started, the 'lamp group (10)) and the pedestal (400) are operated to operate, in addition to generating infrared rays [mainly by far infrared ray], and the function of the pedestal is not only Beyond the air, it can convert the oxygen (9) in the air into negative oxygen ions (0-), so that consumers can save the heat while avoiding the environment being too dry. It can be more like a forest towel or Next to the waterfall, the fresh air is free. According to the red combination, the new model uses the infrared heat spreader equipped with the lamp tube set (200), the reflector plate (300), and the humidification thief (400). The far-infrared heat source from the carbon fiber heating element (2) allows people to warm up from the body', feels more comfortable and warm, can improve the efficiency of infrared heat application, and can generate negative oxygen, making the new application more practical and practical. Efficacy and industrial applicability. The structure, features and effects of the present invention are described in detail above based on the embodiments shown in the drawings. As a result of the compliance with the Qing and progressive requirements, the Hao Rui method proposes a new type of patent. Only the preferred embodiment of the present invention, but The new crack does not limit the scope of implementation as shown in the figure'. Therefore, any modification changes that are consistent with the purpose of this new model should be included in the scope of this new patent within the scope of equality. M412755 [Simple description of the diagram] Figure 1: This Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the novel lamp tube group and the reflector plate. Fig. 4 is a side view of the lamp tube group and the reflector plate. Fig. 5: Fig. 6 is a schematic front view of the lamp tube of Fig. 5. Fig. 8 is a schematic side view of the lamp tube of Fig. 5. Fig. 8 is a side view of the lamp tube of the present invention. Fig. 9 and Fig. 10 The new type of stereoscopic application is not intended. [Main component symbol description] 1 Quartz tube 11 Exhaust pipe 2 Carbon fiber heating element 3 Nickel electrode. 4 Molybdenum guide rod 5 White gold sheet 6 Molybdenum foil 7 External molybdenum guide rod 8 Plug 81 Insulation Ceramic head 82 Insert 9 Protective sleeve 10 Lamp 20 Reflector plate 201 Wave portion 30 Fixing plate 40 Water supply device 11 M412755 50 Nozzle 60 Transfer tube 100 Hot pack body 200 Tube set 300 Reflector 400 A humidifier package oxygen gas Ο negative oxygen ions Ο-

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M412755 ___ ·. ' 100年8月j日修正替換頁 • * 六、申請專利範圍: - 1.一種改良型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於包括: 一熱敷機體(100); 一設於該熱敷機體(100)内的燈管組(2⑻); 一設於該燈管組(200)後側端的反射板(3〇〇);以及 一端設於該熱敷機體(100)内、另端設於燈管組p〇〇)兩垂直 • 側、能對外噴出均勻水霧,以配合燈管組(200)和反射板(300)、 使空軋中之氧氣(〇)、分化出負氧離子(〇_)的加溼器(4〇〇)。 φ 2.如請求項1所述的改良型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於:所 述加溼器(400),其是由一設於該熱敷機體(1〇〇)内的給水裝置 (40); 數個分別設於燈管組(200)之兩垂直侧處,能將水霧化後喷 出於燈管組(200)之照射範圍内的喷頭(5〇); 至少一條以上設於該給水裝置(40)與喷頭(5〇)間,能將水分 別輸送到各喷頭(50)處的輸送管(60)。 3. 如晴求項1所述的改良型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於:所 述燈管組(200),其是由十支由上至下、而依序平行等間距排列 • 設置的燈管(10)所組成; 而所述反射板(300) ’其是由一對應於該燈管組(2〇〇)而設置 . 的反射部板(20)、及分別設於該反射部板(20)對應側處而設置的 兩固定部板(30)所組成’該反射部板(20)是由十個平行相互連接 設置、且相互間為等同大小、呈弧狀的波浪部(2〇1)所組成,且 該每一波浪部(201)的圓心、皆能與一該燈管(1〇)的軸心相對應。 4. 如請求項3所述的改良型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於:所 述燈管(10),其是由一石英管(1)、一碳素纖維發熱體(2)、兩鎳 電極(3)、兩銦導桿(4)、兩白金片(5)、兩#目箱(6)、兩外部錮導桿 (7)、兩插頭(8)、以及一保護套管(9)所組成; 13 M412755 100年8月3日修正替換頁 。亥石英官(1)為呈一中空直管狀,且其一^管壁'二 能供排放空氣及/或填入封裝氣體(A)用的排氣管(11),· 是為設_石英f⑴内,並㈣碳素纖維‘熱體 ()的兩k 》別依序往外’對應電性連接設置—錄電極 一 鉬導桿(4)、-白金片(5)、一鉬箱⑹、一外部铜導桿⑺及 頭(8),另該保護套管(9)是為套設於該石英管(1)外; 斤而所述插頭⑻,其是由一套設於石英管⑴一端外石 管⑴對應端封閉的絕緣陶究頭⑻),以及陶頭 所義改良型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於:所· 安r是為36瓦特、額定電一 述燈逆在於:所 述保ί套5;的=型紅外線熱敷機,其特徵在於:所 Q如球本s,、長度^圍,是為12〜15公分之間。 述封裝氣^4^^=紅外線熱f機’其特徵在於:所, 軋體屋力值為5.0X104帕斯卡。M412755 ___ ·. 'Revised replacement page of August 1st, 1998 ・ * VI. Scope of application: - 1. An improved infrared heat spreader, characterized by comprising: a hot body (100); one set in the heat body a lamp tube group (2(8)) in (100); a reflection plate (3〇〇) disposed at a rear side end of the lamp tube group (200); and one end is disposed in the heat application body (100) and the other end is disposed on the lamp The tube group p〇〇) two vertical sides, can spray a uniform water mist to match the tube group (200) and the reflector plate (300), make the oxygen in the air rolling (〇), and differentiate the negative oxygen ions (〇 _) humidifier (4 〇〇). The improved infrared heat spreader according to claim 1, wherein the humidifier (400) is provided by a water supply device (40) disposed in the heat applying body (1). a plurality of nozzles (5〇) which are respectively disposed on the two vertical sides of the lamp tube group (200), capable of atomizing the water and spraying out of the illumination range of the lamp tube group (200); at least one or more Between the water supply device (40) and the spray head (5〇), water can be separately delivered to the transfer pipe (60) at each nozzle (50). 3. The improved infrared heat spreader according to claim 1, characterized in that: the lamp tube set (200) is a lamp arranged from ten top to bottom and sequentially arranged in parallel at equal intervals. The reflector (10) is configured to be disposed by a reflector (20) corresponding to the tube group (2), and respectively disposed on the reflector plate (20) The two fixing plate (30) provided at the corresponding side is composed of 'the reflecting plate (20) is a wave portion which is arranged in parallel and which is equal in size and arc-shaped with each other (2) 〇1) is composed, and the center of each of the wave portions (201) can correspond to the axis of one of the lamps (1〇). 4. The improved infrared heat spreader according to claim 3, characterized in that the lamp tube (10) is composed of a quartz tube (1), a carbon fiber heating element (2), and two nickel electrodes. (3), two indium guide rods (4), two white gold pieces (5), two # eye boxes (6), two external 锢 guide rods (7), two plugs (8), and a protective sleeve (9) Composition; 13 M412755 August 3, 100 revised replacement page. Hai quartz official (1) is a hollow straight tube, and its pipe wall 'two can supply air and / or fill the exhaust pipe (11) for the package gas (A), · is set to _ quartz In f(1), and (4) carbon fiber 'hot body () two k 》 not sequentially outwards corresponding to the electrical connection setting - the recording electrode - molybdenum guide rod (4), - platinum sheet (5), a molybdenum box (6), An outer copper guiding rod (7) and a head (8), wherein the protective sleeve (9) is sleeved outside the quartz tube (1); and the plug (8) is provided by a set of quartz tubes (1) The insulating ceramic head (8) which is closed at the end of the outer stone pipe (1), and the improved infrared heat sealing machine of the ceramic head, characterized in that: the r is 36 watts, and the rated electric power is reversed: The type of infrared hot-loading machine of the security set 5 is characterized in that: Q such as the ball s, and the length of the circumference is between 12 and 15 cm. The package gas ^4^^=infrared heat machine' is characterized in that the rolling body force value is 5.0 X 104 Pascal.
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