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M3 0243 6 VIII. New description: [1. New technical field] The creative department belongs to the technical field of a tire tool, especially for the improvement of the function of the wheel wrench. [1, first as technology]
Kind of "tire wrench length sensitive structure" in the case number f shrink 4 / L 1 and perforated, the sleeve is provided with a locking concave 1 at the front end, and squeaking into the protruding card [lower slope] allows With the expansion of the telescopic pole, with the booming social economy, the car is almost one of the necessary transportations for every household. When the car is used for a period of time, the tires often need to be replaced due to wear and tear, and it is known from the prior art that When the tires are replaced, you need to use the "jack" to prop up the car to a height, then use the "tire king" screw to loosen the nut and then the tires, and then if you need to replace the wheel platform, then use the "pull tool" 』Put the tire out and remove it from the outer edge of the rim. η 9420^877 ^^ The telescopic rod is composed of dry sleeve B, gloves and other components, wherein the telescopic rod is assembled into the casing, 'i wears, = has two clamping posts, spring, the locking column can protrude Peripheral surface of the telescopic rod, retracted into the convex cut off, down oblique _ for extension and extension _ recognition sleeve & sub-set resistance flange 'Kazaki card fixed column, prevent stretch ^ middle = the: the second set There is an eccentricity to talk about the joint groove, and the formation of the eccentric rod heart = eccentric hole, the eccentricity of the eccentricity of the section, the sigh, the slanting of the groove, and the eccentricity of the rubber, the eccentricity of the block, the hole is set to the telescopic rod The rotation of the eccentric locking rod eccentric rod has to push the eccentricity of the rubber eccentric ^2, the deflection, 'forming the extension position, and then the telescopic rod is locked, and _ 'and the eccentric rod is forced to lock the lock to slip, correct The effect of rotation. It can be positioned in any position of the casing, and it has the functions of telescopic, disassembly, and screw nut when it is not used in the above-mentioned cases. When the function is made, it is only because it is used only when the tire is removed. ^To drive the jack up and down, to the tool ~ for the user, it is not necessary for the user to carry and prepare for the M302436, but it is necessary to improve it. The use and replacement are also very troublesome and inefficient. For the above-mentioned Xi 2 creators, they have been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing experience of related industries for many years, and they have been discussing the singularity of the Shang s lang, and the research of ===_ _, and finally into the _ ^ for = add b / fly soap round moon tool 』 a to improve the lack of the above-mentioned practices. [three, the content of creation],; batch, we! The main purpose is to provide a kind of "multi-function car tire tool", which is used for the order: more work: When the tire tool of the tire is used, it can have a variety of practical functions, and it is convenient to carry the tool with the π, and the lifting operation effectiveness. In order to achieve the above-mentioned effects and purposes, the "multi-function automobile tire tool" of the present invention is shouted by a telescopic structure set, wherein the outer rod has a flat-shaped pulling portion relative to the inner rod group and the phase _ The outer surface of the triggering portion is suitable for opening and the opening δ has a driving contact hole of a beak tooth. The driving connecting hole can be assembled with one: = 'lower moving driving tool-end sleeve sleeve set, and the inside Rod system: = edge 'the end of the hole is equipped with a positioning Wei, which is used for the elastic spring part composed of the rotating spring and the steel ball to be used as the positioning of the inner rod when telescopic, and the other end is used The driving tool for disassembling and locking the nut is provided with an elastic member and a second fixing member between the inner and outer rods, and is used as a limit structure for the longest and shortest stroke of the inner rod during the telescopic sliding movement. This = tire tool not only has a telescopic function, but also can drive the jack, displacement 'and the use of the trigger part to open the tire tires for replacement work. With regard to the techniques, means and functions of the present invention, the preferred embodiment and the δ pattern are described in detail later, and it is believed that the above-mentioned purpose, structure and features of the present creation can be obtained from an in-depth and specific To understanding. [IV. Implementation method of creation] Recorded so that it can further understand the structural design and technology of this creation, please cooperate with the figure and then M302436 to explain later: ?2 Ο ^The part of U 2 ) is suitable for the face Another _-through the drive 2l12 ('and phase 12) end edge is obliquely tapered, can be used to open the tire (3 〇) i (5 -:: Γ 4 〇) «^ = i,) r = t (four) ◦ ) 'Food (four) drive = According to the above, please refer to the 5th, 6th, and 7th pictures, and the other is that the creation of the hole (1 3 ) in the application of the embodiment is corresponding to the drive"; 4 ◦ ^, the knot of the socket (4 1) changes, that is, if the inner edge of the ^ (i?) ^ ^ (1 3 ) and the set (5 1) also corresponds to the geometric structure The inner rod (20) is also an elongated rod, and the set is drilled with a positioning slot (2i) at the outer edge of the end, for the inner edge of the =) 1 === seven 3) and the positioning member 2 disposed at the two ends of the elastic member (5 3 ) is provided; the second member (5 is protruded from the other end of the outer rod (10) and is provided for use Use the snail to set ''(23), the front of the drive (23) can be used as the domain or the M3 0243 6 == rod (2〇) end edge, 5) wear the sleeve, (2) According to this, the composition of the above-mentioned components makes it possible to use the transfer to the top. The material not only has the telescopic function, but also the tire (3 0) and the use of the trigger (12). The industry will be able to replace the tires (30) and then refer to the 3rd, 4th and 8th, - (2 0) for the length of the telescopic adjustment when the expansion and contraction is used, the inner rod is on the outer rod α 〇) The record of the record (5 2) is forced by the outer limit of the outer rod (1 Q ) (1), = the limit of the two positioning pieces (5 4 ), and the limit is Wei, so #_ The length of the arm of the longest and shortest row of force applied. In addition, when the user wants the tire (30), the tire (3 η日士介页(6 0) 冋度 or the function of the ρ 升 tire tool can be used at the same time. You ^ = m, 'borrow 1 ^ this _ the above-mentioned knot design, can effectively overcome the habits of the formula, the lack of 'insteps have many of the above advantages and practical value, so the best new creation, and the same technology lying I have not seen the same or near = "printing creation or public cigarettes, so the abstracts that have been complied with the "newness" and "progressiveness" of the new patents are submitted according to law. [Simple description of the schema] 苐1图· The three-dimensional exploded view for the custom creation. =2 Figure: This is a three-dimensional decomposition diagram of the creation. Figure 3: The schematic diagram of the combination of the creation of the creation. 4, the other combination of the creation of the creation and expansion and movement Fig. 5 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the creation of the socket driver tool. Fig. 6 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the creation of the socket driver tool. M3 0243 6 Figure 7 Re-creating the socket driver tool - embodiment stereo Figure 8: This is an application example of the creation of the drive-drive jack. Figure 9 is a diagram of the application example of the creation of the tire. [Illustration of the figure] Outer bar: (1 0 Limiting groove: (1 1 ) Pulling part: (1 2 ) Drive hole: (1 3 ) Inner rod: (2 0) Positioning slot: (2 1 ) Positioning hole: (2 2 ) Drive part: (2 3 ) Tires: (3 0 ) Tire: (3 1 ) Drive tool: (4 0 ) Socket: (4 1 ) Drive: (4 2 ) Sheath: (5 1) Elastic positioning member · · ( 5 2 ) Spring ·· ( 5 2 1) Steel ball: ( 5 2 2 ) Elastic piece · ( 5 3 ) Positioning member: (5 4 ) Jack: (60) Pivot··( 5 5 )

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  1. M302436 Year of the Month... Nine, the scope of application for patents·· The structure of the shrinking structure includes—turning, minus the movable end. The other end of the inner rod is formed with a flat-shaped pulling part; the inner rod extends “positioning-elastic The positioning member is used as a driving tool for the tire to make the lock nut; the moving portion is used to open the tire to a more position = only /, has a telescopic function, and is convenient to use the trigger 2 = Ϊ application material The multifunctional automobile wire tool according to item 1 is provided, and the middle face is adjacent to the outside of the triggering part, and the face is suitable for opening ^^ corresponding to the driving device, the socket part, the bribe group, the chicken hole system The trace ^, the inner edge of the sleeve and the sheath also corresponds to the 'rounded configuration. The ellipsoidal rod is driven by the multifunctional automobile tire tool, wherein the stability is the remainder' to increase its structural strength. With the trigger socket (4) Hi, please call the multi-purpose vehicle ship tool mentioned in the first paragraph of the patent scope, the basin pity = 疋 ^ system capacity placed at the positioning hole outside the inner pole apologize, by a bomb money = = = The steel ball is pushed against the inner wall surface of the outer raft by the pushing of the spring to achieve the expansion and contraction.
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