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    • A41D7/00Bathing gowns; Swim-suits, drawers, or trunks; Beach suits
    • A41D13/00Professional, industrial or sporting protective garments, e.g. surgeons' gowns or garments protecting against blows or punches
    • A41D13/0015Sports garments other than provided for in groups A41D13/0007 - A41D13/088
    • A41D13/00Professional, industrial or sporting protective garments, e.g. surgeons' gowns or garments protecting against blows or punches
    • A41D13/02Overalls
    • A41D2400/00Functions or special features of garments
    • A41D2400/38Shaping the contour of the body or adjusting the figure
TW098124179A 2008-07-18 2009-07-17 Sportwear TWI538630B (en)

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JP2008187798 2008-07-18
JP2009004391 2009-01-13

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TW201023774A TW201023774A (en) 2010-07-01
TWI538630B true TWI538630B (en) 2016-06-21



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TW098124179A TWI538630B (en) 2008-07-18 2009-07-17 Sportwear

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US (1) US20100011479A1 (en)
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TW (1) TWI538630B (en)
WO (1) WO2010007986A1 (en)

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