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This invention provides a process for cutting laminate boards and a half-cutting device used in the process, which significantly increases the production rate of laminated PCB and laminated electronic components, while cutting the laminated boards with a highly precise operation. In a cutting process, where notches V, V are formed with constant pitches on front and back surfaces of a laminated board W, which is then separated along the notches V, V and then sintered, a pair of cutting tools C, C is provided along the same axis with the laminated board arranged therebetween and the cutting tools C, C form the notches V, V of predetermined depth at corresponding positions on the front and back surfaces of the laminated board W with constant pitches. A cutting emery wheel G then separates the laminated board along the notches V, V.


1232797 五 、發明說明(1) 【發明所屬之技術領域】 本發明係有關一種疊層板之切斷方法及該方法 半切斷裝置,詳言之,係疊層板(布線電路板、封之 板)或電谷器、電感器,電阻體、磁性體等疊層型電^路、 組件之切斷方法,及適合於進行該切斷之半切斷舉晉子零 【先前技術】 1罝。 以往,疊層電路板、疊層型電子零組件,以留有 連接部之方式,用切刀以規定間距在表面與背面上設士間 ,進行半切斷後進行燒結,隨後對該疊層板施加機^ 〇 行分斷,或在半切斷後施加機械力分斷再進行燒結。進 第6圖為以往疊層板切斷方法所使用之半切順序概 略圖。 、匕圖之順序’係在置於工作台τ上之疊層板w,自上 方U a 5用切刀C設規定深度之切口v後,將該工作A 旋轉90度,同樣設所需深度之切口v,使該切口呈棋。 ,再將該^ W翻轉,同樣以棋盤狀設所需深度之切口 V ° 但是’上述先前技術,由於以規定間距 疊層板w翻轉,同樣設切口 ν 進仃+切斷,所以拉長半切斷作 又,分斷疊層板或積層型電;零 低切斷效率。 在燒結後,將疊層板放置在較軟::組:之詳細情形,係 口中進行切斷,而且遇較大疊層電=圓形刀:推進切 於隨後之工序使用砂輪研磨周端 日;掉需重豐多片’ 進仃精加工。1232797 V. Description of the invention (1) [Technical field to which the invention belongs] The present invention relates to a method for cutting a laminated board and a semi-cutting device for the method. In particular, it is a laminated board (wiring circuit board, sealed Board) or laminated circuits, components such as troughs, inductors, resistors, and magnetics, and a method for cutting them, and a half-cut suitable for the cutting. [Prior Art] 1 罝. Conventionally, a laminated circuit board and a laminated electronic component have a connection between the front and the back with a cutter at a predetermined pitch, and then sintered after half-cutting, and then applied to the laminated board. Machine ^ 〇 line breaking, or apply mechanical force to break after half cutting and then sintering. FIG. 6 is a schematic diagram of a half-cutting sequence used in a conventional method for cutting a laminated board. The order of the dagger drawing is on the laminated board w placed on the worktable τ. After cutting a v of a predetermined depth with a cutter C from U a 5 above, the work A is rotated 90 degrees, and the required depth is also set. The incision v makes this incision chess. Then, turn this ^ W again, and also set a cut V at the required depth in the shape of a checkerboard. However, the above-mentioned prior art, because the laminated board w is turned at a predetermined pitch, and the cut ν is also set + cut, so the half cut is elongated. Breaking operation, breaking the laminated board or laminated electric; zero low cutting efficiency. After sintering, place the laminated board in the softer :: group: for details, cut in the mouth, and in case of larger laminated electric = circular knife: advance cutting in the subsequent process using a grinding wheel to grind the end of the day ; Lose weight should be more than a lot of tablets' for processing.
1232797 五、發明說明(2) 【發明内容 供-種疊層板:有情況而”者,其目的在於提 型電子零組件/ ,可大幅提高疊層電路板、疊層 丁 <生產效率者。 · ^目的係提供一種疊層板之切 之精加工面切斷叠 法 了用问精度 再-目的電子零組件者。 電路板、疊層型電μ =刀斷適合於使用在疊層 电亍琴組件之切斷者。 #盛Γ、成上述目的之技術方法,係一種能以賴定Ph > 璺曰板上,自表面與背面設切口,而可 巨在 或燒結前之疊芦板分斷田 該切口在燒結後‘ 自噓層板表面與背面,同時用切刀 八寺敛為,可 設分斷用切口(中請專利範圍則)間距、規定深度 利範圍第2項,上述切口能呈棋 嗟層板表面與背面,用切刀… 設分斷用切口,由此可提高積層電路板、ϋ;、同時 件之生產效率。 積層型電子零組 又,如申請專利範圍第丨項之切刀, 對配設於同軸線上,使該一對切刀在疊声耆受層板成一 同一位置,以規定間距設規定深度之分^ 面與背面之 分斷時之慶力有效作用於相對最短距離之切:二時’能使 精度且高效率進行分斷。(申請專利間,而可高 規定深度係指在中間連接部不致發生裂、iH) °在此 於是,在燒結後分斷疊層板時, f為度之深度。 板時,使用切斷砂輪進行分1232797 V. Description of the invention (2) [Summary of the invention-a kind of laminated board: "if there is a situation," the purpose is to improve the electronic components /, can greatly improve the laminated circuit board, laminated D < production efficiency · ^ The purpose is to provide a laminated board with a cut and laminated surface that is cut and laminated using a precision-re-target electronic component. Circuit board, laminated electrical μ = knife is suitable for use in laminated electrical The cut-off of the violin component. # 盛 Γ, the technical method that achieves the above purpose, is a kind of plate that can be cut from the surface and the back of the plate, and can be stacked before or sintered. After the sintering, the cutout of the plate is sintered. It can boast the surface and the back of the laminated plate, and at the same time, it can be cut with a cutting knife, and the cutout can be set. The above cuts can be made on the surface and back of a chessboard board, and a cutting knife is used to set the cutting cuts, which can improve the production efficiency of laminated circuit boards, slabs, and simultaneous parts. The cutter of item 丨 is arranged on the coaxial line so that the The cutting knife is placed in the same position on the stacked sound receiving board, and the predetermined depth is set at a predetermined distance. The cutting force when the surface and the back are cut effectively acts on the relatively shortest distance cut: the second time can make the accuracy and high Breaking efficiency. (Applicable for patents, but the high specified depth means that no cracks or iH will occur at the intermediate connection) ° Here, when breaking the laminated board after sintering, f is the depth of degree. Board time , Using a cutting wheel to divide
9544.ptd 1232797 五、發明說明(3) 分斷後無需端面處理之 則 斷(申請專利範圍第4項) 研磨工序。 、 又,該切斷方法所 -對切刀機構,隔著愚 半切斷裝置’其構成係採用 層板或切刀機構相對板;制切刀可上下傳動,並使疊 疊層板表面與背面之同:::定間距,同:使-對切刀在 申請專利範圍第5項):/’同時設規定深度之切口( 著叠層板相對可控制切刀^用具備:一對切刀機構,隔 ㈣,能鬆開台㈤㈡ 固定於上述換位載物板;及移動控制裝置,將 保持體加以移動控制H板鬆開後仍保持可鬆開狀之 #絲Λ μ換位載物台旋轉9 0度之前,及 ί刀正二ΐ保ϊ ΐ保持,以移動控制裝置將疊層板向與 -對切刀在表面與背同時,對該疊層板,以 (申請專利範圍第/項)n—位置同時設規定深度之切口 俨·ΐ 11纟°又攝衫裝置’攝取設於疊層板端部之規定間距 爽具一 holder)L::裝= 固定該疊層板之工件 則在每規定間距設切口之:向攝層板移動方向, 之端部所設之標記,經影:處;1置攝取與疊層板平行 VY。與實測座標值Χι-Υι加以 !所儲存標記之座標值 攄,伯τ从4· θ i i 1 M比較叶异所得輸送誤差修正數 進行更-二Ϊ: r I向控制移動疊層板,可以規定間距 ΐΐίΚί 專利範^7項)。9544.ptd 1232797 V. Description of the invention (3) Breaking without end surface treatment after breaking (item 4 in the scope of patent application) Grinding process. In addition, the cutting method-the cutter mechanism is separated by a half-cutting device. Its structure adopts a laminated board or a cutter mechanism to oppose the board; the cutter can be driven up and down, and the surface and back of the laminated board are stacked. The same ::: fixed distance, the same as: make-cut knife in the patent application scope item 5): / 'simultaneously set a cut of a predetermined depth (the laminated board can control the knife relatively ^ with: a pair of knife Mechanism, spacer, can loosen table ㈤㈡ and fix it to the above-mentioned transposition carrier board; and movement control device, which moves the holding body to control the H-plate to loosen the # 丝 Λ μ transposition carrier Before the table rotates 90 degrees, hold the 正 刀 正 二 ΐ 保 ϊ ΐ, and move the control device to move the laminated board toward the opposite-cut knife at the same time as the surface and the back. Item) n—The position is set with a cut of a predetermined depth 俨 · ΐ 11 纟 ° and the camera device 'takes a prescribed distance provided at the end of the laminated board, a holder) L :: equipment = fixed workpiece of the laminated board Then, cutouts are set at each prescribed distance: the direction of the moving plate, the mark set at the end, and the shadow: Place; take VY parallel to the laminated plate. Add it to the measured coordinate value X-Υι! The coordinate value of the stored mark 摅, Bo τ is compared from 4 · θ ii 1 M to compare the correction error of the transport error obtained by the leaf difference-two Ϊ: r I direction control to move the laminated board, you can Prescribed interval (7 patents).
1232797 五、發明說明(4) ' ' -------- 主f二驻Ϊ:本發明 < 疊層*之切_方法及該方法所用 之t : 貫施方式。第1圖為疊層板切斷方法之-實. 施方式’第2圖〜第5圖兔兮切辦士 i 為3切斷方法所用半切斷裝置之具 體實施方式。 - 茲說明第1圖所示疊層板切斷方法之一實施方式,該1232797 V. Description of the invention (4) '' -------- Main f 2 station: the present invention < the method of stacking * and the method used in this method t: implementation method. Fig. 1 is a specific embodiment of a method for cutting a laminated board. Embodiments 2 to 5 of Fig. 5 are specific embodiments of the half-cutting device used in the 3 cutting method. -An embodiment of the method for cutting a laminated board shown in FIG. 1 is described below.
第1圖為工序W,-對切刀c、c在上下夾著工件之疊層板W 成同轴狀,配合疊層;|:;5 W A山Al? θ板¥表面或翊部專按規定間距所設標 記ΤΜ,使切刀C、c相對,將該切刀c、 豆 標記TM每間距相對移動,同睥蚀#既上飞且層板…按〆、 度之前,旋轉9。度;層,水平方向旋轉90 表面與背面之同一位置,對所留中 同步控制作動’在 程度之深度設切口v、v成:盤斤;中=;部不致發生裂痕 對該切口V部分以切斷砂鮮乂’二層板w燒結後’The first figure is the process W.-The lamination plate W sandwiching the workpiece between the cutters c and c is coaxial, and cooperates with the lamination; | :; 5 WA mountain Al? Θ plate Set the mark TM at a predetermined pitch, make the cutters C and c face each other, and move the cutters c and the bean mark TM relative to each other, as with the etch ## flying up and the layer board ... before pressing 〆, degrees, rotate 9. Degree; layer, horizontally rotated 90 at the same position on the surface and the back side, synchronously actuated on the left to set the incision v, v into the depth of the degree: Pan Jin; middle =; no cracks will occur in the V part of the incision. Cut off the fresh sand 乂 'two-layer board w sintered'
AkΜ_+斷,可獲得平面視矩形狀之 邊層板或積層型電子零組件之芯片狀物τ。 第上圖(a)係對準設在疊層板w表面上之標記ΤΜ,使一 隔著叠層板W上下相對狀態,第1圖⑻係使疊 m平方向每移動規定間距,同時以該上下一對切 (c二古 ^深度U斷用+刀口V、V之狀態,第1圖 另Λ 切 V之疊層板$,而且,第1圖⑷、⑷分 用ίΐ將切斷砂輪(圓盤狀)G配置在切^上方,使其能 i =輪上圓Μ狀)G分斷切口v、V之狀態,及用該切 V7斷u狀物τ之狀態。所得怒片狀物T在分斷之 在其周端面進行高精度研磨。 未圖示之本發明申請專利範圍第1項〜第3項之疊層板When AkM_ + is broken, a chip-shaped τ of an edge-layer board or a laminated electronic component with a rectangular plane shape can be obtained. The above figure (a) is aligned with the mark TM on the surface of the laminated board w, so that a state facing up and down across the laminated board W, and the first diagram is that the laminated m is moved a predetermined distance in the horizontal direction, and at the same time, The upper and lower pair of cuts (c Ergu ^ depth U breaking + knife edge V, V state, Figure 1 separately Λ cut V laminated plate $, and, Figure 1 ⑷, ⑷ points 用 will cut off the grinding wheel (Disc-shaped) G is arranged above the cut ^ so that i = round M-shaped on the wheel) G cuts the state of the cuts v, V, and cuts the state of the u-shaped object τ with the cut V7. The obtained flakes T are ground with high precision at the peripheral end surface. Laminated boards of the scope of claims 1 to 3 of the patent application scope of the present invention (not shown)
9544.ptd 五、發明說明(5) 而:J U”含在燒結後進行分斷時,不使用切斷砂鈐 為轭加壓力自切口分 輪 刀刀推進切口中分斷芯片狀物之方法。方法或以圓形 另’亦包含將圓形切刃推谁蜱έ士箭 再將所獲得m壯刖之切口令分斷後,· =呀 < 心片狀物進行燒結之方法。 ' 罟夕二人說明第2圖〜第5圖所示切斷方法所用本+磁 置之實施例。符號A為裝置本體。 》所用+切斷袭 =第2圖、第3圖所示,該裝置入之結 上,將支承架2能以X軸線方向之前端a ,、、、 下D架19544.ptd V. Description of the invention (5) Whereas: "JU" includes a method of cutting chips in the incision by pushing the incision roller knife into the incision without using the cutting sand yoke and applying pressure when cutting after sintering. The method or the circle also includes the method of pushing the circular cutting edge to the arrow and then cutting the obtained password of the m zhuang 刖, and the method of sintering the heart-shaped object. Two people explained an example of the present + magnetic device used in the cutting method shown in Figures 2 to 5. The symbol A is the device body. "Used + cutting attack = shown in Figures 2 and 3, the device As a result, the support frame 2 can be lowered to the front end a in the X-axis direction by a, a ,, and D.
水平方向轉動,力m :二之刖鈿為中心’支持成$ ,留有轉動中心之前端部χ軸線方向前V 台架1之上方。 τ之台架3以登立狀褒設於下 如第2圖、第3圖所示,在上述支承架2上而e 制保持體1 2 a >、儿X灿飧古a必& y、上面’具可控 柱」 軸線向移動之移動控制裝置12,而兮 = 12a具有能鬆開失持著工件夹具wh置而該保 件夾具WH能拆卸狀裝設於疊 ,而工 觀能鬆開夾持著工件夹具;H板W 體…之夾持 有以能旋轉狀裝設在台架3上之 ^ ^具抑上裝設 B, ±rzw ηκ $吳位*載物σ I Τ所吸菩夕赢 層板w,攸而用移動控制裝置12能控制 者之且 另,如第2圖所示,在上述 =向移動。 Π與支承架2設成一體且能滑動:二上方述二換=物台 作台22之間設有切刀機構4, ” ^九持器12b之工 W控制-對切刀C、Cw轴線μ刀刀機構4能隔著叠層板 由該爽持器12b所炎持之工件失具WH下所運支動承。而疊層板W係 1232797 五、發明說明(6) 如第4圖所示,上述切刀機構4將安裝框14a橫架在接 近立設於下台架1上之門形本體框1 4下端一側處,在本體. 框14之左右框14b、14b内面縱設有導執丨4c,滾珠螺栓⑽ 將裝設在本體框1 4之上框1 4 d與上述按裝框1 4 a之間之伺服 馬達Μ作為驅動源’將用滾珠螺栓Β μ連接之Z軸線滑塊1 4 e 分別裝設於該上框14d正下方與按裝框i4a正上方。在該χ 轴線滑塊1 4 e之兩端突设有能滑動外彼在上述導向部1 4 f。 在各X軸線滑塊14e上通過切刀架CH裝設有切刀c,在各切 刀架CH和輸送到中央的工件夾具WH之間分別安裝有分離裝 置(stripper )ST,各切刀C、C能分別穿過在分離裝置ST上· 開設之缺口 ST,,自疊層板之表面和背面兩側切進去。 另外,在上述切刀機構4上,本體框η之左右框丨4b、 1 4 b之中間部分、分別設有斜孔1 4 g,在該斜孔η g中裝設 攝影裝置5 ’該攝影裝置5攝取設在工件挾具上之疊層板 表面邊上每隔規定間距設置之標記TM(參照第5圖)二曰 符號14h為自本體框14之左右框i4b,14b平行延伸設 置之支柱。 如第2圖,上述移動控制裝置12之結構為,在具有工 · 件挾具WH —邊部之挾持器12b之保持體12a,其背面突設螺 母12c,將設置在上述台架軸線方向之伺服馬達μ作· 為驅動源,以滾珠螺栓Β Μ控制保持體丨2 a ,可沪X轴線 方向移動,將自保持體12a之背面突設之導向部i2e可滑動 地契合與螺栓並排設置,固定在支承架2上之導軌Kd上。- 另,在上述支承架2將自上述切刀機構4上之一對切刀·Rotate in the horizontal direction, the force m: the center of Erzhi is supported by $, leaving the top of the front V stage 1 in the direction of the χ-axis in front of the center of rotation. The platform 3 of τ is installed in an upright position as shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, and the holder 1 is made of e on the support frame 2 2 a > , The above-mentioned “controllable column” is a movement control device 12 that moves in the axial direction, and Xi = 12a has a work clamp wh that can be loosened and held, and the retaining fixture WH can be detachably installed on the stack, and the work concept The clamp holding the workpiece is loosened; the H plate and the W body are clamped to be mounted on the stand 3 in a rotatable manner. ^^^ zupper mounting device B, ± rzw ηκ $ 吴 位 * 载 物 σ I Τ The sucked wicker win board w can be controlled by the movement control device 12 and, as shown in FIG. 2, in the above = moving direction. Π is integrated with the support frame 2 and can be slid: the two above-mentioned two change = the cutter mechanism 4 is provided between the object table and the table 22 ”^ control of the W of the nine holders 12b-the cutter C, Cw axis The line μ knife mechanism 4 can support the workpiece carried by the holder 12b through the laminated plate through the holder 12b. The laminated plate W is 1232797 V. Description of the invention (6) As shown in the figure, the above cutter mechanism 4 horizontally mounts the mounting frame 14a near the lower end side of the door-shaped body frame 14 which is erected on the lower platform 1, on the inner side of the left and right frames 14b, 14b of the frame 14. There are guides 4c, ball bolts ⑽ The servo motor M installed between the frame 1 4 d above the body frame 1 4 and the above-mentioned mounting frame 1 4 a as the driving source will be connected by ball bolts β μ The Z-axis slider 1 4 e is respectively installed directly below the upper frame 14d and directly above the mounting frame i4a. Two ends of the χ-axis slider 1 4 e are provided with sliding parts which can slide outside the guide portion 1. 4 f. A cutter c is mounted on each of the X-axis sliders 14e through a cutter holder CH, and a separator ST is installed between each cutter holder CH and the workpiece holder WH conveyed to the center. Cutter C, C can pass through the notches ST opened on the separation device ST and cut from both the front and back sides of the laminated board. In addition, on the cutter mechanism 4, the left and right frames 4b, 1 of the main body frame n In the middle part of 4 b, oblique holes 14 g are respectively provided, and a photographing device 5 is installed in the oblique hole η g. The photographing device 5 captures the edge of the surface of the laminated plate provided on the workpiece fixture at regular intervals. The mark TM (refer to FIG. 5) is set as the second symbol 14h, which is a pillar extending in parallel from the left and right frames i4b and 14b of the main body frame 14. As shown in FIG. 2, the structure of the above-mentioned movement control device 12 is provided with a work piece. Fixture WH—The holding body 12a of the side gripper 12b is provided with a nut 12c on the back. The servo motor μ provided in the direction of the axis of the above-mentioned table is used as a driving source, and the holding body is controlled by a ball bolt BM. 2 a, can be moved in the Shanghai X axis direction, the guide portion i2e protruding from the back of the holding body 12a is slidably fitted side by side with the bolt, and is fixed on the guide rail Kd on the support frame 2. In addition, on the support frame 2 A pair of cutters from the above-mentioned cutter mechanism 4 ·
1232797 五、發明說明(7) $ 11之中間長度部分正下方之下台架丨部分立設之轉動軸 番入其刖端部之臂部2 2中,推桿7 (用壓縮彈簧之彈性 桿體推壓到上述一側之結構),設置在接近χ轴線 复二後端一侧之左右面之一面下台架丨上,反抗推桿7推壓 、面之力,用由接近該左右面之另一面,設置在台架J 之:服馬達Μ所轉動之凸輪CM推動其另一面,由此使直 ==調整以移動控制裝置! 2控制其沿x軸線方向移動ς 件,具WH向Θ方向之轉動量(第2圖-第4圖)。 f號8為設於支承架2下端之轉動用導向輪,即滾輪。 使属尽冓成之疊層板切斷方法所使用之半切斷裝置,在# f二層板(詳言之,係可拆卸狀設置在工臀 Γ在:動:°度時,經解除由挾持器12b之挾持後,Si1232797 V. Description of the invention (7) The middle length part of the $ 11 is directly below the platform 丨 part of the rotating shaft is set into the arm part 2 of its stub end, and the push rod 7 (elastic rod with compression spring) The structure that the body pushes to the above side) is set on the lower stage on one of the left and right sides near the rear end side of the χ axis and the second rear side. It resists the pushing force of the push rod 7 and the force of the surface. The other side of the side is set on the stage J: the cam CM rotated by the service motor M pushes the other side, thereby making the straight == adjust to move the control device! 2 Control the moving part in the x-axis direction with the rotation amount of WH in the direction of Θ (Figure 2-Figure 4). The f number 8 is a turning guide wheel, that is, a roller, provided at the lower end of the support frame 2. The semi-cutting device used in the method for cutting a laminated board is a #f second-layer board (more specifically, it is detachably set on the worker's buttocks) at: when: After being held by the holder 12b, the Si
之一、套卹田、、 a之可挾持器1 2b挾持工件挾JLWH U; 制裝置12,以規定輸送間距,= J間距,控制該保持體12,軸線方向移動, 記tm,並進行圖像處理n邊/同一位置上之標 與實測座標值VYl、χ「/試座標值Χ。]。,VY。 修正數值控制上述支承架12, ^°十异、以所得輸送誤差 工件挟謂沿^向與r層板:::;:(=叠層《之 ,以輸送誤差對標記TM之位置進行修正(轴t線方向)移動 C、C自疊層板W表面與背面 置美^匕用上下切刀 切口 V、V。 位置同時设規定深度之 9544.ptd 第10頁 1232797 五、發明說明(8) 第5圖為使用第2圖-第4圖所示之半切斷裝置在聶声 板上進行半切斷工序斜視圖。(a)為以攝影裝置5攝取^ 層板W之平行邊部同一位置存在之表記“之狀態。(㈧為以 規定規定間距、即標記ΤΜ之間距在疊層板界上設切口ν、ν - 之狀f。(0為使該叠層板轉動9〇度、在昼層板w上設切 口V、v,使該切口V、v成格子狀。 如上所述,本發明係用切刀以規定間距,規定深产 背面同時設分斷用切口,_叠層:在 又::切刀’以該-對切刀在疊層板表面與 .,與在昼層板之表面一侧設切口之之:=一 高切斷效率。 研吁邳比牛切斷簡化,能大幅提 :且,在燒結後自切口分斷之切 燒結後以切斷砂輪难 > 上— , ^ Τ 右使其在 同時,己對則在獲得養層型電子零件之 而且,若研磨,而無需再有研磨工序。 研磨之小型疊層電 ::輪3仃刀斷,則對以往難於 同時進行分斷與精4 3 =曰聖電子零件之周端面,等於 零件’或將叠層零=纽裝叠層型電子( 足高精们匕、高C:組裝在封裝電路板上時,能滿 再者,具;ϊί士之客戶需求而效果良好。 切刀機構之半切斷裝 傲衩制對切刀上下傳動之 以規定間距同時設規定深度之切口 背面之同-位置ΐ以上下切刀在叠層板之表面與 至 第11頁 1232797 五、發明說明(9) 為方便。 而且,設有攝取以規定間距裝設在疊層板端部上之標 記之攝影裝置,並攝取標記之半切斷裝置,由於能以輸送 誤差對標記位置進行修正,故有助於提供更高精度之疊層 型電子零件。One, the pull-over field, and the a gripper 1 2b hold the workpiece 挟 JLWH U; The manufacturing device 12 controls the holding body 12 with a specified conveying distance, = J distance, and moves in the axial direction, records tm, and performs drawing Image processing n-side / coordinates on the same position and measured coordinate values VYl, χ // test coordinate value X.]., VY. Correct the numerical value to control the above-mentioned support frame 12, which is different from the conveying error. ^ Direction and r-layer board :::;: (= stacking, of which, the position of the mark TM is corrected with the transportation error (axis t line direction). Use the upper and lower cutters to cut V and V. Set the position to a predetermined depth of 9544.ptd. Page 10 1232797 V. Description of the invention (8) Figure 5 shows the use of the half-cutting device shown in Figures 2 to 4 An oblique view of the half-cutting process performed on the board. (A) It is a state where the image “5” is taken by the photographing device 5 at the same position on the parallel side of the lamina W. (i. Cuts ν, ν-are formed on the boundary of the laminate. (0 means that the laminated plate is rotated by 90 degrees, and The cuts V and v are formed in a grid pattern as described above. As described above, the present invention uses a cutter to set a cut-out at the same time with a predetermined pitch and a deep cut at the same time. 'With this-a pair of cutting blades on the surface of the laminated board and., And a cut on the side of the surface of the day board: = a high cutting efficiency. Research calls for simplified cutting than cattle, can greatly improve: and It is difficult to cut off the grinding wheel after sintering and cutting from sintering after sintering. > ^ Τ Right so that it is at the same time, the opposite is to obtain the curing type electronic parts, and if grinding, there is no need to have Grinding process. Grinding of small laminated electric :: wheel 3 blade break, it is difficult to separate and fine at the same time 4 3 = the circumferential end surface of the electronic parts, which is equal to the part 'or stacking zero = button stack Layer-type electronics (high-precision, high-c, high-c: when assembled on a packaged circuit board, it can be full, with the customer's needs and the effect is good. The half-cutting device of the cutter mechanism is proud of the counter knife The same position of the back side of the upper and lower transmission with a predetermined depth and a predetermined depth at the same time. The upper and lower cutters are on the laminated board. The surface and page 11 of 1232797 V. Description of the invention (9) are convenient. Moreover, there is a photographing device that captures the marks installed on the end of the laminated board at a predetermined distance, and a half-cut device that captures the marks. The position of the mark can be corrected by the conveyance error, so it helps to provide a more accurate laminated electronic part.
9544.ptd 第12頁 1232797 圖式簡單說明 【圖式之簡單說明】 第一圖為疊層板切斷方法之一種實施方式之工序流程 (a)係對準設在疊層板w表面上之標記,使一對切^ = 著疊層板上下相對狀態。(b )係使疊層板在水平方向每移- 動規定間距,同時以該上下一對切刀以規定深度設分斷用 切口之狀態。(c)係設有切口之疊層板。(d)係表示將切斷 砂輪(圓盤狀)配置在切口上方,使其能用切斷砂輪(圓 盤狀)分斷切口之狀態。(e )係表示分斷疊層型電子愛 之狀態圖。 7 第2圖為本發明之半切斷裝置實施方式之一種例之正 面剖視圖。 第3圖為本發明之半切斷裝置實施方式之一種例之 面圖。 第4圖為沿第3圖之沿(4)一(4)線剖切之放大剖視圖。 第5圖為使用第2圖〜第4圖所示之半切斷裝置進行半 切斷^工序流程立體圖。(a)為以攝影裝置5攝取在疊層板 之平灯邊部同一位置存在之表記之狀態。(b)為以規 距、即標記之間距右聶厣此, , .^ ^ i#Qn ^ 在五層板上設切口之狀態。(c)為使該 疊層板旋轉90度、在爲a纟 隹反層板上設切口,使該切口呈格子狀 之狀態圖。 T狀 第6圖為現有丰切斷:t 4 ..^ ^ . 千刀斷方法之工序流程圖,(a)為在疊層 板表面上吕又切口之此能isi , m 圖,(c)為在該疊層:背面(b)為將該疊層板翻轉之狀態 【符號之說明】板…侧設切口之狀態圖。9544.ptd Page 12 1232797 Brief description of the drawings [Simplified description of the drawings] The first figure is the process flow of one embodiment of the method for cutting a laminated board (a) is aligned on the surface of the laminated board w Mark so that a pair of cuts ^ = facing up and down on the laminated board. (B) The state in which the laminated plate is moved by a predetermined distance in the horizontal direction, and at the same time, a cutting slit is set with a predetermined depth by the pair of upper and lower cutters. (C) Laminates with cutouts. (D) shows the state where the cutting wheel (disk-shaped) is placed above the cut so that the cutting wheel (disk-shaped) can cut the cut. (E) is a state diagram showing the split-type electronic love. 7 FIG. 2 is a front cross-sectional view of an example of an embodiment of the half-cutting device of the present invention. Fig. 3 is a plan view showing an example of an embodiment of a half-cutting device according to the present invention. Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line (4)-(4) of Figure 3. Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the half-cutting process flow using the half-cutting device shown in Figs. 2 to 4. (A) is a state in which the recording device 5 captures a mark that exists at the same position on the edge of the flat lamp of the laminated board. (B) It is a state where the right space is the distance between the marks, that is, the marks. ^ ^ I # Qn ^ The state of setting a cut on the five-layer board. (C) A state diagram in which the laminated plate is rotated by 90 degrees, and a cutout is provided on the reverse plate of a 纟, so that the cutout is in a grid shape. The T-shaped figure 6 is the flow chart of the existing Feng cut: t 4 .. ^ ^. Thousand-knife cutting method flow chart, (a) is the energy isi, m diagram, and (c) ) Is the state of the laminate: the back side (b) is the state of the laminated board [indication of the symbol] the state of the board ...
liH 第13頁 1232797 圖式簡單說明 v 、v —切口liH Page 13 1232797 Schematic illustration of v, v — cutout
W 疊層板 C - 切斷刀 G - 切斷砂輪 4 -切刀機構 IT-換位載物台 12 -移動控制裝置 5 -攝影裝置 T -芯片狀物(疊層電路板、疊層型電子零件)W laminated board C-cutter G-cutting wheel 4-cutter mechanism IT-indexing stage 12-movement control device 5-photographing device T-chip (layered circuit board, laminated electronics Components)
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  1. 々1232797 Ά I" -/(||_||^"III 案號 92117047 λ_a. 修正 六、▼讀專莉範圍 【申請專利範圍】 1. 一種疊層板之切斷方法,係以規定間距在疊層板上 ,自表面與背面設切口,而可自該切口在燒結後或燒結前 之疊層板分斷之疊層板切斷方法,其特徵為,可用切刀以 規定間距、規定深度在疊層板表面與背面同時設分斷用切 D 0 2. 如申請專利範圍第1項之疊層板之切斷方法,其特 徵為,上述切口呈棋盤狀。 I 3. 如申請專利範圍第1項之疊層板之切斷方法,其特 徵為,隔著疊層板在同一轴線上配設一對上述切刀,該一 對切刀以規定間距在疊層板表面與背面之同一位置可同時 設規定深度之分斷用切口。 4. 如申請專利範圍第1項之疊層板之切斷方法,其特 徵為,在分斷上述燒結後之疊層板時,係使用切斷砂輪。 5. 如申請專利範圍第2項之疊層板之切斷方法,其特 徵為,在分斷上述燒結後之疊層板時,係使用切斷砂輪。 6. 如申請專利範圍第3項之疊層板之切斷方法,其特 徵為,在分斷上述燒結後之疊層板,係使用切斷砂輪。々1232797 Ά I "-/ (|| _ || ^ " III Case No. 92117047 λ_a. Amendment 6 、 ▼ Reading Scope [Patent Application Scope] 1. A method for cutting a laminated board with a specified pitch A laminated board cutting method is provided with cutouts from the front and back, and the laminated board can be cut from the cutout after sintering or before sintering. The method is characterized in that a cutter can be used at a predetermined distance and a predetermined distance. Depth D 0 is set on both the surface and the back of the laminated board. 2. If the laminated board is cut according to item 1 of the scope of patent application, the above-mentioned cutout is checkerboard-shaped. I 3. As applied for patent The method for cutting a laminated board according to the first item is characterized in that a pair of the above-mentioned cutters are arranged on the same axis across the laminated board, and the pair of cutters are arranged at a predetermined distance on the surface and the back of the laminated board. Cutouts with a predetermined depth can be set at the same position at the same time. 4. For the method of cutting a laminated board according to item 1 of the patent application, it is characterized in that when cutting the sintered laminated board, a cutting is used. Grinding wheel. 5. Cutting method of laminated board such as the scope of patent application No. 2 It is characterized in that when cutting the sintered laminated board, a cutting wheel is used. 6. For the method for cutting a laminated board according to item 3 of the patent application, it is characterized in that the sintering is cut The latter laminated board uses a cutting wheel.
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    六、申請專利範圍 Mm 92117047 年 月_ B_Scope of patent application Mm 92117047 Month_ B_
    •一種申請專利範圍第卜6項之任一項所述之疊層板 之切斷f,所使用之半切斷裝置,其特徵包栝·· 機構失著S層板設置可使一對之切刀上下控制移動之切77 動,’及使叠層板或切刀機構以所定之節距一邊相對的移 邊用一對之切刀在該疊層板之表背兩面之同一位置 同時形成所定深度之切口。 8 · 一種申請專利範圍第卜4項之任一項所述之疊層板 之切斷:,所用之半切斷裝置,備有: 夹著豐層板對向的設置可使一對之切刃上下控制移勳 之切刀機構; 該疊層板可鬆開的固定之換位載物台;及 αt T鬆、開的保持該換位載物台上之疊層板之保持體 的移動控制梦w •甘^ Λ ^ ,, —丄 表置,其中使該換位載物台轉動90度之前及 1曼 ’ 由 4^r t, ?守體保持該疊層板及利用移動控制裝置使疊層 板一透向正亦认丄 對之七 ;刀刀之方向一邊以所定之郎距移動,及用 & _ 一 f刀在該疊層板之表背兩面之同一位置同時的形成 所疋珠度之切口。• A cut-off f for a laminated board as described in any one of item 6 of the scope of application for patents, and the characteristics of the semi-cutting device used are as follows: The mechanism is missing the S-layer board to make a pair of cuts. The knife is controlled to move up and down, and the laminated board or cutter mechanism is moved side by side with a predetermined pitch. A pair of cutters are used to form a predetermined position at the same position on the front and back of the laminated board. Deep cut. 8 · A kind of cutting of laminated board as described in any one of item 4 of the scope of patent application: The semi-cutting device used is provided with: The opposite arrangement of the laminated board can make a pair of cutting edges Cutter mechanism that controls the movement of the lathe up and down; The laminated plate can be loosened and fixed the transposition stage; and αt T loosely and openly holds the movement of the holding body of the laminated plate on the transposition stage.梦 w • Gan ^ Λ ^ ,,-丄 table set, in which the transposed stage is rotated 90 degrees and 1 mann ', the stacking plate is held by 4 ^ rt, and the guard is used to make the stacking The laminated board is straight to the front, and it also recognizes the seventh of the pair; the direction of the knife and knife is moved by a predetermined distance, and the & _f knife is used to form the same at the same position on the front and back of the laminated board. Pearly incision.
    ...^ . 用於申请專利範圍第6項所述之豐層板之切斷 方法之半切斷奘 穿有=衮置,其特徵包括: ^ 〜裝置’用以拍攝以所定之郎距设在®層板的 端部之目輕一 G七All Γ仏冗’並使可裝卸的裝有桑層板之工件夾具向 U万向及叠居士 g板之移動方向可控制的移動。... ^. The semi-cutting method used for the cutting method of the abundance laminate described in item 6 of the scope of patent application is provided with: = set, and its characteristics include: ^ ~ device 'for shooting at a predetermined distance At the end of the ® laminate, a light G-7 All Γ is redundant, and the removable work clamp with a mulberry laminate is controlled to move in the U universal direction and the stacking direction of the g-plate.
TW092117047A 2002-06-28 2003-06-24 Process for cutting laminate boards and half-cutting device used in the process TWI232797B (en)

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