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Isao Ogawa
Yoshihide Hosokawa
Toru Arita
Hideji Sugawara
Nobuhito Shintani
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Fujitsu General Ltd
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The object of this invention is to disclose an outdoor unit of a split type air conditioner that provides high rigidity for the frame, reduces operative noises and vibration with a compact size and high performance. In the outdoor unit, a pair of heat exchangers 200 each in a substantially L-shaped configuration are provided at the opposing sides of a base board 100, a compressor 300 is provided at approximately the center of a rear side of the base board 100, and a partition plate 400 encloses the outdoor unit. A ventilator 550 is provided to a motor stand 150 on the front of the partition plate 400. A ventilator ring 600 is provided on the front of the base plate 100. When the outer casing 700 is covered by the ventilator ring 600 and the heat exchangers 200 from the top, the partition plate 400 supports the ceiling 710 of the outer casing 710. In an opening 410 of the partition 400 is provided with power equipment 430 and operation valve installation base plate 450.
TW91104409A 2001-03-09 2002-03-08 Outdoor unit of a split type air conditioner TW513545B (en)

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JP2001067286A JP4671007B2 (en) 2001-03-09 2001-03-09 Split air conditioner outdoor unit

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TW513545B true TW513545B (en) 2002-12-11



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TW91104409A TW513545B (en) 2001-03-09 2002-03-08 Outdoor unit of a split type air conditioner

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