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    • H04N5/00Details of television systems
    • H04N5/76Television signal recording
    • H04N5/91Television signal processing therefor
    • H04N5/93Regeneration of the television signal or of selected parts thereof
    • H04N5/9305Regeneration of the television signal or of selected parts thereof involving the mixing of the reproduced video signal with a non-recorded signal, e.g. a text signal


An apparatus for playing back a first video signal recorded on a record carrier is disclosed. The apparatus comprises first read means for reading the first video signal from the record carrier in order to supply it to an output. The apparatus further comprises means for receiving messages and means for storing the messages in a storage medium. Second read means are adapted to read one or more messages from the storage medium and to generate a second video signal in dependence on a control signal. The second video signal is supplied to the output in dependence on the control signal. The control signal is generated autonomously by generator means. The control signal may be generated periodically. The messages may be announcements or publicity information from organizations but may also be commercials.
TW89104259A 1999-05-03 2000-03-09 Playback apparatus for reproducing a video signal recorded on an information carrier TW488161B (en)

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EP99201402 1999-05-03

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TW89104259A TW488161B (en) 1999-05-03 2000-03-09 Playback apparatus for reproducing a video signal recorded on an information carrier

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