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Bubble catheter and catheter bushing


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A kind of bubble catheter which is easier to implant into the body with destruction and also the catheter bushing for not causing the blood vessel blocking. The bubble catheter is of lumen type and composed of the bubble, outside tube, inside tube, tip end, fixture wing, label and connector. The tip end of the bubble catheter is made of soft material, for example, the polyurethane of 95A in scleroscope, and also the 40% visualized barium sulfate and the length of tip end is 200 mm. The bubble catheter combined with side-holed catheter bushing can be used to prevent the blood vessel blocking.
TW086105001A 1996-08-21 1997-04-17 Bubble catheter and catheter bushing TW362024B (en)

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JP8219980A JPH1057495A (en) 1996-08-21 1996-08-21 Balloon catheter
JP21998196A JP3828958B2 (en) 1996-08-21 1996-08-21 Balloon catheter

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TW362024B true TW362024B (en) 1999-06-21



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TW086105001A TW362024B (en) 1996-08-21 1997-04-17 Bubble catheter and catheter bushing

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