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    • A01N43/00Biocides, pest repellants or attractants, or plant growth regulators containing heterocyclic compounds
    • A01N43/34Biocides, pest repellants or attractants, or plant growth regulators containing heterocyclic compounds having rings with one nitrogen atom as the only ring hetero atom
    • A01N43/40Biocides, pest repellants or attractants, or plant growth regulators containing heterocyclic compounds having rings with one nitrogen atom as the only ring hetero atom six-membered rings


213410 V. Description of the invention (i) Background of the invention: Protecting crops from weeds and other plants that inhibit crop growth is a problem that has been repeated in agriculture. To help overcome this problem, researchers in synthetic chemistry have created many chemicals and chemical formulas that are effective for controlling these unwanted growth. Many types of chemical weeding have been disclosed in the literature, and many have commercial uses. In some cases, it has been confirmed that the active addition to the single combination is more effective when used in combination than when administered alone. This result is often referred to as " increased effect " because the efficacy or activity shown by the composition exceeds what is expected by understanding the individual efficacy of each component. The present invention lies in the discovery of certain aryloxypropan derivatives and cyclohexanedione which are known to be effective in individual weeding, and will exhibit an effect of synergism when applied in combination. Early technology: The two compounds forming the composition are the subject of the present invention, and their effects on plant growth are technically understood by individual birds. The herbicidal aromatic propylidene derivatives are disclosed in U.S. Patent Nos. 4,267,336, 4,317,913, and 4,414,391; and English Patent Nos. 1,599,121 and 2,002,368. At the same time, you can also refer to Feng | c. R. Worthing and R. J. Hance. Said her. Manual, gth ed. 400th 丨 No, 401 and 463.

I Derivatives of cyclohexanedione are disclosed in US Patent No. 3,950,420, EPA No. 8〇301, EP-B-85529 as a herbicidal rule. S Detailed description of the invention: ^ At present, it has been found that the synergistic effect when no plants are needed is shown by the combination of two substances, including: asas standard (CNS)> fM regulation (210x297 Long) 81. 7. 20. mik (I!) (Please read the notes before you write this page {装 · 线-抱 410 Λ 6 η 6 V. Description of the invention (2) One of the following formulas < Aryloxy derivatives

—Q—CH—COOR core 3 where, Χ is argon or halogen; Rl is argon, Cl-C6 P f, h, ^ sine, Cl-C6 alkyl radon alkyl (b)-a kind of confidante of the following formula Derivatives of two vehicles and (please read the notes to the back # Item1

nor. Ministry of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Printed 31 & In, R series are argon; tooth 4 and C6 are substituted alkyl; alkynyl; cyano; C1-C6 alkyl; C1 V ° 1-PR ^ ^, The substitution system is selected from the group including argon, nitro, rent C6 alkoxy and C1 ~ rR gu Ce. PR., „6 environment thio group; C2-C6 alkenyl; w block group; hydroxyl group , * ~ C6 alkoxy '· Cl-C6 substituted alkane gas and its replacement is selected from halogen Γβ ^. ^ ^ ^. C2 Guojing and C1-C6 alkoxy; C2-C6 alkenyl; C1 #oxy 'C2' C6 acyloxy; (C1-C6 alkyloxy) -carbonyl '-C6 alkylthio; Cl-C6 alkylsulfinyl sulfonyl; C1_C6 alkylsulfonyl 81. 7. 2U .000ik (II) 213410--V. Description of the invention (3) Μ 醢 基; -C6 哸 环 is selected Cl-C6 and R10 methacryl, imine including argon R2 C6 lacking group substituted sulfonyl sulfonamide Group) The atmosphere includes halo groups and silan and its groups respectively; N- (C1-C6 alkyl) sulfamoyl; dioxy, taken halogen, nitro, Cl-C6 alkyl, C1 _ One to three substitutes of sulfonyl; the oxo group including the argon group; Fu Yan derived C6 alkyl group and C1 C6 alkyl group, C2, C2_C6 tooth block group ,, Cl-C6 alkyloxy group, wherein the stupid group is replaced by halogen ;, Cl-C6 environment group, 〇2 _ A Alkyl and C2-C6 chain gas; and at least one N, N-di (C1 group, in which stupid C6 embankment and R9 C6 furnace group, stupyl and hydroxyimine X in NR9R10 are not selected from -C6 burn Gas-C6 alkenyl, a substituted Cl-C6 alkyl group (please read the back-end notes first # fill in this one! 4 -C6 is composed of alkyl, Cl _ C6 alkyl and Cl _ C6 R3 It is argon, Cl-C6 alkyl, ci-C6 fluoroethylenyl nitro, cyano, C1_alkylthioalkyl, C2 C2-C6 alkenyl, -W-C6 alkyl, halogen-based, Replaced by -C6 alkyl, C1; installed-Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Central Standards Π3: Gongfang f cooperation Du Yin Μ i-C6 R4 was replaced by alkyl sulfide to three block bases replaced by alkyl And stupid groups; argon or ketone tautomers; Cl-C6 alkyl group of Cl-C6, wherein the alkyl group is a C1 group, Cl-C6 alkoxycarbonyl group, and the styl group includes halogen, nitro, cyano ,, Cl-C6 alkoxy, and C1 _ C6 embarrassment Group; Cl-C6 (alkyl) sulfide pen residue, in which the stupid ring is replaced by one to three groups, cyano, Cl _ C6 alkyl, C1 _ c6 halo C6 alkyl thio group ^^ H family of quasi (cns) and C1-alkyl group; C2 _ C6 oxyalkylene, and its C1-C6 amide bowl based acetyl group; stupid encounter self-inclusion group, C1-substituted; a _ C6 alkenyl , -C6 alkenyl, radical, C1-〇6 middle stupid ring is ~ radical, Cl-C6 ethnic group taken # sulfo leather; Included halogen, ^ C6 alkoxy, brewing group and a royalty 81. 7. Line -V. Description of the invention (4) Organic or organic cation; and (Please read the precautions first. Then fill in this 1 {η is an integer from 2 to 5. As used herein, " aryl group, " arylene group ", " alkenyl ", " alkylthio group nouns and the like, including straight and branched roots Examples of useful aryloxypropanol derivatives are: (D) -Butyl 2- [4- (5 -trifluoroalkyl-2-onepyridinyl) _ 笨 气 基] -Bingzhengli, ( fluazifop _ butyl); (fluazifop); ⑻- 2- [4- (5 -trifluoromethyl-2-pyridinyl) _benzyloxy] propoxy, (fluazifop-P and Quazifop _ p _butyl ); (Gang-2- [4- (3_ 气 _5_ 三 气 methyl_2 a sneeze base) _ Stupid radon base] -propane, (haloxyfop); haloxyfop _ etotyl; haloxyftDp _ methyl.

These and other aryloxypropan derivatives within the scope of the present invention can be used as U.S. Patent Nos. 4,267,336, 4,317,913, and 4,414,391; EPA Ministry of Economics + Central Standards Bureau EX Industrial and Consumer Cooperation Duin 31 23785; and British Patent No. Ugg ^ i and 2,002,3 ^, prepared by the method described. These references are all incorporated here. The preferred cyclohexanedione included in the present invention refers to those whose stupyl groups are replaced by methyl groups, including: 5-(3-ϋacetyl-2,4,6, -trimethylbenzyloxy -Imino) -propyl] -3 -grade cyclohexyl green- [2]-嗣 _ [1]; and oxyimino) propyl] -3 -keto_5- (2 , 4,6 ~ dimethyl-3-butanylbenzyl) cyclohexylene- [2]. 81 7. 2〇.00〇ik (il) This paper is used in the standard side a Η home sample standard (CNS) A 4 specifications (2 丨 0X297 male dragon) 6

213410 V. Description of the invention (5)

(Please read the precautions first. Fill in this K. The best substitution system is located at the 2_ and 6_ positions of the stupid ring, and the most comfortable system is selected from dentin, methyl and oxy groups. Other cyclohexanediones and their tautomers within the scope of the present invention can be used as described in US Patent No. 3,95〇, 420, Ερ_Α_ 〇〇8〇〇〇〇, and EP-B-0085529 It is prepared by the method described. These references are all incorporated here. The terms "quotation" and "quotation" used in this article refer to a herbicidal composition which is shown The efficacy or activity exceeds the expected result based on the understanding of the individual efficacy of each ingredient. The term "except single" used in this article means a compound that can control or slow down the growth of plants. The term effective I " is used to denote the amount at which this compound or a combination of such compounds can produce a control or mediation effect. A control or mitigation effect includes all deviations from natural growth, such as killing, Impede growth, yellow reeds, atrophy and other The term "plant" refers to all physical parts of an object, including seeds, decimals, saplings, roots, tuber bulbs, stems, stalk leaves, and fruits, etc. Beigong, Central Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Economic Affairs \ · He Duyin% In the composition of the present invention, the weight ratio of aryloxypropanol derivative: cyclohexanedione in the range of 1: 5 to about 30: 1 in addition to the single-acting reaction Within the scope of this, it is better to be 1: 5 to about 15: 1, about 1: 2 to about 8: 1. The application of Mou is based on the specific compound selected, the specific plant species and the control Depending on the degree. In a word, the use of the composition of the present invention is the most 81. 7. 20.000 ^ (] |) when the ratio is 0.001 to 50 British per soft (0.001 to 55 kg per hectare) The standard a S home-like standard (CNS) Grade A standard (2 丨 0x297 g *) 7 Λ 6 η 6 3410 ~ V. Description of the invention (6)

Poor efficiency, preferably 0.001 to 25 pounds per acre (0.001 to 28 jin per hectare. The following examples provide further clarifications to explain the effect of the synergistic hawthorne composition of the present invention. Example I base) anti-I _ 3 -Butyl iris foxtail grass and yl] -4-cyclo N-P205-K20 This example is exemplified by butyl (R) -2- [4- (5-trifluoromethyl-2-yl) -benzyl] propane Poly (fluazifop-P and fluazifop-p-butene (Ci gas-based ϋlimb-based) two-group] -5- (2,4,6-trimethylbenzyl) cyclohexane dibream- [1,3], The combined effect of the combination of feathering and application on giant shattercane and other plants. The product will contain commercial fungicidal cis-N [(trifluoromethyl) thiohexene-1,2-dicarbimide (Captan R) and 17 -17-17 Fertilizer (weight ratio): 2 parts of sand f loam and 1 part of peat mixed, filled into a plastic mash pot. Each pot is planted with a dry and a plant species. Plant species include giant) < > The temperature of the tank is large The vulgare is placed in a conservatory for about two weeks And water regularly. The warm room is about 85T during the day and 80 ° F at night. At the end of this accompaniment period, we will dilute the emulsified emulsified with adjuvant and water, then weed the emulsion formed; Dilute so that the total spray volume per acre is 25 gallons, and the application amount of test compound in each pot is equivalent to the required application rate, expressed in each teacher. In the control pot, the test compound is applied at the rate of In the test basin, the emulsion contains two compounds. The compound can be applied to the leaves. The application of each kind of acre is untreated. The paper method is used in the national 8 standard ([耵] Yu 4 specifications (2 丨〇 > < 297 male dragon) · «1. 7. 2U.000ik (ll) 8 2..3419 Description of invention (7) The tank is used as the standard. 16 days after the treatment, the control pot and the test pot and the standard Make a comparison and visually rate it from 0% to 100% according to the percentage controlled. Χ means no damage to the plant, and 100¾ means that all plants are completely killed. All types of plant damage are considered. For different types of plants, the results of these tests are shown in Table I Fang has a "quote" (shown as "observation" results), each number is the average of three repeating groups of the same test. Compare these results with the expected results, and the expected results are like The "quote" sign above shows that the control group data uses Limpel's formula (Limpel et al " 1962, " Weed Control by Dimethylchloroterephthalate Alone and in Certain Combinations ", Proc. NEWCC., Vol. 16, pp 48-53): E = X + Y-XY / 100 where X = the percentage of damage observed when one of the weeds is used alone, and Y = the damage observed when the other weeds are used alone percentage. The asterisk (*) is printed by the CX Industrial Consumer Cooperatives of the Central Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to indicate that the results show an effective effect. For example, the observation result is greater than the expected result by at least 10χ. It is clear from the table that the synergistic effect was observed in the application rates of many trials. 81. 7. 20.000 sheets (Η) (please read back and pay attention to the items before writing this page 5 This paper is used in the standard A S Jiayu standard (CNS) A 4 specifications (2) 〇x297 male dragon ) 9

An 2 Printed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Standards Bureau κχ 工 Consumer Cooperatives 3i j 3410 V. Description of the invention (8) Table 1 Application after feathering; the average application rate of the three repeated groups% control 2-0: observation, E: expectation (0Z / Α) Shattercane AB 0 E 0 E control data 0.063 — 0 0 0.125 — 0 27 0.250 — 0 82 0.500 — 7 92 1.000 — 37 100 — 0.016 0 0 — 0.031 0 0 — 0.063 0 0 — 0.125 32 43 — 0.250 100 100--0 0 * (please read the notes to the back # fill in this page / • available _ this paper 5 good-scale side use Chinese Η family-like iMCNS) T4 regulation (210x297 ; it) 10 81. 7. 20.000¾ (Η) installed. Λ 6 Π 6 cx industrial and consumer cooperatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs cx industrial and consumer cooperative printing 51 test data 0.063 0.016 0 0 0 0 0.063 0.031 0 0 3 0 0.063 0.063 10 0 23 * 0 0.063 0.125 75 * 32 90 * 43 0.063 0.250 100 100 100 100 0.125 0.016 0 0 10 27 0.125 0.031 0 0 33 27 0.125 0.063 13 * 0 ao * 27 0.125 0.125 75 * 32 95 * 58 0.125 0.250 100 100 100 100 0.250 0.016 0 0 85 82 0.250 0.031 3 0 85 82 0.250 0.063 13 * 0 98 * 82 0.250 0.125 80 * 32 98 90 0.250 0.250 100 100 100 100 0.500 0.016 10 7 92 92 0.500 0.031 13 7 98 92 0.500 0.063 78 * 7 100 92 0.500 0.125 80 * 37 100 100 0.500 0.250 100 100 100 100 1.000 0.016 43 37 100 100 1.000 0.031 68 * 37 100 100 1.000 0.063 93 * 37 100 100 1.000 0.125 98 * 57 100 100 1.000 0.250 100 100 100 100 (Please read Ml first and note #Cooking this page). Install it. Medium Η Η home sample standard (CNS) T4 regulations (210X297 ;; :) 81. 7. 20,00UJ (c (II) 11 η 6 1 = treatment with 1% Agridex 2 = 16 days after application = indication Shows synergistic effect A = Fluazifop -P-butyl; Butyl ⑻- 2- [4- (5 -trifluoromethyl-2 pyridyloxy) -benzyl] propanylmethyl-3 Β = 2- [1- (ϋoxyimino] propyl] -5-butyrylbenzyl) cyclohexanedione-U, 3]

Example I In this example, the following formula is composed of 2-[1-(Goxyimino) propyl] -3 -hydroxy-5- (2,4,6 -trimethyl-3-butyrylbenzyl ) Cyclohexenone- [2] (weeding A), and butyl 2- [4_ (5 -trifluoromethyl-2-)-benzyl] -propanil D isomers (weeding then B) Manufactured (a): Except for the single rule (A), 125 g / Ι; non-ionic emulsification (plus methyl derivatives), 20 gA; aerosol mash τ 100, and adding Teneco 500 / 100 to 1 liter. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Central Bureau of Standards and Staff's Consumer Cooperation Duin 5i pyridine gas base 0 formula Renex 650 30 g / 1; formula 45 g / 1; and planted pastures added in · 1 and perennial species in (b): weeding rules ( B), 125 g / Ι; Benzyl Sulperate CALX, Geopon SF 365, 45 g / 1; Synperionic NPE 1800 * 10 g / 1

Solvesso 100 to 1.0 juice. Planting rape (Brassica campjestris), wheat (Loli · perenne), and annual grass (p〇a anmja) and the like on the ground of 2m 2m. At the time of talking, the vegetable is a 2- true leaf month growth stage, a 3-leaf month, 2_ sprouting growth companion, a perennial poisonous wheat is used in 2_ leaf a paper size, a Η family-like 1MCNS) 2] 0 × 297 g; tt) 81. 7. 20.000ik (ll) 12 Λ 6 η 6 Description of the invention ¢ 1) Growth stage. The aforementioned formulas (a) and (b) are respectively mixed with Agral with a weight ratio of 0.1 X, and the resulting solutions are sequentially applied in different proportions. After 87 days of lithium treatment, the proportion of damage was determined visually. Using a scale from 0 to 10, compared with the untreated control group of plants, 10 is equivalent to complete kill (or 100% control) and 0 represents no visual damage (or 0 × skimming) 0 For different types of plants, the results of these tests are shown in the table above with a "quotation" sign (representing the "observation" result). Comparing these results with the expected result, the expected result is shown by the " E __ mark above the palm, as obtained by the Colby formula.

The Colby formula is used to determine whether there is an effect (such as R. s., &Quot; Calculating Synergistic and Antagonistic Responses of Herbicide

Combinations ", 1967 Weeds, vol. 15, 1990-20-22): Expected effect = X + (100-χ) γ / 1〇〇 where X = observation effect of A, and Y = observation effect of B The comparison of the quasi-bureau employee's cooperative η with the Colby formula is based on the basis of hearing and interpretation. A single weed test (A) will kill a part of the target weed, while leaving a part (a%) of the survivors. Similarly, the drone experiment of a weeding rule (B) will also leave (iv) survivors. When combining materials, if there is no increase in effect, A + B will act on the target weeds separately, component A will leave the survivors again, and the survivors will be controlled by component B, with a total effectiveness of a% * b% / ioo · If in fact, the percentage of control (the degree of being killed) is greater than the one measured by the C_ formula, then the observation and expectation (measured by Colby) results are used in this paper.抣 芈 (CNS) T4 regulations (21〇Χ297 male dragon) • 00〇ik (II) 13 <-66 ΑΠ 〇: Observation, E: Expectation 5. The difference between the description of the invention (L2) can increase the effect Explanation. It can be seen from Table I that the effect of increasing the effect is quite obvious. Table _ | _ Degree of killing 2 Application rate 1 (9 / ha) Perennial poison Thai perennial forage grass Central Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperative cooperative seal 31 AB 0 E 0 E 8 16 7 4 5 2 8 31 9 8 9 6 8 62.5 10 10 10 9 16 16 7 5 5 4 16 31 9 8 9 7 16 62.5 10 10 10 9 31 16 8 5 8 4 31 31 10 8 10 7 31 62.5 10 10 9 9 62.5 62.5 9 6 9 5 62.5 62.5 10 8 10 8 62.5 62.5 10 10 10 9 1 A = 2-[1- (ethoxyimino) propyl] -3 -hydroxy-5-(2,4,6 trimethyl-3- (Butyrylbenzyl) cyclohexenone- [2] 〇B = butyl 2-[4-(5 -trifluoromethyl-2-pyridinyl) -benzyl] -propyrine D isomer The 5fc scale of the original paper is used in the middle of 8 8 sample standards (CNS) regulations (2 丨 0X297 public; ¢) 14 (please read the precautions before filling in this page f-81. 7. 20.000¾ (II ) 2L3410 Fifth, the description of the invention "3) 2 Among them, 〇10 kills the sample dish completely without damage. Λ 6 Π 6 The Ministry of Economic Affairs, quasi-industrial and consumer cooperation, Du Yin 5i This example explains the rule of weeding in Example I (A) and 5- (3-G-acetyl-2,4,6, -trimethylbenzyl) -2- [l- (Goxyimino) -propyl ] -3-Ethyl cyclohexene- [2] -one- [1] (except for the single C) effect. The following formulas are prepared: formula (b) includes the herbicidal rule (B), 125 g / Ι; emulsification is 50 g / 1; it is added to 1.0 liter with Solvesso 100; and formula (c) includes the herbicide inscription (C), 125 g / Ι; non-ionic emulsification, 110 G / L; stupid methyl ether, 400 G / L; νλ Solvesso 150 added to 1.0 liter. Large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis), bRrnyardgrass (Echinochloa crusgalli), Eleusine indica, guineagrass (Panicum Tnaximum), and johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) are planted in the jars of the greenhouse. Each plant has leaves from April to May. Mix the aforementioned formula, and mix the final solution with 0.1% by weight of Agral 90 and 1.0% by weight of ACTIPON. Using the orbital spray of the greenhouse, the final solution was applied at 200 liters per hectare. Nineteen days after treatment, the degree of damage was visually rated from 0 * to 100% according to the percentage of control, 0% means uncontrolled, and 100 * means that all plants in the pot were completely killed. The degree of killing is then evaluated and compared with the expected killing situation estimated by the Colby formula shown in Example II. It is clear from Table I that the synergistic effect is observed in the application rate of many trials (please read the precautions before filling in this page. F-Pack-This paper is used in the national standard (CNS) T4 Regulations (2 丨 0x297 public; «;) 81. 7. 20.000ik (H) 15 Α 6 Π6 V. Description of invention (14) Table

I Application rate after emergence 1 * Control 2-0: Observation, E: Expectation (9 / ha)

Crabgrass Millet Goosegrass Guineagrass Johnsongrass (please read the back-to-back notes # fill out this page) BC 0 E 0 E 0 E 0 E 0 E • f 5 1 7 0 32 * 7 45 * 5 55 * 8 10 15 10 1 --52 * 17 97 92 48 * 24 63 59 Order 20 1 52 * 7 100 * 75 95 * 78 95 * 79 100 97 Line 5 2 50 * 3 98 * 47 93 * 15 85 * 57 85 * 37 10 2 60 * 8 35 * 53 97 93 97 * 65 100 70 20 2 92 * 10 100 * 66 98 * 80 100 * 90 100 98 Ministry of Economic Affairs # 揮 央 # quasi-bureau Beigong Consumer Cooperative Printing 5i 1 B = Fluazifop- P-butyl ; (D) Butyl 2- [4- (5-trifluoromethyl-2-pyridinyl) -benzyl] -propanil C = 5-(3-G-acetyl-2,4, 6, -trimethylbenzyl) -2-[1- (hexyloxyimino) -propyl] -3 -hydroxycyclohexene- [2] -one- [1] 2 = 19 after treatment Day * = Shows synergistic effect, and the observation result is at least 10% greater than the expected result. The paper is used in the 8 S home sample standard (CNS) T4 gauge tM2I0x297. 81. 7. 20.000¾ (II) 16 Λ 6

-V. Description of the invention (15) The composition of the present invention is a weeding rule that can effectively release the effect in controlling the useless planters. The composition can be formulated into the same form as Yichuan ~ # 如 # Autumn weeding. Compounds can be used individually, or as _. ^ Χ ~ 1 下马 一 —partial weeding, part of the system is used in combination. The purpose of S's own side is to apply the composition to a place that needs to be controlled in a convenient way. The "place" hopes to include soil, seeds, shoots, and grown plants. The recipe usually contains some additional rules. Violation includes some emotional ingredients, such as organic solvent, water, oil and water, water in oil emulsion, makeup and particle transfer agent and other diluted transfer agents, and interface activity, wetting and dispersion, And emulsification. Fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, urea, potassium fertilizer and calcium phosphate can also be added. Substances, manure, humus, sand, and other substances that contribute to rooting and growth can also be added. The formula is usually powder, wettable powder, granular form, solution or emulsifiable concentrate. The Shiyang Central Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Beigong Consumer Cooperative Cooperative Innu Powder is a flowable powder composition, including herbicidal compounds impregnated with a granular mask. The particle size of the vehicle is usually in the range of 30 to 50 microns. Examples of the Tao body of the Dangdang are talc, earth, diatomaceous earth, and leaf butterfly stone. If necessary, anti-caking can be added to remove static electricity. The composition usually contains up to 50% of the active ingredient. Like the liquid composition, the powder can be applied via a pressure sprayer, a manual sprayer, or an airplane sprayer. It can be made into a very thin composition, including a granular transporter that weeds out the compound, and also contains more than one interface activity. This paper standard i4 / fl S Β home frequency CNS) Τ 娜 ( 210X297 public; ";)-'" 81. 7. 20.000ik (II) 17 Λ 6 Π 6 Ministry of Economic Affairs A A quasi-h A Industrial Consumer if Hesheyin 21 | SP $ tt >' ~ '--- 5 , Invention description (16). The interfacial activity can cause the powder to disperse quickly in the aqueous medium, and μ forms a sprayable suspension. Many interfacial activities can be used, for example, long-bonded fats and fats; high-quality products; long-range fatty compounds; and their broken bases are free and multi-rented, quite long-sized amiga Replaces paper glycols. The granular form includes the herbicidal composition immersed in a frequency-grained sexually transmissive body, and its apparent grain size is approximately 1 to 2 mm. A solution of the active ingredient dissolved in the volatile solution can be sprayed on the granular carrier to make it granular. The particles used for the preparation of granules include clay, vermiculite, wood chips, and granular breakage. Weilianai and other slow-release formulations are quite convenient for dispensing and distributing active ingredients. Olive oil includes the complete encapsulation of droplets or particles containing active substances. The encapsulating substance is an intimate porous membrane, which allows the encapsulated substance to escape from the surrounding medium at a certain rate within a specified period of time. The diameter of the Baoai liquid droplets is usually about 1 to 50 microns. The encapsulated liquid usually accounts for 50 to 95 * of the weight of the chelate capsules, and may contain dissolved ingredients in addition to the active ingredients. Encapsulated particles are sealed with a porous membrane to open the pores of the particulate transfer body, and the liquid containing the active ingredient is retained therein for controlled rate release. The size of a typical particle is from 1 mm in diameter to "min. For agricultural applications, the size of the particle is usually from 2 mm in diameter. Particles formed by extrusion, money or granulation and substances in their natural form are included in the present invention. There are many examples that are useful for passing it. Examples include 4 stones, rock-filled soil, frontal grain, kaolin, attapulgite clay, wood chips, and granular cracks. Useful materials include natural and synthetic rubber, and cement. Substance, stupene-butadiene copolymerization Ϊ paper size Xie a (i) let) < f side ⑵ GX2H) 81 · 7 · 2U.000ik (please read back to the first note of ## 塡 write this page; f ^ · 18 Λ 6 Π 6-V. Exemption for invention description 7) Compounds, propylene-based, polypropylene-based, polyhydrazine, polyacetamide, polyurea, amino-based methyl-based, and starchy yellow. In herbicides, the composition It is also applied to the soil in the form of a solution that dissolves when it is dissolved. It is commonly used in weeding and engraving formulas. The solutions include kerosene, fuel oil, toluene, a petroleum fraction with a boiling range greater than that of dimethan, and rich Aromatic petroleum distillates from base chemical survey. Emulsifiable concentrates include one Follow the emulsification, except the single oil solution. Before use, dilute with water to form an oil droplet of "floating emulsion". The emulsification used is usually a mixture of anionic and nonionic interface activation. Additional provisions such as spreading and attachment engraving can also be included in the emulsification concentration. The composition does not need to be blended with clay particles. After applying the above method, use traditional methods such as disk method, excavation, or mixing It can be spread to a depth of at least one-and-a-half inch below the surface of the soil. (Please read the precautions before filling out this page) Exhibition-Order-The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Central Bureau of Standards β Printed by the Gongxiao F Cooperative 81. 7. 20.000ik (II) This paper is used in the standard a Η home sample standard (CNS) TM specifications (2 丨 0x297 ^ i7 19

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  1. ]) II B7 C7 D7 VI. Chinese Mackerel Special Issue Fan s '~' '——' ~ 1. An effective herbicidal composition includes: (a)-an aryloxypropanol derivative of the following formula
    0—CH-COOR CH 1 3 where X is argon or element; R1 is argon, Cl-C6 alkyl, Cl-C6 alkoxyalkyl (b) —a cyclohexane dibream derivative of the formula and (Please read the precautions on the back of the words first, then fill out this book. 笟 · 〇
    ,, 2 'R. • Order · Torr-Qi Zhongsuo ^ section-卩 二 消 1' ^-"-. 1 'Where, R is a methyl group or C2- C6 gas group R2 is Cl-C6 alkane R3 is Cl-C6 alkyl; R4 is the weight ratio of argon or ketone tautomer (a) to (b) is from about 1.0 0.001 to about 20: 1 〇; Λ X, 1 ϋ: ':- : S «: i:; *. I (CNS) r -I U1; ft (210 X: 9: Λί) SI. 4. 5.000 (H) .-¾. ♦ I δΓ» il .¾ 2i34Ttr 六 、 申Interview special article fart S3 Zuo Gong 2. The composition as described in item 1 of the patent application model, further includes 3. The composition as described in the patent application model 1 as the application, wherein (a) is butyl 2- [ 4- (5-trifluorofyl-2-pyridyloxy) _benzyloxy] -D isomer of propargyl. 4. The composition as claimed in item 3 of the patent application, where (b) is 2- [1- (ethylaminoimino) propyl] -3 -jingyi 5_ (2,4,6 -Trimethyl-3-butyrylbenzyl) cyclohexenone- [2] or its tautomer. 5. The composition as claimed in Item 3 of Patent Application ®, where (1)) is 2- [l- (C * aminoimino) propyl] -3 -hydroxy_5- (2,4 , 6 -trimethyl-3-C acetylbenzyl) cyclohexene acetyl- [2] 〇6. The composition as described in item χ of the patent application group, wherein χ is argon or gas, and R1 is argon . 7. The composition as described in item 6 of the patent application scope, wherein r is ethyliridium or butylated; R2 and R3 are hexyl; R4 is argon or ketone tautomer. 8. The composition as claimed in item 7 of the patent application, wherein the weight ratio of (3) to (Μ is from about 1: 2 to about 8: 1. Adjuvant 9. If the patent application item 8 The composition described further includes a single removal method: 丨 "A method for controlling plants without plants, including applying the grass mixture with the following mixture to the place to be controlled: (a) An aromatic group of the following formula Propionic acid derivative Γ4 first :, ίϊί written hundred • order · 1? A.
    213410 VI. Patent application for scorpion Β · C: D: where
    Ο-'CH-COOR CH 1 3 X is argon or element; R1 is krypton, Cl-C6 alkyl, Cl-C6 alkoxyalkyl (b)-a cyclohexanedione derivative of the following formula and {Please pay attention to the matters on the back first and then fill out this book • f
    2 where, R is methylacetate or C2-C6acetoxy; R2 is Cl-C6alkyl; R3 is Cl-C6alkyl; R4 is the weight of argon or ketone tautomers (a) and (b) The ratio is from about 1.0: 0.001 to about 20: 1 11. The method as described in Item 10 of Patent Application Model wherein (a) is butyl 2- [4- (5-trioxymethyl-2--銀 气 基)-笨 气 基] -Bingzhipanzhi. I -'- lt Name Zhongyuyi ^ Biju 3r 工 xer 合; ι ·-· ι: ι-ί ·) -νίν 木 U 二 乂/ ϋ 丨: " s K (CNS 1M 0 X 297 convertible) SI. 4. 5.000 (H) C7 ^ 134t〇 ---- Six 'Shenyuan S3'. (Qi first read the note of V® Please fill in the matter 100) D isomer, and (b) is 2- [l- (Goxyimino) propyl] -3-hydroxy-5-(2,4,6 -trimethyl- 3-butyrylbenzyl) cyclohexenone- [2] or its keto tautomer. SI. 4. 5.000 (H)
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