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The instant disclosure relates to a smart living learning device. The device includes: an electronic tagging element; a plurality of sensing modules each assigned with a monitoring area; a recording module; and a central command module. Each sensing module detects the location of the electronic tagging element within the monitoring area. The recording module records the detection results of the sensing modules in a time-based manner. The recording module also generates activity information regarding the location of the electronic tagging element vs. time. The central command module electrically connects the sensing and recording modules. Based on the activity information, the central command analyzes the relationship between the locations of the electronic tagging element and time to generate an activity pattern record. A reminder message is sent based on the activity pattern record.
TW103142515A 2014-12-05 2014-12-05 Smart living learning device TWI564846B (en)

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TW103142515A TWI564846B (en) 2014-12-05 2014-12-05 Smart living learning device

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