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su-cheng Liu
Kai-Cheng Chuang
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E Ink Holdings Inc
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An electronic advertising method and an electronic apparatus are provided. In the method, an amount of a factor of the electronic apparatus in executing a task function is accumulated and whether the amount is over a preset value of the electronic apparatus or not is determined. An advertisement is displayed if the amount is over the preset value and a question according to content of the advertisement is displayed. An operation responding an answer to the question is detected and a non-advertisement function is executed if the operation is detected.
TW101138282A 2009-12-02 2012-10-17 Electronic advertising method and electronic apparatus TW201329895A (en)

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US13/350,797 US20120116874A1 (en) 2009-12-02 2012-01-15 Electronic advertising method and electronic apparatus

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TW201329895A true TW201329895A (en) 2013-07-16



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TW101138282A TW201329895A (en) 2009-12-02 2012-10-17 Electronic advertising method and electronic apparatus

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