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Targeted content delivery for networks


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Target content delivery from a service provider. The target content delivery includes receiving a content request from a network node, and facilitating delivery of requested content to the network node responsive to the content request. The target content delivery further includes requesting selection information from a different service provider at least in part by reporting to the different service provider one or more characteristics of the requested content, and receiving selection information from the different service provider. In this way, selection information received from the different service provider is used to facilitate delivery of targeted content to the network node.
TW095137417A 2005-03-16 2006-10-11 Targeted content delivery for networks TW200745884A (en)

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US11/377,797 US20060212353A1 (en) 2005-03-16 2006-03-15 Targeted advertising system and method
US80396906P true 2006-06-05 2006-06-05
US11/425,698 US20070220010A1 (en) 2006-03-15 2006-06-21 Targeted content delivery for networks

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TW095137417A TW200745884A (en) 2005-03-16 2006-10-11 Targeted content delivery for networks

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