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Kimitoshi Nagao
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A prism sheet including a plurality of prisms arranged on a substrate, wherein each of the prisms has a shape of a cross-section, which is observed from a specific direction, being a polygon, the polygon includes a base of a bottom surface of each of the prisms and five or more sides, and is axisymmetrical with respect to a straight line serving as an axis that passes through a midpoint of the base and that is perpendicular to the base, and the five or more sides are designed so that in a case where a given one of the five or more sides is more distant from the base than another of the five or more sides, an angle formed by the axis and the given one of the five or more sides is larger than an angle formed by the axis and the another of the five or more sides.
TW095148949A 2005-12-27 2006-12-26 Prism sheet TW200732760A (en)

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JP2005375761A JP2007178628A (en) 2005-12-27 2005-12-27 Prism sheet
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TW095148949A TW200732760A (en) 2005-12-27 2006-12-26 Prism sheet

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