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Improved remote gambling system.


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Walker Asset Management Ltd
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    • G07F17/00Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
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    • G07F17/00Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
    • G07F17/32Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services for games, toys, sports or amusements, e.g. casino games, online gambling or betting
    • G07F17/326Game play aspects of gaming systems
    • G07F17/3262Player actions which determine the course of the game, e.g. selecting a prize to be won, outcome to be achieved, game to be played
TR25095A 1994-03-11 1995-03-09 Improved remote gambling system. TR28375A (en)

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US21234894A true 1994-03-11 1994-03-11
US26924894A true 1994-06-30 1994-06-30

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TR28375A true TR28375A (en) 1996-05-23



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TR25095A TR28375A (en) 1994-03-11 1995-03-09 Improved remote gambling system.

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