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Device for putting derailed rolling stock back on rail


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    • B61K5/00Apparatus for placing vehicles on the track; Derailers; Lifting or lowering rail vehicle axles or wheels
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The invention relates to railway transport and to the construction of reducing means for iron roads.
Devices are known for putting a rolling stock on a track that has come off the rails, containing bridges located across the track with bridges, on which roller carriages with support plates, lifting and transporting mechanisms are installed.
However, due to the inconsistency of the kopa trajectory of the rolling stock and roller carriage when using these devices, the stability of the vehicle is not sufficient.
The purpose of the invention is to improve the accuracy of installation of the raised rolling stock and its stability in the process of installation on rails.
For this roller, the trolley is equipped with an additional support plate made to rotate around its vertical axis and move perpendicularly to the KanefmH direction of the roller trolley, while this plate is located in the middle part of the floor, transversely | 1air1 Tciifr / KKH. and snppjoi a1pi1) picks
plates interacting with similar plates of a roller carriage, forming a hydrostatic subsamp.
FIG. 1 shows a horizontal projection of a vehicle off the rails with a proposed device located at the site of derailing; in fig. 2 shows a device for setting the pa a path of a rolling stock with a partial section of the upper structure of the track (view A, FIG. 1); in fig. 3 - section bb FIG. 2; in fig. 4 shows a section bb of FIG. 2
Under the front part 1 of the vehicle there are two bridges 2 for rolling, resting on rails 3, 4 and several supporting elements 5, 6. On each bridge of rolling there are two roller trolleys 7. Each trolley has a lift 8 and two moving devices 9.

Claims (2)

  1. Lifts 8 and moving devices 9 are connected via connecting fuses to the pump-regulating unit 10. During this process, the rails 11 of the vehicle 11 retain the rear wheels of the vehicle. After all parts of the device are placed on the rails, at the place where they are taken off the four rollers 7 of the lifter 8 on the roller carriages 8, lift the front end 1 of the vehicle from its end. wheels - -y mi 13 above the rail gauge. Then, the roller carriages 7 driven by the shifting devices 9 are moved along the bridges for rolling 2 until the middle of the lifted vehicle coincides with the middle JQ rail track. Each roller carriage; sa 7 carries an additional support plate 14, which can rotate around its vertical axis and move perpendicular to the rolling direction. 45 Plate 14 during the horizontal rotation of the front end 1 of the vehicle aligns the movement and lateral movement of the lift 8 with respect to the main base plate 15, as a result, JJQ-centered load transfer is maintained and the lift of the lift 8 is prevented. The support plate 14 is fitted with the transverse guide plate 15. To ensure low resistance of the cracks between the plate 15 and the base plate 14, all surfaces of their mutual slip are covered with a lubricating mat The rial is fed through the openings 17 and 18. If to the surfaces of the slide through the drilled holes 17 and 18 to supply a liquid jg lubricant under pressure, then the plates 15 and 14 form a hydrostatic thrust bearing. Each displacement device 9 consists of two hydraulic cylinders 19. Claim 1, A device for setting up a rolling stock —discontinued, preferably heavy rail cars of the Torpedo type for transporting liquid melts, containing bridges located across the track to the roller trolleys with base plates, lifting and moving mechanisms, which are different, to which, in order to improve the accuracy of the installation of the raised rolling stock and its Resistant during installation on rails and roller carriage is provided with an additional support plate, vsholnennoy rotatably about its vertical axis and displacement perpendicular to the direction of the rolling of the roller carriage.
  2. 2. A device according to claim 1, characterized in that the additional support plate has a pin located in its middle part, which is installed in a hole on the transverse guide roller carriage, and is provided with anti-friction plates interacting with similar plastics attached to the cart.
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