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The present invention relates to ramol devices which have two rotors rotating in opposite directions. A mill is known, comprising an ortus, in which two rotors with alternating concentric inserts are mounted on vertical shafts. The disadvantages of such MELNITS are the high specific energy consumption for grinding materials, the impossibility of combining the grinding operation of a material and the fractionation of its particles. In addition, the grinding efficiency is low, and the wear of parts is large, the percentage of the material yield of a given fineness, which is not the case for what works, with a pneumatic classifier, is low. The proposed mill does not have these drawbacks and differs from the known one in that the rotors are installed coaxially and the alternating concentric inserts are open at both ends, and their inner ends are located "hell with separating washers installed on the inserts, and the outer tords above fixed ones. body shelves with edges, zigzag-shaped from the axis. FIG. 1 shows the mill described schematically; “And FIG. 2 shows concentric alternating inserts, view along arrow L in FIG. one; in fig. 3 is a view along arrow B in FIG. 2; in fig. 4 is a variant of the implementation of rations. On vertical bricks, in a movable case 3, having a loading tray 4, an outlet tray 5 for one raw material component, such as coal, and a tray 6 for another component, such as waste rock, rotors 7 and 5, which consist of K01 alternating inserts 9 to 10, respectively, fastened together strap / 7. Alternately, under the inner ends of the inserts of one rotor, inserts 12 are installed perpendicular to the axis of the other rotor, which are displaced along them forming the grinding fineness or component separation in the process of adjusting the material. On the inner side of the housing. Under the outer ends of the inserts, the flanges 13 are fixed, the edges of which are zigzag-shaped on the side of the axes. Pine shredders are driven by electric motors 14 and 15. The circulatory movement of the crushed material can, for example, be carried out by paddle grippers 16. Grinding of the material entering the mill through the loading tray occurs by mutual collision and abrasion of the particles when moving them under the action centrifugal forces along (concentric inserts 9 and 10, rotating in opposite directions, and dropping onto the flanges 13. On the latter, part of the comminuted material, thanks to the curvature of their edges, is held in the form of a curve The linear slope, the protrusions of which perform the functions of baffle blades, increasing the efficiency of crushing and reducing the device's life, due to the fact that the rotors are peculiar centrifugal wheels of fans circulating between the separating washers 12 and inserts along the body 5 in the direction of its broadening. The air flow is used to change the trajectories of particles moving from their insertion to the insert, i.e., to classify the material or to enrich it, depending on the type of operation of the device. The enrichment of the material is carried out by using the differences in its components in specific gravities or rates of change in bulk density. The finished product is removed from the device through trays 5 and 6, the number of which may be different. By changing the speeds of the air flow, for example, by changing the numbers of rotors around the rotors, choosing the appropriate exhaust tray, and also cycling the blade 16 with the movement of the ground material, it is possible to obtain products of high fineness and purity. The subject of the invention is a centrifugal impact mill, comprising a fixed frame, in which two rotors with interleaved concentric inserts are installed on the top of the shaft shaft, characterized in that, in order to combine the grinding operation of the material and the fractionation of its particles, as well as. the efficiency of grinding and reducing the wear of the device, the rotors are mounted coaxially, and the interleaved concentric inserts are open at both ends, and their inner ends are located above the separation plates, installed on inserts and outer ends -I hope reinforced by the root, su Lolka with -kra E, vtspol-neinymi zigza of image-but the part of the axis.
; 7
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