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Pressure multiplicator


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Г. В. Капустин А. С. Нефедов Ю. А. Черников
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The lime pressure multipliers included in the work upon reaching a predetermined pressure, contain a spring-loaded differential piston with a check valve that separates the low and high pressure cavities.
However, these multivibrators are characterized by low switching accuracy due to the use of a single spring for the piston and its check valve.
In the proposed multiplier, the key node was made autonomous.
This makes it possible to increase the accuracy of the switch.
The drawing schematically shows the proposed multiplier.
The multiplier contains a differential piston}, loaded with a spring 2, and a check valve 3 placed therein, which separates the high pressure cavity A from the cavity B and the low pressure, as well as the down pressure check valve 4 with the brush 5 and the drained cavity B.
The rod 5 is spring-loaded and loaded with pressure in the cavity of A. Shtokov, cavity G is filled with liquid and communicates when valve 4 is opened with cavity B.
With a small value of pressure in cavity A, which corresponds, for example, to the movement of an executive body with low resistance, valve 4 is closed, cavity D is bent and, therefore, piston 1 is stationary. The working fluid passes through valve 3 and directly from cavity B to cavity A.
According to the output in the output line and in the cavity L of a given pressure, the rod 5 from | valve 4 flutters. The piston / gets the opportunity of movement due to the displacement of fluid from cavity D to cavity B. The movement of the flow path / is accompanied by an increase in pressure in cavity A, which corresponds to the operating mode of the multiplier.
When the cavity B is disconnected from the pressure source, the piston (under the action of the spring 2) returns to its initial position: Enne. The reciprocating piston is accompanied by the flow of fluid from the cavity B into the cavity / through valve 4, which is closed at the end of the reverse movement of the piston /.
Subject invention
The pressure multiplier that is included in the work to achieve a predetermined pressure in the output line contains a biased differential piston with a check valve that separates the low and high pressure cavities, characterized in that it is equipped with an additional non-return valve with spring loaded a rod loaded with pressure in the output line, as well as a drainage cavity communicating with the squam cavity of the differential pressure through an additional non-return valve, The cavity is filled with fluid.
SU1676995A 1971-06-21 1971-06-21 Pressure multiplicator SU382851A1 (en)

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