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Inventory Relates to the field of radio engineering.

To separate two useful signals of the same frequency, without distorting the angle of phase shift between them, complex and narrowband devices are used. The use of conventional selective filters introduces an error in the process of transferring the phase angle between sigpals, since their characteristics are unstable. Equalization of two filters with identical amplitude-phase and temperature characteristics is difficult to implement, since it requires adjustment of the parameters of parts with very high accuracy.

The aim of the invention is to develop a filter that separates two signal voltages of the same frequency while maintaining the phase angle of the shift relative to each other, with simultaneous and the same fluctuation of their frequency, as well as the temperature of the medium.

This is achieved by using as filters parallel oscillating circuits, the inductances of which are equal and made in the form of mutually perpendicular windings on a common magnetodielectric core, and two halves of a single-point capacitor are used as capacitors.

ki elements of a two-channel selective filter with identical characteristics; in fig. 3 is a diagram of the connection of elements of a two-channel low-pass filter with identical characteristics.

The inductance of the filter is a washer / of ferrite, alcifera, etc., with four holes located on two perpendicular axes and two windings 2 and 3 with the same number of turns laid in the holes. A two-channel selective filter circuit with identical characteristics contains one washer with windings and two identical capacitors 4 n 5 with a grounded junction point. The two-channel low-pass filter circuit contains two washers with windings and two identical capacitors 4 and 5 (in the form of two halves of the same capacitor) with a grounded junction point.

To make the parameters identical, both windings and layers are laid down): first one layer of winding 2, then one layer of winding 5, etc., with the number of turns in the layers being equal. Since the magnetic permeabilities of the areas of the common plate are equal, and the number of turns and the geometry of the windings are the same, the inductances and their temperature and frequency characteristics are the same. Mutual perpendicularity of the windings eliminates their mutual influence. The small difference in the capacities of the individual capacitor halves is eliminated by the small trimming capacity. Of these elements, complex two-channel filter circuits can be performed, in which the values of the loss tangent of capacitances and the values of their temperature coefficients TKE, as well as the temperature coefficients of inductances of the core TKcp are the same. Therefore, for various dual-channel LC filters made on similar washers and identical capacitors, the amplitude-phase and temperature characteristics are almost identical, and the phase shift angle between the voltages at the input of the filters and at their output is almost the same. The errors introduced by changes in the external conditions or by changing the magnitude of the Signals and their frequencies in each part of the filter (channel) are also common.

The proposed device provides improved accuracy of the corresponding measuring devices with two channels. signals and their significant simplification.

Subject invention

A two-channel LC filter containing, for each channel, an L-shaped LC circuit with capacitances made on two halves of a capacitor with a derived midpoint, characterized in that, in order to obtain the ideological characteristics of both channels, their inductances are two in the form of two perpendicular windings on one common isotronomic magneto-electric core.

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SU1367361A TWO-CHANNEL LC-FILTERj .. ^ ,,., ^. • ^ f>& 'ik' || '1AG? Y! Y -;: -:' l ;; "'^^: il; I, ^; d .->&: - !: t ^ f ^ '~ r ^ f, f D1B ^' iiЕJ. ^ • '"V • •; V: \ _ I SU327570A1 (en)

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