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A known method for producing elementary glass fibers is by pulling it out of glass mass and winding it onto a bobbin.
The strength of such fiberglass somewhat exceeds 200 kg / mm, but is insufficient for the production of certain glass-reinforced plastics in the manufacture of responsible products.
There is also known a method of forming a two-layer or multi-layered glass fiber consisting of a core and a shell with a different expansion coefficient. For example, the expansion coefficient of a glass melt intended for a cladding, less than that of a glass melt, is ideal for the core, which allows the residual compressive stresses to be created in the surface layer of the fiber.
The proposed method makes it possible to produce filaments of high-strength glass fiber. It differs from the known one in that the fiberglass shell is molded from glass mass having a higher hardening rate than the glass mass used to form the core.
An increase in the rate of hardening of the glass melt in this case is achieved by dyeing it with cobalt oxide or other oxides, depending on their effect on the rate of hardening. A small addition of oxides (on the order of 1%) practically does not change the viscosity of the glass melt.
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1. A method of producing a glass fiber consisting of a core and a shell, characterized in that, in order to increase the strength
Ks 155907
the fiber, the shell is molded from glass melts, having a high hardening rate.
2. A method according to claim 1, wherein t and h so that oxide, such as cobalt, is added to the glass mass to increase the rate of hardening.
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