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Method for treating concentrated waste liquid


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OF THE DISCLOSUREA method for treating a concentrated waste liquid having a high salt concentration is disclosed. The method includes the steps of mixing a sludge cake and the concentrated5 liquid to form a sludge mixture containing the salt; and dewatering the sludge mixture containing the salt to form a dried sludge. In this method, the sludge cake and the concentrated waste liquid are mixed, and then dewatered to form a dried sludge, such that the salt in the concentrated waste liquid stays in the dried sludge. 10 FIGURE I
SG2012051090A 2011-12-09 2012-07-11 Method for treating concentrated waste liquid SG191457A1 (en)

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TW100145490A TWI409226B (en) 2011-12-09 2011-12-09 A method for treatment of concentrated wastewater

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SG2012051090A SG191457A1 (en) 2011-12-09 2012-07-11 Method for treating concentrated waste liquid

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