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Elevator system


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Toshifumi Yoshikawa
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Hironori Fukata
Kiyoshi Okamura
Shinsuke Inoue
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    • B66B5/00Applications of checking, fault-correcting, or safety devices in elevators
    • B66B5/0006Monitoring devices or performance analysers
    • B66B5/0018Devices monitoring the operating condition of the elevator system
    • B66B5/0031Devices monitoring the operating condition of the elevator system for safety reasons


In order to reliably detect open-door movement at a shorter movement distance (at an earlier point in time),5 thereby enhancing safety, and maintaining operational efficiency, an elevator system equipped with an unintended car movement protection, which assesses open-door movement and stops the car if the car moves up or down relative to the landing floor with the car doors and/or landing doors10 being opened, and is further provided with: a car door switch (43) that detects when car doors are opened and a landing door switch (41) that detects when landing doors are opened, a detection device (21) that detects thevelocity and movement distance of the car, a position15 sensor (30) that detects the reference floor position at each storey, and a safety controller (1) that determinesan open-door movement abnormality on the basis of the results detected by the detection device (21) and the position sensor (30), using a car-speed abnormality20 determination threshold value that is defined to the car position.
SG2012092425A 2010-06-18 2010-06-18 Elevator system SG186731A1 (en)

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PCT/JP2010/004074 WO2011158301A1 (en) 2010-06-18 2010-06-18 Elevator system

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SG2012092425A SG186731A1 (en) 2010-06-18 2010-06-18 Elevator system

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