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    • A44C17/00Gems or the like
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A visible setting comprises a setting base and one or more gemstones or diamonds. The setting base comprises one or more upper fixing portions and a lower connection portion, each fixing portion is fixed to a girdle of a gemstone or diamond at certain fixing points to enable to fix the gemstone or diamond in its setting position. Except for the fixing points, the rest of the girdle, a crown and a table of the gemstone or diamond are exposed, and a pavilion of the gemstone or diamond is suspended, and thereby a culet of the gemstone or diamond and part of the pavilion around the culet are displaced away from the setting base to enable to be exposed, which enables external light to enter into the gemstone or diamond from the crown, the table and the exposed part of the pavilion. The present visible setting could enhance the reflection of light within the gemstones or diamonds, and make the gemstones or diamonds as brilliant as possible. (Fig. 1)
SG201006466-5A 2009-09-07 2010-09-06 Visible setting SG169321A1 (en)

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