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Compact head-mounted display system


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SG11201608683RA SG11201608683RA SG11201608683RA SG11201608683RA SG 11201608683R A SG11201608683R A SG 11201608683RA SG 11201608683R A SG11201608683R A SG 11201608683RA SG 11201608683R A SG11201608683R A SG 11201608683RA SG 11201608683R A SG11201608683R A SG 11201608683RA
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Yaakov Amitai
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Lumus Ltd
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    • G02B2027/0123Head-up displays characterised by optical features comprising devices increasing the field of view
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    • G02B2027/0132Head-up displays characterised by optical features comprising binocular systems
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    • G02B27/01Head-up displays
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    • G02B2027/0178Eyeglass type, eyeglass details G02C
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    • G02B27/01Head-up displays
    • G02B2027/0192Supplementary details
    • G02B2027/0194Supplementary details with combiner of laminated type, for optical or mechanical aspects
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    • G02B27/0081Optical systems or apparatus not provided for by any of the groups G02B1/00 - G02B26/00, G02B30/00 with means for altering, e.g. enlarging, the entrance or exit pupil
SG11201608683RA 2014-04-23 2015-04-21 Compact head-mounted display system SG11201608683RA (en)

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IL232197A IL232197A (en) 2014-04-23 2014-04-23 Compact head-mounted display system
PCT/IL2015/050422 WO2015162611A1 (en) 2014-04-23 2015-04-21 Compact head-mounted display system

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SG11201608683RA SG11201608683RA (en) 2014-04-23 2015-04-21 Compact head-mounted display system

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