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Restricted range lockbox, access device and methods


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Wayne F Larson
Adam Kuenzi
Jeff Antrican
Teri Lynne Briskey
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Utc Fire & Security Corp
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    • E05B19/00Keys; Accessories therefor
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    • G07C9/00Individual entry or exit registers
    • G07C9/00174Electronically operated locks; Circuits therefor; Nonmechanical keys therefor, e.g. passive or active electrical keys or other data carriers without mechanical keys
    • G07C9/00309Electronically operated locks; Circuits therefor; Nonmechanical keys therefor, e.g. passive or active electrical keys or other data carriers without mechanical keys operated with bidirectional data transmission between data carrier and locks
SG10201508446SA 2007-04-12 2008-04-07 Restricted range lockbox, access device and methods SG10201508446SA (en)

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SG10201508446SA SG10201508446SA (en) 2007-04-12 2008-04-07 Restricted range lockbox, access device and methods
SG200802682-5A SG147375A1 (en) 2007-04-12 2008-04-07 Restricted range lockbox, access device and methods

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SG200802682-5A SG147375A1 (en) 2007-04-12 2008-04-07 Restricted range lockbox, access device and methods

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