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Device for traffic control


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    • G08G1/00Traffic control systems for road vehicles
    • G08G1/123Traffic control systems for road vehicles indicating the position of vehicles, e.g. scheduled vehicles; Managing passenger vehicles circulating according to a fixed timetable, e.g. buses, trains, trams


A system for controlling the running of urban transport vehicles, such as buses or trams, which stop at many stops is disclosed. The system includes recording and signalling beacons spaced out along the route of the vehicles and transmission units (2) disposed on each vehicle for transmitting data to the beacons. The data transmitted identifies the vehicle on the route and the optimum time interval before the arrival of the next vehicle. The beacons are each fitted with a clock and with a logic system (5) for comparing the optimum and real intervals between the arrivals of two vehicles, and with lights (7,9) indicating to the driver of a vehicle that he is early or late in relation to the optimum interval.
SE7804533A 1977-04-21 1978-04-20 Anleggning for traffic control SE429383B (en)

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SE7804533A SE429383B (en) 1977-04-21 1978-04-20 Anleggning for traffic control

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