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A hydraulic circuit for a press for hydro-mechanical pressing


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    • B21D22/00Shaping without cutting, by stamping, spinning, or deep-drawing
    • B21D22/20Deep-drawing
    • B21D22/205Hydro-mechanical deep-drawing


There is disclosed a hydraulic circuit of a press for the hydromechanical drawing of pressings or workpieces in a pressure chamber forming the drawing die which includes at least two spaces for the fluid separated from each other by at least one piston transmitter. At least one of the spaces for the fluid in the pressure chamber separated from the pressure fluid for the forming of the pressing by the piston transmitter is connected by means of a connection branch with a controlled throttle valve with the hydraulic unit of the main working cylinder of the press which drives the drawing punch of the press. To the space for the fluid in the pressure chamber, which is separated by the piston transmitter from the pressure fluid for forming the pressing, is connected a filling branch with a return valve incorporated by means of a hydraulic distributor in the circuit of a hydrogenerator for driving the main working cylinder of the press. The controlled throttle valve is incorporated in a feedback circuit including an auxiliary hydrogenerator as a reference source of pressure fluid for the piston of the controlled throttle valve.
SE7803797A 1977-04-05 1978-04-04 Hydraulic circuit for a device for hydromechanical drawing, serskilt deep drawing objects plat SE425146B (en)

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CS225677A CS190125B1 (en) 1977-04-05 1977-04-05 Hydraulic press periphery for hydromechanic drawing

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SE7803797A true SE7803797A (en) 1978-10-06
SE425146B SE425146B (en) 1982-09-06



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SE7803797A SE425146B (en) 1977-04-05 1978-04-04 Hydraulic circuit for a device for hydromechanical drawing, serskilt deep drawing objects plat

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