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Process and apparatus for analysis


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    • G06K9/00Methods or arrangements for reading or recognising printed or written characters or for recognising patterns, e.g. fingerprints
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    • G01N15/14Electro-optical investigation, e.g. flow cytometers
    • G01N15/1468Electro-optical investigation, e.g. flow cytometers with spatial resolution of the texture or inner structure of the particle


The sample to be analysed is examined in a first field, of low resolution, of the apparatus; if an object thus detected belongs to a specified category, for example the category of leucocytes in the case of a blood sample, it is subjected to a second analysis in a second field, of higher resolution, the low-resolution examination being nevertheless continued in order to detect the possible presence of another object. The apparatus comprises a sample holder (1) which can be moved in two directions using motors (2 and 3), and which holds a sample (4) comprising several particles (5a, 5b, 5c) of interest. An objective (6) forms an image (10) of a part (7) of the sample on a low-resolution sensor (9), and does this using a plate (6b) and an optical system (8), and an image (14) of a part (11) of the sample on a high-resolution sensor (13), and does this using a second optical system (12). The output signal from the low-resolution sensor (9) is analysed so that when a particle of interest is encountered, the sample holder is moved in order to bring the particle into the field of view of the high-resolution sensor, which allows its high-resolution analysis by a corresponding analyser (37). This method and this apparatus make it possible to analyse in detail only the objects of interest, without having to perform a detailed analysis of all the objects present. This method and this apparatus may be used for analysing blood cells, scrapings or cancer cells. <IMAGE>
SE7705157A 1974-11-25 1977-05-03 Process and apparatus for analysis SE7705157L (en)

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US05/682,970 US4061914A (en) 1974-11-25 1976-05-04 Method and apparatus for dual resolution analysis of a scene

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SE7705157A SE7705157L (en) 1974-11-25 1977-05-03 Process and apparatus for analysis

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