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Instellnings- or adjustment device on the rear-view mirrors of motor vehicles


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A setting or adjusting device for rearview mirrors with a mirror plate secured to an arm which is pivotal both about a substantially vertical axis and about a substantially horizontal axis, yet is mounted non-rotatably in an axis perpendicular to the two axes, on a mirror holder. An adjusting unit engages the arm acting against a return spring, and comprises two tongs-like members rotatably mounted on the mirror holder about a common axis. The tongs-like members have first legs which accommodate the arm between them, and second legs which cooperate respectively with a controllable adjusting drive such a manner that a pivotal movement of the first legs respectively takes place about the common axis so that a displacement of the arm which is guided between the two first legs occurs which is transmitted in the form of a tilting movement about the horizontal and vertical axes respectively to the mirror plate.
SE7610437A 1975-09-30 1976-09-21 Instellnings- or adjustment device on the rear-view mirrors of motor vehicles SE7610437A (en)

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DE19752543512 DE2543512A1 (en) 1975-09-30 1975-09-30 External vehicle mirror position adjuster - has electromagnet in casing and magnetic plate on sprung, pivoted mirror
DE19752546091 DE2546091A1 (en) 1975-10-15 1975-10-15 External vehicle mirror position adjuster - has electromagnet in casing and magnetic plate on sprung, pivoted mirror
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DE19762638143 DE2638143A1 (en) 1976-08-25 1976-08-25 External vehicle mirror position adjuster - has electromagnet in casing and magnetic plate on sprung, pivoted mirror

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SE7610437A true SE7610437A (en) 1977-03-31



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SE7610437A SE7610437A (en) 1975-09-30 1976-09-21 Instellnings- or adjustment device on the rear-view mirrors of motor vehicles

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