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Fergverk for printing machines


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Inking unit for a printing machine includes an ink duct, a ductor roller having a surface engageable with ink received in the ink duct, an ink transfer roller for transferring ink from the ductor roller to other rollers, a ductor knife engageable along the length thereof with the surface of the ductor roller and adjustable in position relative to the surface of the ductor roller in zones extending along the length of the ductor knife for controlling the amount of ink to be transferred, and means for adjusting the zones of the ductor knife pulse-like into engagement with and disengagement from the surface of the ductor roller with strokes of equal length and with a stepwise variable stroke time.
SE7602380A 1975-07-05 1976-02-25 Fergverk for printing machines SE421287B (en)

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DE19752530109 DE2530109C3 (en) 1975-07-05 1975-07-05

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SE7602380A true SE7602380A (en) 1977-01-06
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SE7602380A SE421287B (en) 1975-07-05 1976-02-25 Fergverk for printing machines

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