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    • B60C27/00Non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels
    • B60C27/06Non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels extending over the complete circumference of the tread, e.g. made of chains or cables
    • B60C27/16Non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels extending over the complete circumference of the tread, e.g. made of chains or cables formed of close material, e.g. leather or synthetic mats


Anti-skid means for front or rear vehicle tires comprising shoes of pliant material around the tire held in place by lengthwise chains terminating in hooks lying against the outer and inner side walls, which shoes are one-piece with a ribbed and textured central portion for the tread and sides and means for removably holding the shoes and associated shackles in place during rotation of the wheel of the vehicle. The parts are specially designed to give good traction and comfortable riding qualities on icy and snowy surfaces with reduced wear.
SE7408773A 1973-07-20 1974-07-03 Prevention device for a vehicle wheel SE418068B (en)

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FR7328094A FR2313220B1 (en) 1973-07-20 1973-07-20
FR7419642A FR2278513B2 (en) 1974-05-30 1974-05-30

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SE7408773A true SE7408773A (en) 1975-01-21
SE418068B SE418068B (en) 1981-05-04



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SE7408773A SE418068B (en) 1973-07-20 1974-07-03 Prevention device for a vehicle wheel

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